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The Sower DVD # 40702

– The sower. You know, that’s kind of the
obligation and the duties of God’s children, is
to sow, to sow seeds, and the agriculture
terminology is fantastic, because basically, you get
a deeper understanding. You know, it’s amazing to me. Do you know, if you
truly are a farmer, what kind of seed do you sow? The very best you have. A lot of times, you’ll have
a lot better luck fishing or sowing or planting if you plant those
very chosen seeds. They’ll grow a lot better. I will never forget
what roped me in, what brought me into the
Word, and it was when a man, at a very time when there
was trauma in my family, walked by and says, “Isn’t
it wonderful to know “where we, America’s,
mentioned in the Bible?” And I said, “Oh, it is?” And he walked on out, and
I thought, “What’d he mean? “What was that?” That was a seed that grew. I never got away from it, of
learning from that particular student of the Hebrew, the
Greek, and the Aramaic. What a fantastic
time of learning, but plant your best seed, okay? Discernment gives that to you, when you think about it in
the moment (snaps fingers), the moment that strikes,
that it comes forward, kinda God chooses those times. So anyway, the simple, it’s such a simple way, when you think of the sower, what it has to do is when
you had a bag of seed around your waist, and
you would reach in, take a handful of seed, and a person my size
came get about 30 feet of sowing seed, you know? Naturally, that’s
called broadcasting, and it’s not a
whole lot different from the broadcasting we
do in television or radio, is you never know where
those seeds are gonna hit. You don’t know if
they’re gonna grow, so certainly, he gave us
the subject the sower, whereby we can
better understand. Open your Bibles if you
would to Mark chapter 13. I’m sorry, Matthew chapter 13. We could do this in Mark 4, but preferably,
we’ll do it here. The teachings of Christ. Chapter 13 of the great
book of Mark, and it reads, verse one, “The same day
went Jesus out of the house, “and sat down by the sea side. “And great multitudes were
gathered together unto Him, “so that He went
into a ship, and sat: “and the whole multitude
stood on the shore.” It is believed
this place is found and is by the echo chamber. It kinda makes a natural place where He could reach
that many people, the sound would carry. Verse three. “And He spake many things
unto them in parables.” Now, this is important. He spoke to them how? In parables, “Saying, Behold,
a sower went forth to sow.” Now, here He sits with this great multitude, and
what’s He gonna talk about? Planting seed. It’s just an everyday
thing, you know? To people in agriculture,
no big thing about it. Planting seed, okay. “The sower went forth,” four, “and when he sowed, some
seeds fell by the way side, “and the fowls came
and devoured them up. “And some fell
upon stony places, “where they had no such earth, “and not much earth,
had not much earth, “and forthwith they sprung up, “because they had no
deepness of earth.” And this is just
a natural thing. You know, a seed must
have a little depth to it, and it’s gonna have places
that those little roots can shoot on down there,
but a way is a path, okay, and it’s patted down
’til it’s hard, okay. Six. “And when the sun was
up, they were scorched: “and because they had no
root, they withered away.” They just kinda died out. This is what seeds you
plant will do, okay, in different people’s ears,
in different people’s minds, so let me alleviate
you of any anxiety if you think it’s your fault. It isn’t. Only God can make a seed grow. You cannot. You can plant them, but
you can’t make them grow. That’s a miracle that
God Himself and God alone can cause to happen. Verse seven. “And some fell among thorns;
and the thorns sprung up, “and choked them.” I mean, you just have to really
take care of things, see. Eight, “But other
fell into good ground, “and brought forth fruit,
some an hundredfold, “some sixtyfold,
some thirtyfold. “Who hath ears to
hear, let him hear.” Do you know why that’s written? Do you have ears to hear? Do you understand that? Let me ask it in just
a little different way. Do you understand what God
meant by it through the Son? Because that’s important to you. What He had to say,
what He meant by it. I mean, that’s just
such an ordinary thing as broadcasting seed, that
it’s not that common any more because we have
high-tech equipment. It’s a little more
accurate to make sure the seed has a better place, if we fallow the
ground a little better, I’ll put it that way. Another Biblical term. And that seed’s gonna come up,
if it has any chance at all, but He utilizes this and
just know in your mind the seed we’re talking
about is the Word of God. It’s the Word you put out,
it’s the Word you speak. He wants you to speak that Word. Why? So others can hear and
have the joy that you do, that joy from within,
that contentment of knowing what it’s
like to serve Him, but He could have just
come right out and said, “This is the Word, and
you’re gonna lay ’em out here “on some people, and some
are gonna listen to you, “and some of ’em are
gonna just (snaps fingers) “blow it off into the wind. “They’re just not gonna listen.” But He chooses this method
so you can actually see what happens in the minds of people
when you plant that seed. Verse 10, listen carefully. “And the disciples
came, and said unto Him, “Why speakest thou
unto them in parables?” Why do you talk in riddles? Why don’t you just
lay it on ’em? Verse 11. “He answered and said unto them, “Because it is given unto
you to know the mysteries “of the kingdom of heaven,
but to them it is not given.” Did you know that it’s
not given for everybody to understand the mysteries
of the kingdom of heaven? Everybody’s gonna
understand heaven, and everybody probably
is gonna pretty well have an idea of the Kingdom, that’s the King
and His dominion, but not everybody’s
gonna know the mystery that’s concerning it. Why? Well, God sets
aside certain people that are seed planters,
that are sowers. They know that mystery. They know what it’s about, and that’s why it is
so ever important. He gives them that message. Verse 12. “For whosoever hath,
to him shall be given, “and he shall have
more abundance: “but whosoever hath not,
from him shall be taken away “even that he hath.” Now what are we talking about? Some of you, if
you’re not careful, your mind will switch
over to material things. We’re not talking
about material things. We’re talking about
the Word of God. We’re talking about what
it should mean to you. If you receive, if you
pray for understanding, and that understanding
comes to you, He’s gonna give you more. Well, how does that
understanding come to you? By study. When you meditate on the Word
and when you concentrate on it He’s gonna let you
understand that and then He’s gonna
pour more on you, and the more you study
and the more you absorb, the more He’s going to give you. Why? Because you’re a good student and you’re a good
subject for a sower. That is to say, you’re
prime to Almighty God that He knows He can use you, that you care, that you care about who hears, just like, really,
the disciples, when they asked
their question about, “Why don’t you just tell ’em?” They were caring
about the people, but they didn’t understand
there are just some people that are not supposed to
understand the mystery, that’s the depth, okay. And verse 13. “Therefore speak I
to them in parables: “because they seeing see not;
and hearing they hear not, “neither do they understand.” Do you understand that
ignorance is innocency? That’s kinda sad, but it’s true. If they don’t know,
they’re kind of innocent, God’s not ready to load them
up yet so they are accountable because one, if you were to
worship the false messiah when you knew who he
was, that’s unforgivable, and there are some people
that just can’t cut it, okay, and He loves all
of His children. Some might say, “Well,
that sounds unfair to God “that He would even block
some ears to the truth.” Well, it’s not time yet. Everything in its
time and place. When it is ripe, and when
the seed is ready to grow, it will grow. Until then, God chooses
to hide it from some. They’re innocent,
and that’s good, because they will learn, they
will have that opportunity. God is totally fair. Verse 14. “And in them is fulfilled
the prophecy of Esaias,” that is to say Isaiah in
the Hebrew, “which saith, “By hearing ye shall hear,
and shall not understand; “and by seeing you shall
see, and shall not perceive.” Now, do you understand
what was said there? He said back there
in the Old Testament, Isaiah made all this very clear. You wouldn’t even
have to ask me. You would know and understand, if you understand what
Isaiah said about it. So what do you
think we are to do? We are to go to Isaiah
and find out what he said, so that there’s no great
mystery in it, okay. Now, if you open your
Bibles right in the middle, most of ’em will pop
open right on Isaiah. Isn’t that something? That in itself is a
miracle, isn’t it? Now, if I can find it, (laughs) we’re gonna turn there. We’re gonna go to Isaiah
chapter six, okay. And just to fill you in a
little bit what’s happened here, this is one of those times
that God visited Isaiah, there were seraphim there,
there were flying wings, there were wings there, and God was kinda assigning
him certain duties, just like He’s going to assign
sowers in the end generation. That’s people that plant seed, and there are some people
God expects to hear, to know, and to understand, so chapter six, the
great book of Isaiah, let’s pick it up if we
may about verse five. Do you know, have you
ever known anybody that thought they were really
capable of doing what it is? No, everybody draws back, says, “I don’t know if I can do that.” Well, God knows you can. “Well, but I, you don’t
understand, brother, I sinned.” Who doesn’t? What’s new under the sun? You know, He still must
call out those that care, those that have compassion. “Well, Pastor, are you saying
it’s all right to sin?” God forbid, no it isn’t. But quite frankly, some
things that are called sin are not a sin in
the first place. So, use your good
judgment, but God uses, and this is where
Isaiah’s coming from, to start out in verse five. Isaiah chapter six. “Then I said.” I mean, here you’ve got
these flying vehicles and seraphim in front of you. That’d be pretty
impressive, wouldn’t it? That’s the equivalent
of archangels, okay? That’d be kinda shakin’
up time, all right, and God Himself there. And verse five. “Then said I, woe is me! “For I am undone; because
I am a man of unclean lips, “and I dwell in the midst of
a people of unclean lips.” They cuss all the time. Moan, groaning, or
complaining about something up one side and down the other. That’s really not there. I’m ad libbing
just a little bit, but that’s what it means, okay? “For I dwell in the midst
of people of unclean lips “for mine eyes have seen the
King, the Lord of hosts.” I just feel so unworthy. And you know, beloved,
when He touches your heart you always feel unworthy, but that’s okay. Compared to Him, we are. Our very best, our
most righteous acts are as filthy rags compared
to His righteousness, and you know something? You better be proud of that, because that’s what
brings us salvation. That’s what brings
forgiveness of sins. That’s what keeps us
going in His Word. Six. “Then flew one of
the seraphim unto me, “having a live coal in his hand, “which he had taken with the
tongs from off the altar.” This is the altar of God, okay. Seven. “And he laid it upon
my mouth, and said, “Lo, this hath touched thy lips: “and thine iniquity is taken
away, and thy sin purged.” Your lips are clean. You know what that was
that touched his lips? It was the Holy Spirit. A lot of people, “You’re
gonna burn in hell.” No, God’s altar
has burning coals, but it’s the Holy Spirit,
and it always heals, it always touches. Naturally, when it comes from
the lake of fire at the end, even then, it’s merciful,
do you know why? Because it takes a lot of
people out of their misery into blotted out, they
just are blotted out, they never existed. And that is merciful, and that’s the way our
Father accomplishes it when He says to Satan in
Ezekiel 28, verses 18 and 19, “I’m gonna turn you
to ashes from within.” That’s for ever
and ever and ever, but here, the lips are touched. Do you know something? God can touch anybody He
chooses’ lips to bless them, to give them the unction and the anointing
of the Holy Spirit whereby they can speak this
Word of God after having studied and note, I said
after having studied. We get these certain little
schools that you can go to and they’ll say, “Oh,
you don’t have to study. “Just let the Spirit touch
you, and, boy, (snaps fingers) “you’re off and running.” Well, that’s not
what it says, okay. You gotta know what
you’re talking about before you can talk. There is a time
coming that it is true the Holy Spirit will touch you, and you will speak before
the spurious messiah, but that’s the only time. He says you’re not to
premeditate at that time. I’m quoting Mark
chapter 13, okay. It’s a sin to premeditate
what you will say there, but to teach and plant seeds,
you gotta have something with a little solidity to it
before you can plant it, okay? I mean, you can go out
here in fallow ground and you can disc, you can plow, and you can even take your
planter and run right on down through there, back and forth, and have it just
looking real pretty, but if you left a seed
out of the planter, you’re going nowhere, okay. You’ve done nothing. And that seed is
the Word of God. It’s got to be planted, okay? So, the Holy Spirit
touches that lip. Verse eight. “Also I heard the voice
of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and
who will go for us?” Question. “Then said I, “Here am I; send me.” You know, do you realize
that God and the Son are gonna sit on
the throne until all their enemies are
made their footstool. Who do you think’s gonna do it? You are. He counts on you. Who am I gonna send
to plant those seeds? I hope you tell Him,
“Send me, prepare me, “help me study,
help me understand. “Give me the seed
to plant that I can “take somebody that’s
downand raise ’em up, “lift ’em up, give ’em
hope,” and He’ll do it, but you see, do you know what? It took volunteering
on that person’s part, but don’t ever forget one thing: who’s doing the calling here? Who’s doing the calling? God is, from the Lord. “Who shall I send?” He says, “Send me.” Verse nine. “And he said, “Go, and tell this people, “Hear ye indeed,
but understand not; “and see ye indeed,
but perceive not.” Here we’re back, this is
why we came here, beloved, from Matthew 13. These are the words
that Isaiah said. Listen to them carefully. “Make the heart of
this people fat, “and make their ears
heavy, and shut their eyes; “lest they see with their
eyes, and hear with their ears, “and understand with
their heart, and convert, “and be healed.” And then if they don’t have
the salt to stay with it, if that seed falls
by the hard path and the spurious
messiah comes along and they worship him,
it’s unforgivable. You see, our Father
knows what He’s doing. Everything in its
time and place. Well, does that mean some
people are better than others? Not in the least. God does not show partiality
among His children. Hey, if He picks
you, you’re it, okay, and God does the choosing,
not man, you know? You’ve all heard me
say the old saying, this boy came and he’s saying, “I’ve gotta go preach now. “I see this big GP in the sky.” And what it really
meant was go plow, okay? So you have to be attuned
to the Word, all right? God loves His children,
understand that. Verse 11. “Then said I, Lord, how long?” Question, that’s a
question everybody asks. “How long? “And He answered, “Until the cities be
wasted without inhabitant, “and the houses without man, “and the land be
utterly desolate.” That means under the desolator. You know who the desolator is? Mark 13, where it stipulates, when you see the
abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet
standing where he ought not, that’s the antichrist
standing in Jerusalem, then know that’s time. That’s how long
it’s going to be. Verse 12. “And the Lord have
removed men far away, “and there be a great forsaking
in the midst of the land.” The apostacy is gonna happen. You can count on it. 13. Listen carefully, listen
very carefully, verse 13. “But yet in it
shall be a tenth.” You know what that is? That’s a tithe, okay? “And it shall return
and shall be eaten: “as a teil tree, and as an oak.” Man, that’s hard wood. That’ll stick with ya, okay? “Whose substance is in them, “when they cast their
leaves,” listen carefully, “so the holy seed shall
be the substance thereof.” The holy seed shall be
the substance thereof. Naturally, the seed is the
Word of God, but in this case, the substance is carried
in the children, okay? The word substance is very
important in the Hebrew and you need to
know what it means. What is substance? Well, that’s what holds it up, that’s what gives it its
thing, it’s the zing. Well, you better know
what the zing is, okay? You better know what substance, and it’s utilized two
times in that verse, and it’s matstsebeth, okay. Matstsebeth. Beth is house, of course,
you got that, right? But it means solid as a rock. It means as a memorial rock. It means something stationary. It means somebody
that can plant a seed and take the Word of God and
not be blown around in the wind changing from this
thought and that thought and this tradition to
that tradition of man, but stay in the Word of
God, as it is written. Not what some
cucumber’s got to say out here in the
cucumber patch, okay, but the Word of God and to
know how to stick with it. You know, a man that won’t
keep his word is worthless. A man that changes
from this to that, and you can’t trust his
word, is not a friend, and God is picking
people that He can trust. They may not be the prettiest and they may not be as well
thought of in the community as some others, but is somebody God
knows He can trust, okay, and that will stick
with the Word of God and not switch off
to traditions of men that literally make void
the whole Word of God. He’s looking for
substance, matstsebeth, and it’s amazing that
the word in the Hebrew means a memorial rock. Memorial means, you know,
what a memorial for? Well, it’s to remember
something from a long time ago. Do you think that His holy
seed are not remembered from a long time ago, like before the
foundations of the earth, when they were chosen, when they made a stand
against Satan then, and He knows they’re
a solid rock. Solid as a house, beth
in the Hebrew tongue. God can count on
somebody like that. They don’t have to be, you
know, like old Isaiah said, “I’ve got unclean lips. “I’m not perfect.” Nobody is. If you waited ’til you were
perfect to be baptized, you would never be baptized. If you waited until you were
perfect to plant a seed, there would never one
pass from your lips, because none of us are. Christianity is a reality,
and we live in a real world. Thank God we have each other. You know, that is
really something, that you’re not on
this trip by yourself, that you have the family,
you have the holy seed, that is to say, those
that have the truth, that know the truth,
and thank Father for it. That’s what we have
each other for. So that’s why Jesus sent you
here to this sixth chapter from Matthew 13. He said, “I’ve got some,
the others won’t understand, “but I’ve got a holy
seed spread in there. “They’re rocks, I
can count on ’em, “and they’re gonna
do their work. “They’re gonna bring the
others around when it’s time.” Now, turn with me, while
we’re in the book of Isaiah, turn with me here
to the 55th chapter. What are you supposed
to be planting, okay? What? What is it? What’s it worth, okay? Isaiah chapter 55, verse one. “Ho, every one that thirsteth,
come ye to the waters, “and he that hath no money:
come, ye, buy, and eat: “yea, come, buy wine
and milk without money “and without price.” Isn’t it natural that
if you’re thirsty, you wanna go to the water, and if you really want
the meat of God’s Word, the deeper seed, aren’t
you gonna study it? He said, “Look, it
doesn’t cost anything. “I give it to you free. “All you have to do
is read the letter “I’ve sent you in this
Word, and absorb it, “take it into
yourself, live it.” It’s not a religion,
it’s a reality. Doesn’t cost anything. Again, anyone can afford it and buy, buy truth,
buy the Word. Verse two. “Wherefore do ye spend money
for that which is not bread? “And your labor for that
which satisfieth not?” Question. “Hearken diligently unto me,
and eat ye that which is good, “and let your soul delight
itself in fatness.” Why would you go out here and try to pay for a
word that’s worthless, that’s simply traditions of men? “Well, are you judging people?” No, God is, okay. If it’s not God’s Word
in pure simple truth, then it’s, you know, some revolving rev
telling you about what his uncle Henry
did in the woodshed, you know, and so on. I mean, instead of
teaching God’s Word, he teaches man’s word. It’s worthless. It’s not going to
bring you salvation and it’s not going to
give you any strength as far as a gaining seed,
truth, to be able to plant, to change somebody’s
life, and listen, let’s get right
down to His Word, where the rubber meets the road. That’s what it’s about,
is changing lives, because people are hurting
in this world today. They’re suffering bad. They need change. They’re living under
conditions that are not good, in many cases. Do you know what it
takes to change that? All it takes is hope and truth, and a little holy seed to let them taste
it and want it, and it changes their life. That’s what it is. Doesn’t cost anything. Verse three. “Incline your ear.” Open ’em. You got ears to hear, that’s
what he’s talking about. “And come unto me: hear,
and your soul shall live.” That means eternally. “And I will make an
everlasting covenant with you, “even the sure
mercies of David.” Out of David came who? Christ, and in Him, I’ll
give you eternal life. Verse four. “Behold, I have given him
for a witness to the people “a leader and a
commander to the people.” Who is your commander? Your commander is
Jesus Christ, Yeshua, and who is He? He is the living Word. The Word became flesh
and it walked among us so that we could understand. “Behold, thou shalt call a
nation that thou knowest not, “and nations that knew not
thee shall run unto thee “because of the Lord thy God, “and for the Holy One of Israel; “for he hath glorified thee.” And you know something? You got people in
this nation today that don’t even know what
this nation is about, and look at the United Nations. You think they don’t
run to this nation? And why do they
run to this nation? To get their hands
in your pocket. Why is this nation a
superpower of superpowers? Why would he say a
nation you know not? Because this nation didn’t
exist when this was written, but when the people that
were the house of Israel went over the Caucasus Mountains were later called
Caucasians, settled Europe, and then came to
this great nation, is it any wonder that our
troops have always fought for the freedom of
those that study the good old King James Bible? Because he was a king of the
house of Israel, basically. That may offend some people,
but I could care less. It brought the Word to many,
and then people would say, “Wonder what nation
he’s talking about?” And how many
superpowers are there in this generation
of the fig tree? How many guesses do you have? There’s only one, and it’s called the
United States of America. God bless the men and women
that have fought to defend her, to bring her into where
she is, God’s promise. Doesn’t cost anything, but you gotta fight
for it, occasionally. Verse six. “Seek ye the Lord
while He may be found, “call ye upon Him
while He is near.” You remember the 10 virgins? Do you know, all 10 of
them were Christians right up until the 11th hour. I mean, the wedding
was about to happen, and they made it
through ’til that time, but what was missing? They didn’t have the truth,
which is the oil, olive oil, in their lamps. Olive oil is always
symbolic of the holy truth. “Let the wicked forsake his way, “and the unrighteous
man his thoughts: “and let him return
unto the Lord, “and he will have
mercy upon him; “and to our God, for He
will abundantly pardon.” Our Father is so forgiving. All you have to do is have
a little change of heart and say, “Father, I’m sorry.” Do you know why? He loves you. Do you have trouble
forgiving your children? Well, shame on you if you do, because when they come to you, they can’t help but
touch your heart, when they say,
“Please forgive me. “I did wrong. “I did wrong.” Our Heavenly Father’s
the same way, so He’s gonna put His arms
around you and bring you to Him and say, “I love you,” okay. He is merciful, that is to
say, even with unmerited favor. We don’t deserve it. He doesn’t owe us any favors,
but it gives it to us anyway. “For my thoughts are
not your thoughts, “neither are your ways
my ways, saith the Lord.” Oh, thank God for that. Thank God that His
ways are not our ways, because our ways get
sidetracked sometimes, and He, you know something? His plan is perfect, and
that’s why we try to study it. It’s because His thoughts
are there for you to absorb, and then to replant. You know something? I wanna tell you
a little secret. Some people like to absorb
truth, truth, truth, and hang onto it. If you don’t ever share it,
He’s gonna shut you off. I can tell you that for a fact. You have to share it a little
bit, somewhere, somehow. And it may not be a big thing,
and you may not think so, but it is to Him. His ways are
considerably different. “For as the heavens are
higher than the earth, “so are my ways
higher than your ways, “and my thoughts
than your thoughts.” And thank God for that. That’s our Father. You don’t have to
worry about that. That’s your nearest kin. That’s the way He is. Man, I mean, He is something, and He’s the Father
of your soul. “For as the rain cometh down,
and the snow from heaven, “and returneth not thither,
but watereth the earth, “that maketh it
bring forth and bud, “that it may give
seed to the sower, “and bread to the eater.” Those that are hungry,
it doesn’t cost anything. It comes from heaven. It’s called the Word of God, and you’re the one that’s
supposed to plant it, to sow it. Verse 11. “So shall my word be that
goeth forth out of my mouth; “it shall not
return unto me void, “but it shall accomplish
that which I please, “and it shall prosper in the
thing whereto I sent it.” Hey, aren’t you
glad He’s in control and you’re not, and we’re not? He knows where
the Word is going. You know, we’ve been
blessed here in this church that we go all the
way around the world with the push of a
button, and right now, even as you’re in this building, millions are listening
to this teaching. It’s sent, and it’s taken. It’s a blessing to
have the Word of God and to be able to share it. Verse 12. “For ye shall go out with joy,
and be led forth with peace.” Do you have peace in your life? You should have, contentment,
love, understanding. “The mountains and the
hills shall break forth “before you into singing, and
all the trees of the field “shall clap their hands.” Do you know that nature
itself is gonna be glad when that comes forth? Do you know what, when the
rain, acid rain hits our forest, do you know what happens? Who did that? We did. I mean, you could all walk,
park your cars out here and walk home. (laughs) But I mean, we brought
it on ourselves, that’s my point, okay? With acid rain and
a few other things, but what He’s saying is nature
itself is looking forward to that time when we’re
going to have Him back and combustion engines
will be no more. We got better stuff, all right? I mean, really high tech. Verse 13, to
complete the chapter. “Instead of the thorn shall
come up the fir tree.” Do you make a
difference like that? Can the office you work
in be a thorn patch, and when you walk into the room, the Spirit of God comes into
it, and it’s like a fir tree? Do you know that God says,
“I am a great fir tree.” That means evergreen,
ever-living, and then a lot of
people are ashamed when they put a Christmas
tree up, you know? God said, “I’m a
great fir tree.” Don’t let Satan take
all the joy out of life. If you wanna put up a tree,
it doesn’t have anything to do with Jeremiah chapter 10, okay? You don’t worship it, all right. “Instead of the briar shall
come up the myrtle tree.” Do you know what
a myrtle tree is? It’s allspice. That’s where
allspice comes from. When you walk into a place
and it’s an old briar patch, is it more of a briar
patch when you leave? Or does it turn into a tree
of fragrance and allspice that shares the
Word with everybody? Now listen, I’m not
telling you to go to work and convert your office
Monday morning, all right. Work and preaching have
to be separate, all right? You have to sustain your
family, and it’s not popular, many times, to preach
where you work, all right? It just wouldn’t do. But there are other places
where you can plant that seed, but do you know something? Again, your very person,
when you walk into a place, can either turn it
into a thorn patch or an allspice
tree, a myrtle tree. Do you know what the
myrtle tree does? I mean, you know, he
doesn’t just say this just to be saying. Do you know that most every
bird there is is drawn to it that loves fruit. Man, I mean, they flock to it. It’s beautiful, it’s wonderful. It picks up. Don’t be a thorn bush. Be an allspice tree. “And it shall be to
the Lord for a name, “for an everlasting sign
that shall not be cut off.” Plant seed, and let it be what? God’s Word, not man’s word. Now, return with me. I wanna make sure that I stay within the bounds of time here. David, if I get carried
away, let me know, okay? I’m doing this for the purpose
of shortening this message just a little bit, all right? So there you know why He said go to see what Isaiah
said about this. Isn’t that wonderful? Isaiah laid it on the line. He let us know how to be a
briar or an allspice tree. Now, you know, I don’t know, what good do you do
in your community? You just live there? Or do you help some
people out occasionally? You know, do you go out and
stick your nose in the air and get in your car and
(zoom) motor out of there, or do you say, “Hey,
how you doing today? “God bless ya! “Good to see ya. “Are you feeling all right? “Looking good.” Or in your business? Some people will say, “God
never blesses my business,” but the little door bing rings and a customer walks in
and they look up and say, “What do you want?” You know, that’ll bless
you, won’t it, you know? I mean, talk about
a thorn patch. You know?
(audience laughs) I mean, God’s Word is real,
and be that allspice tree. When they walk in that store, “What can I do for you today? “What have I got
that will help you? “Let me assist you.” Okay, that’s the
difference, all right? The Word of God changes lives. Don’t ever forget it. Okay, back to
Matthew chapter 13. Let’s pick it up with verse 14, where we left to go to Isaiah. “For this people’s
heart is waxed gross, “and their ears are
dull of hearing, “and their eyes
they have closed; “lest at any time they
should see with their eyes, “and hear with their ears, “and should understand
with their heart, “and should be converted,
and I should heal them.” In other words, they
would be accountable, and maybe it’s not
time yet for them. Understand God is always fair. “But blessed are your
eyes, for they see: “and your ears, for they hear.” That pleases God. “For verily, I say unto you, “that many prophets
and righteous men
have desired to see “those things which ye see,
and have not seen them; “and to hear those
things which ye hear, “and have not heard them.” They did. The prophets of old wanted
to live in this generation. They wanted to see the
parable of the fig tree come to fruition, as you are, beloved, okay. They wanted to see Christ. The disciples saw Him, and do
you know what’s better yet? Today you feel Him, you feel His touch
through the Holy Spirit. “When any one heareth
the word of the kingdom,” that’s the King and
His dominion, “and
understandeth it not, “then cometh the wicked
one, and catcheth away “that which was
sown in their heart. “This is he which received
seed by the way side.” It just didn’t grow. All you have to do is
have one person say, “Surely you don’t believe that. “Hah!” And man, they give
it up in a hurry. Not God’s Word, don’t
ever give it up. “But he that received the
seed into stony places,” on an old hard rock, “the same
is he that heareth the word, “and anon,” that word in
the Greek means immediately, “with joy receiveth it.” Man, I mean they’re on a tear. You think, “My, how did
I miss this all my life?” Verse 21. “Yet hath he not
root in himself, “but dureth for a while: “for when tribulation
or persecution ariseth “because of the word,”
don’t read over that, “because of the
word, by and by,” that’s the same word as anon
in the Greek, instantly, “he is offended.” I’m not gonna put up with this. It’s gonna cause me trouble
and cause me to be different than other people, I just
won’t deal with that word. Well, you know, you
don’t deserve it, then, if you’re that easily. It’s got to take
root in the mind, to see the simplicity
in which Christ teaches. “He also that received
seed among the thorns “is he that heareth the word,
and the care of this world,” this world age, “and the
deceitfulness of riches, “choke the word, and he
becometh unfruitful.” He quits, won’t
plant another seed. “But he that received
seed into the good ground “is he that heareth the
word, and understandeth it; “which also beareth
fruit, and bringeth forth, “some an hundredfold,
some 60, and some 30.” Do you know something? God appreciates the one
that brings forth 30 as much as a hundredfold. Same reward. He knows what we’re
capable of, okay. Now, the real mystery
comes in the next parable, which we’re not going to cover, because everyone
that studies with us has studied the
mark of the beast and they know about the tares. They know here that, when
it says, in verse 24, “The kingdom of heaven
is likened unto a man “which sowed good
seed in his field,” that man is Almighty
God through the Son. Good children, the sixth-day
creation, Adam and Eve, but here comes Satan. “And while men slept, his
enemy came and sowed tares “among the wheat,
and went his way.” The subject here is no the
field and not the world and not even the children,
it’s the Kingdom of God. Do you wanna enter it? Do you wanna be a servant of it? Can He send you? Then you would have to know
and understand real well, well, let’s skip
to the 35th verse. Let’s cover a few verses of it. The tares is called zawan Do you know what? You can plant them among wheat, and if you weren’t real
experienced in horticulture, you couldn’t tell
the difference. Looks like wheat growing, but
when wheat is finished growing like God’s children, it
brings forth rich grain. Zawan, tares, brings forth
poisoned grain, black, poison, and the angel said, “You want us to root
that stuff out of there?” And He said, “No,
leave them alone. “Leave them alone. “At the end of the world,
we’ll take care of business.” So they didn’t understand. Do you understand? Do you have ears about
the mystery hidden? You’ve got to, okay. Verse 35 of this 13th
chapter, in conclusion. “That it might be fulfilled
which was spoken by the prophet, “saying, I will one
my mouth in parables; “I will utter things which
have been kept secret “from the foundation
of the world.” This word, foundation,
is katabole in the Greek and it means the
overthrow of Satan. And if you wanna make a
deeper study all on your own some day, also it
means conception,
like a planting, okay? So it has a two-fold meaning. I’ll leave that in
your study house. I’m not going there today,
but it is when Satan rebelled and God had to destroy that
age and plant a new one, okay? This earth age,
to let you decide whether you’re gonna love God
or you’re gonna follow Satan. It’s your choice. You can’t blame anybody else. Strictly up to you, whether
you’re gonna serve God or Satan. “Then Jesus sent the multitude
away, and went into the house “and His disciples
came unto Him, saying, “Declare unto us the parable
of the tares of the field.” They didn’t even understand it. “And He answered and
He said unto them, “He that soweth the good
seed is the Son of man,” that’s Christ, that’s
the one God promised. “The field is the world; “the good seed are the
children of the kingdom,” that the subject, the
King and His dominion, “but the tares are the
children of the wicked one.” Well, now, man, it would
take a rocket scientist to figure that one
out, wouldn’t it? How many wicked
ones do you know? Satan. Of course, there’s only one
wicked one that is called this in the Greek tongue. “The enemy that sowed
them is the devil.” That’s pretty clear, isn’t it? Christ planted good seed,
the sixth-day creation, Adam and Eve, and along here
comes Satan and he plants, do you know what
this word seed is? In the Greek it’s
spermio, it’s male sperm. That’s talking real plain,
but that gets it said, okay? “The enemy that sowed
them is the devil; “and the harvest is
the end of the world; “and the reapers are the angels. “And as therefore the tares
are gathered and burned “in the fire; so shall it be
at the end of this world.” That means totally
and completely, at the end of this,
the Millennium. So what was that wicked seed? It was the father
of the Kenites. Well, what does the word Kenite
mean in the Hebrew tongue? Sons of Cain. How could Cain be a son of God
and have murder in his heart, right from the beginning? Because he was
planted by the devil, and Jesus makes it very
clear in John 8:44, chapter eight, verse 44, that Cain was the offspring
of the wicked one. So be careful what
kind of seed you plant. Make sure it’s the Word of God. “Well, now, listen, when
you’re talking like that, “our church is too nice
to talk about things.” Then your church is
too nice for God. You don’t have Him there. God wants truth, because
the truth turns thorn bushes into allspice trees, understanding, clarity,
seed planting, the sower. You know, that’s what
Christians are about, is sowing God’s Word, is taking that Word where
it’s supposed to go, working as a family, seeing that the job gets done. How precious it is, the
substance, matstsebeth, a memorial stone,
God’s holy children that contain a substance
that you can count on. I can count on it. It’s different, and I
thank our Father for it. Heavenly Father,
thank you, Father, for the privilege
of serving you. Thank you, Father, for this
letter that you’ve written to us telling us how to understand,
as best we can, your thoughts, which are far
above our thoughts, your ways above our ways,
Father, but use us, send us. We ask it in Yeshua Jesus’
precious name, Amen, Amen. – [Announcer] Free
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salvation to everybody. Barbara from North Carolina. My question, and now I’ve
got myself in a corner and I’ve gotta explain. There was salvation
for the stranger before Christ died on the Cross, if the stranger was able to, while he
was among our ancestors, follow the law. Barbara from North Carolina. “My question is, “you say that you do not
believe in the rapture “but you do believe in
the Bible where it states “in the twinkling of an
eye, we will be caught up. “Isn’t that the
same as the rapture? “Keep up the good work
and God bless you all.” You see, Barbara, you have this
thing branded in your mind, in the wink of an eye
we will be caught up. That’s not correct. Not correct at all. So you’re putting
words in God’s mouth because of words that have been, some preacher has put in yours. In other words, they have
branded into your mind caught up so strong, you’re
adding it to God’s Word. You’re quoting
from 1 Corinthians
chapter 15, verse 52. I want you to go back and I
want you to read it again, and the word caught
up is not there. The word is changed. We are all changed. We’re not caught up anywhere. We’re changed right
here on good old earth, and we have a millennium
of teaching to do, as it’s written in
Revelation chapter 20. I just want you to realize
what you have said here, and I want you to
go to the Bible and actually see what it says, and you will see that somebody
has impregnated your mind with falseness, and
you need to get back to what the word
really says, okay? The word caught up is not there. Robert from California. “Hello from California. “I have a question regarding
God creating the earth. “The Bible tells us He did it
in six and rested the seventh. “So in time elapses, one day
equal to a thousand years?” Well, first of all, it does
not say that it took Him six days to create the earth. It says in Genesis
chapter one, verse one, “In the beginning, “God created the heavens
and the earth,” period. It didn’t say when or how long. It’s millions of years old,
but then, in verse two, (speaks Hebrew) is what it
says in the Hebrew tongue, meaning it became
void and without form, not that He created it that way. Another verse to document that,
Isaiah chapter 45, verse 18. I guess I should have said this when people are worried
about three earth ages. We’ve had the question. I’ll spend a little
time on it here. That He created, in
Isaiah 45:18, it says, “I did not create
the earth void. “I created it whole, to be
inhabited, to be lived in, “and Satan blew it,” okay? That’s the meaning. So the earth was created
millions of years ago, and it took Him six days
to straighten it out, okay? Now, some would say, “Well,
what is the six days?” Well, have you read,
I quoted earlier, 2 Peter chapter three? “Don’t be ignorant of this
one thing, that with God, “a day is a thousand
years with man.” Tony from Chicago. “Pastor Murray, my question
is in the Lord’s Day, “will we be in heaven
or here on earth? “I enjoy your teaching. “There’s no other
pastor like you. “I hope someday I can
meet you in person. “I thank God for
the way you teach, “and I thank you and all
of your family and staff. “Thank you.” Well, you are so welcome. The Lord’s Day will be, well, it’s gonna happen
right here on earth. That’s what the
thousand-year period is. How long is a day with the Lord? A thousand years. That is the Lord’s Day,
it’s the Millennium, as it is written in
Revelation chapter 20, and it’s gonna be
right here on earth, and people that have never
had an opportunity to learn while they’re in
a spiritual body, are gonna be shown,
they’re gonna see Christ. They’re going to know Him, they’re going to hear Him teach, as well as God’s election teach. That’s why it is said
that they will be priests for that thousand years. What does a priest do? He teaches. And so it is. That’s the Lord’s Day,
right here on earth, and it’s a beautiful
time of salvation. No second chances,
’cause a lot of people didn’t have a prayer of a
chance to start out with. Larry from California. “In the Garden of Eden, Adam
and Eve were told by God “that if they partook of
the Tree of the Knowledge “of Good and Evil,
they would surely die. “Does this statement for
God indicate physical death? “If not, what did this refer to? “How were the sixth-day creation
affected or differ from.” It’s when God makes a
statement, it’s carte blank, it applies to everyone, okay? And I’ve pretty well covered
that in a prior question. It was the thousand
years of man, and they did die in
that period of time, and yes, it was
physical, to the flesh. I’m out of time. Hey, I love you all
a lot, you know why? Because you enjoy studying
our Father’s Word, chapter-by-chapter
and verse-by-verse. Most of all, God loves
you for it, He truly does. Make it His day, He makes yours. Brought to you by your
tithes and offerings. If we’ve helped you, you
help us keep coming to you, but most important, this. You stay in His Word. Every day in His Word,
even with trouble, it’s still a good
day, you know why? Because Jesus is
the living Word. (gentle music) – [Announcer] Hearing God’s
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