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The Subject (2017) – Short Horror Film

I hope it’s not too bright. You look so beautiful. Wait… Stay just like that. Don’t move! (Maniacal Chuckling) Say cheese! I can’t wait to add you to my collection. (Maniacal Chuckling) (Violent Grunt) Oh! I almost forgot! Your closeup should be ready by now! A perfect shot! You might be my best subject yet! No, please! I just want to go home! It’s time to finish my collection. Stop please! Please! (Violent Screaming) It’s perfect.


  1. CowmasterStudios Author

    I hope you all enjoy the 7th installment of the Cowmaster Studios horror line-up!

    Thank you all so much for your continued support for the channel and the work that I do, I look forward to creating many more films for your entertainment!

  2. Noah Garcia Author

    Im sort of confused. At 4:54 the camera turns to the workdesk and shows the jars, but why are the plants still in the other jars? Wouldn't they be body parts too?

  3. Daniel Plainview Author

    I would love to see you all make full length films with tons of actors and a good story. You should be a lot bigger production company!

  4. CowmasterStudios Author

    Alright! This little film is starting to gain some momentum! Thank you all for taking the time to watch my films.

    If you enjoy it, please do me a solid and share it with your friends!

  5. Taka Patrycja Author

    Holy shit this movie is so good… congratulations hehe really good movie… So creepy… I think that this sick man visits me in nightmares heh :3

  6. Drixppykid_lulu Hehe Author

    Hm the subject that I hate the most and who every created it should die is math šŸ‘šŸ½šŸ‘šŸ½šŸ‘šŸ½thx u thx u



  8. Xxsavage Gamerchica Author

    THIS WAS SO AWESOME THO was that a fake tree or a real tree because if that was real my mom would tie him up and cut him like what he did to the girl!! (Jk) and if it was real itā€™s it ok I have when people hurt trees

  9. BillyGames YT Author

    So the dude has delusions, thinking plants are women, so he likes to torture them (when in reality he is cutting plants) and keep their body parts as trophies. Good quality horror film, but very disturbing šŸ˜©

  10. Geoff Burkman Author

    I am horrified, horrified I tell you, that there was no announcement that no plants were harmed in the production of this film. You floricidal monster, you!


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