The Success of GTP Textiles & Prints (1994 to 2014)

we all require some basic necessities in life to enable a survive and clothing is one of them and in Ghana mainly people as special women choose gtp to make beautiful clothes for various occasions given its high quality and diverse colorful designs patterns and styles gtp is recognized as a premium brand in 1994 two years into Ghana's fourth republic the government of the day transferred its holdings in gtp to Unilever Ghana making gtp a wholly privately owned company gtp hasn't survived numerous challenges in the industry by remaining innovative and relevant at all times using marketing communication strategy new fabric launches direct consumer contact event activations trade and consumer promotions have all been part of the success story of the brand 22 Division tomorrow in the face of pepper on top is indifferent between reject requests of also buy frozen back about a fagot it will surely be futile see 30s gtp now holding any Bibiana and beauty p.m. to my papa GTP ever chosen an unmoved Frank and Nancy Frank in a monsoon EMI Efrain we're done a negative in China cotton here very good it was the Empire Alfred GTP's ran or to myself ran to mark the launch of gtp new style a youthful expressive free-spirited vibrant brand was a clear statement on how far the brand can go in respect of innovation and boldness closes its it has different styles different options and you can actually be working and a lot of initiatives fabric so I just love DC I love GDP you started as quality of a pattern we must say young lady we love fashion we just want to do with a change a brand that wants to go places cannot afford to remain static with new style the gtp dynamism and versatility is made manifest it is in that regard that gtp clothes our newscasters and supports participants in Ghana's most beautiful to continue to look good in a modernized traditional way while expressing a sense of national pride a feeling that resonates with many Ghanians beyond given ghanaians genuine quality fabrics GTP also reaches out to those in need particularly in the area of health over ten hospitals across the country have so far benefited from GTP's bed sheets and pillowcases donations moving forward GTP has put together a special but limited edition 2014 collection that celebrates royalty and will soon be unveiled to us right here before that would like to share something special with all of you the story of GTP from 1994 to 2014 will be incomplete if the efforts of one notable personality are not mentioned despite achieving much impacting many and always giving more the six only that which comes from doing what he sets out to do and doing it well cobbler allusion to me joined gtp 1994 as a marketing manager and went on to play an instrumental role in ensuring gtp took center stage in Ghana's textile industry together with his team he championed great and exciting marketing communications which propelled the brand into leadership position as a progressive mind quad new seeing to me affectionately known as KY by SPS helped gtp move forward and also rose to become macton director under his stewardship GTP's flagship brand new style was launched KY is a man who has the textiles industry at heart that comes as no surprise that he served as the chairman for the launch of an association to give gtp dealers and local textile manufacturers a common voice to fight against the importation of fake textiles twenty years is a long time to let pass you by I'll make the most of nanak of Newseum to me just a hinny of jabbing you have undoubtedly made the most of twenty years with GTP none we love you Nana we thank you GTP and the textile industry honor you Nana ge


  1. miekyla mason

    GTP I'm tired of seeing the same the same change to start sending people to the topics I love your materials I'm tired of seeing the same thing. Don't come to YOU TUBE same people. Fingerstyle bring a new fashion that'll be sweet same people the same people the same people


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