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THE TOOLS by Driftwood Soldier

Well farmers just don’t get enough respect these days
Even those they feed don’t seem to care Think that they’re some better kind of animal Making money sitting in a chair Like the guy at the bar, but he pushed me too far
He had muscles that he bought from Golden Gym His friends all dragged me out into the parking lot
They thought they’d watch him tear me limb from limb But I stomped on his loafers with my steel toed boots
I kicked him where it doesn’t make a sound I never fought in school, now I’ve got the tools
And I ain’t gonna take it sitting down Well I leased some land across the vacation home
Of a man who made his fortune selling oil Just to keep his lawnscaping immaculate
They drained the pond and poisoned all the soil Well I watered those fields with the sweat of my brow
I barely made enough to pay my crew He bought that land right out from underneath me Because my fields were spoiling his view Well I dragged his Porsche sedan down to the scrap metal yard
I put his private putting green under the plow
He might sell the fuel, Lord, I got the tools I ain’t gonna take it sitting down Well they repossessed my tractor late the other night On account of interest that I owe It seems that I’m the only one who thinks it isn’t right
They sit back and reap all that I sow Well, they sent the sheriff over with the paperwork He moonlights as the banker’s hired man
He had his German shepard in his unmarked Ford
He kept his holstered pistol close at hand But I gave him both the barrels of my irrigation pump
I broke a scuffle hoe across his crown He might make the rules, Lord, I got the tools
And I don’t need a gun to stand my ground Well my world is made of iron bars and cinderblocks
And the warden says I’ll never see the sun Never smell the earth after a sudden thunderstorm Never raise a daughter or a son Well let them break their teeth just chewing on them badges and them bills Trying to wash it down with a pint of crude
Cause empty plates and starvation awaits
Those who fuck with those who grow their food I said empty plates and starvation awaits
Those who fuck with those who grow their food

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