The World Without Canada (Natural Resources) Season 1, Episode 2

for 150 years Canada's vast natural resources have kept global industry humming Canada has an incredible wealth of resources some people even say that we are a resource superpower we are the engine of the planet they've kept people on the move ken is the largest supplier of oil to the United States and put food on the tables all over the world I don't think people know how important Canada is in terms of feeding the world we have fed billions of people worldwide we have an inordinate impact on the rest of the world we just don't necessarily pay attention to it and who's about time that we did but just how important are our contributions as Canadians we tend to be humble about our role in the world but that is about to change over the next hour we'll conduct a thought experiment that will examine just how devastating life would be if Canada and all its resources disappeared today we'll explore how its disappearance might remake the world the resources that Canada has there's only so far that humanity should go without us everything rhymes saw halt we see mass starvation people would die and how our absence would plunge the planet into chaos a world without Canada with the violent dark place we would not realize how much we had lost until it was gone and then we would be terrified this is the world without Canada in North America another normal day has begun but as millions are about to learn this day will be anything but normal this is the day the world without Canada is born to begin our thought experiment all 9.1 million square kilometers of Canada has to go we're carving it all down to about 3,600 meters roughly the average depth of the ocean floor as Canada vanishes so do two million freshwater lakes that's more than all the other lakes in the rest of the world combined 9% of the planet's trees 17% of the world's coastline and countless species of rare and endangered animals but how would the planet respond to Canada's disappearance the response of the planet to that sort of insult would be so dramatic the Atlantic Pacific and Arctic oceans now rush to fill the giant hole the removal of a vast amount of land occupied by Canada would cause this massive bathtub effect this would lead to so much turbulence massive tsunami unlike anything we have seen that are going to ripple out and affect whatever continents are surrounding those ripples are now ten kilometre high waves that are going all around the world the largest tsunami in human history now rolls towards what was once the US and Canadian border gigantic add well a giant wave doesn't give way to anything get in let's go let's go let's go a large tsunami can totally ravaged it and destroy almost any building in its path one cubic meter of air weighs 1 kilogram 1 cubic meter of water weighs a thousand kilograms the worst tornado that you've ever seen would really pale in comparison to the destructive force of a really powerful tsunami all over the planet coastal cities would be pounded by monster waves triggered by Canada's disappearance the impact would be so dramatic it's almost beggars the imagination the day of destruction has passed but once the water settled what might this new world look like the Atlantic and Pacific are now one there would be the most bizarre seafront across the northern edge of the United States or Canada was carved out an America now has a 6,000 kilometer coastline that's as long as the Nile River as coastal cities like New York are swamped America faces a massive cleanup operation but there's a problem the loss of Canada's oil fields has pitched the planet into a massive petroleum shortage and it is a huge producer of oil we're an exporter to the whole world of the raw materials required to drive our industrial civilization for over 150 years Canada has been a major player in oil in fact in 1858 carriage maker James Miller Williams kick-started the entire industry when he dug the continents first oil well in southwestern Ontario leading the Americans to the punch by almost a year with the help of a simple hand cranked pump Williams was able to pull out five barrels a day of the substance that would soon transform the entire world now Canada exports about three million barrels of oil per day so you can imagine for instance the impact that that would have when it existed Canada exported to dozens of countries but one in particular is feeling the pinch now that we're gone the United States although they complain greatly about the reliance on Arab oil they rely on Canadian oil more than anything 43% of their oil imports are coming from Canada so Canada's basically replaced the Middle East as the major source of oil using a network of pipelines that could circle the globe 20 times it laid end-to-end every day Canada provides the United States with enough oil to fill 200 Olympic swimming pool what happens when all of that disappears imagine the traffic jams without Canada's oil all of a sudden you get a scarcity gas prices in America shoot way up even the rushed gas stations you get ridiculous long lines people are angry these would be very desperate times and we're going to get you cities guys armed security would be required around gas stations it's now just demands demands demand we need more oh come on read a lot more people start to fight over who gets the small supply the block hey for disruption that gas supplies today leading to tensions and violence at the gas pump this following the sixth consecutive month of logic gas prices it's the worst oil crisis to hit the United States since Arab oil producers turned off the taps in 1973 to protest American involvement in the region oil is cut off gas prices went from $3 to $12 everybody scrambled people formed long lines to try and fill up a gas the shortage caused America to look north for its gas the world moves along it functions without too many hitches because Canada's stable provisioning of what the world needs in a reliable safe and friendly way but with Canada gone it has to go back to the Middle East we would see redoubling of American efforts to exert control in the Middle East it is going to mean more a war of conquest a war for resources but the absence of Canada's oil won't just be felt on the roads two out of every ten barrels we produce are used in manufacturing it would really surprise you how many things we use in our lives are made from oil from candles to toothbrushes to plastics everything is basically made out of oil some shape or form most tires start out as seven gallons of the stock fleece jackets come from oil recycled from twenty five plastic water bottles many lipsticks are sixty percent oil in fact for almost 100 years oil has been a key ingredient in cosmetic products just like the ones launched in 1914 by beauty pioneer in Woodbridge Ontario native Florence Nightingale gram or as she would later be known Elizabeth Arden after learning the ropes of business selling vegetables in Toronto st. Lawrence Market with her dad Arden moved to Manhattan in the 1910 opened the first of her legendary Red Door salons and by the 1930s Arden's cosmetics were one of the top three most recognized brands on the planet alongside coca-cola and singer sewing machine today the business empire created by that dreamer from Woodbridge is valued at well over a billion dollars and the products have been used by such luminaries as Marlena Dietrich Jackie O Queen Elizabeth the second Marilyn Monroe but without Canadian petroleum industries all over the globe scramble to deal with the short we are so necessary without us everything drying so hope as the survivors are about to find out this is just the beginning to understand the vital role Canada plays in the world we removed it what would we do what kind of a world would we live in and what are we left with a really scary scenario when it vanished coastal cities across the globe were swamped with water but once the water settles what might the world without Canada look like we would see a reduction in the worldwide ocean height covering the second largest country on the planet means a massive drop in global ocean levels where you used to have bays and inlets would all speak mine some of the biggest coastal cities in the world like New York would just be the city and then all of a sudden a big mud pit around know why is on top of a mountain the world literally would be unrecognizable but the disappearance of one particular body of water has much more dire consequences one of the defining characteristics of Canada is the Great Lakes and the Great Lakes are not called seas the only reason they're not called feed is that they're freshwater not saltwater when they still existed the five Great Lakes covered over 240,000 square kilometers of territory and accounted for roughly 20% of all freshwater on the planet they contained enough of the world's most precious resource to completely submerge all of North and South America to a depth of almost a meter the Great Lakes are one of the world's wonders we are so lucky in Canada to have the security of freshwater resources that we have but when Canada disappeared they were contaminated by soft water and debris from the tsunami imagine tsunamis going over gas stations and oilfield wood that comes contamination and disease you have dead carcasses in water millions of lives are now jeopardized every day the Great Lakes used to supply drinking water to one in three Canadians in almost 24 million Americans sorry guys that they were out of water come back later on government attempts to make up for loss of the Great Lakes would be next to impossible further south people are struggling with another consequence of Canada's disappearance until it vanished Canada sat atop the North American tectonic plate it's one of the 18 floating slabs of rock that make up the Earth's crust Canada is a heavy country it actually weighs a lot it's made out of rock if you remove it from earth there's a rebounding of the crust and that would cause all kinds of gigantic earthquakes unprecedented in the history of the world our disappearance has sent shockwaves through the planets crust but just how quickly would it be felt in the world's dinner tables I don't think people know how important Canada is in terms of feeding the world then it is a huge contributor to global food supply we have fed hundreds of millions if not billions of people worldwide when Canada existed it was a global food powerhouse exporting billions of dollars of fish pork and dairy but Canada is also a key supplier of one of the world's most important sources of protein Canada produces a huge amount of lentils and poultry in the 1960s some risk-taking farmers took a chance on growing this protein taxied in Saskatchewan it worked and as global demand soared a few hundred acres of lentils bloomed into five million for decades later much of the lentils scooped up daily in New Delhi or Karachi come from Saskatchewan but lentils aren't the only new arrival on the prairies in recent years farmers from Saskatchewan and Alberta have been enjoying a new kind of oil boom one of our most important exports which is also a Canadian invention is canola one of the world's healthiest and most productive oil seed crops used in things like biodiesel cooking oil and livestock feed canola has become Canada's most valuable crop pumping as much as twenty billion dollars into the economy but despite these new arrivals the prairie still churn out millions of tons of their most famous export never heard the expression Canada is the world's breadbasket the daily bread is the first choice of everybody almost everywhere on the planet and we are one of the principal providers of that to all of our fellow human beings we are regularly in the top four world wheat exporters incredibly every year Canada exports enough grain to make over seventy three billion loaves of bread enough to make chem loaves for every man woman and child on the planet but you can thank Canada as well for some of your favorite comfort foods one out of every three french fries consumed around the planet comes from Canada as does 80 percent of the planets maple syrup and almost 90% of all mustard seed Canadian food has provided more than just nourishment it's provided inspiration as well in 1979 when computer engineer Jeff Ruskin needed a name for the home computer he was designing with Steve Jobs he named it after his favorite snack the Macintosh first cultivated in 1811 by John Macintosh on his farm in Jungle Ontario in time the Macintosh Apple would become Canada's most popular proof export and the symbol of one of the world's most influential and iconic brands following Canada's disappearance across the globe farmers would scramble to make up the shortfall but the absence of another key Canadian resource is going to make that job next to impossible here really creates a fertilizer most plants other than water and sunlight need three things they need nitrogen potassium and phosphorus and the world's biggest supply of potassium is in the form of potash about 50% of the world's potash reserves are in Canada with that taken off the map where are you going to get fertilizer from without Canadian potash crops all over the world fail this combined with the absence of Canadian food pushes the planet to the brink of starvation we have a hard enough time supporting seven plus and billion human beings right now what would the world do without Canada and its food resources famine would be random all over the globe we would see billions billions with the BEA of human being starve to death as famine stalks the globe how would family survive in this hungry new world you have to go back to being hunters and gatherers we would be eating whatever we could that's what people do when they are starving today we would go back to a world in which wondering whether you're going to have enough to eat enough to feed your children would be a constant preoccupation for the bulk of humanity the disappearance of Canada's food has pushed the planet to the edge of starvation but the loss of to other Canadian resources are about to threaten the very air we breathe to understand the critical role Canada's resources play in feeding and fueling the planet we've taken them all away the loss of Canada's oil food and water have tipped the planet into crisis now the disappearance of another resource will threaten the lives of millions more Canada's biggest producer of natural gas in the world parts of Western Canada sit atop one of the biggest reservoirs of natural gas on the planet but getting to it isn't easy unlike oil which can be found relatively close to the surface we've got to drill down about four kilometres to find our gas that's roughly the depth of eight CN Tower stacked end to end losing oil and natural gas is not just about losing gasoline for cars it's also about electricity generation natural gas is one of the most important and fastest-growing fuels for generating electricity mom 15 million Americans depend on Canada's gas to keep them warm in the winter without the supply of Canadian natural gas people in the northeastern United States can't heat their home every day Canada's 39 cross-border pipelines pumped enough gas to heat and like all of New York City Chicago and Boston combined not having natural gas to produce heat is going to affect the vulnerable parts of our population the elderly America would scramble to make up for the lost electricity but just how hard would it be to power the Northeast back up you can build a dam overnight you can build a nuclear power plant overnight so it's really hard to know where you'd being that electricity from as Americans struggle to heat and light their homes and cook their food many turn to another source for their salvation one that a Canadian invented almost 170 years ago in 1853 Abraham Gesner a geologist from Cornwallis Nova Scotia change the world when he invented kerosene a flammable oil he extracted from a type of coal cheap easy to produce and far safer than an open flame kerosene finally gave reliable light to millions now call the father of the petroleum industry a gesture ultimately sold the patent to business tycoon john d rockefeller and from high atop the 56th floor of 30 Rockefeller Plaza John and his son John Jr used to help amass one of the largest fortunes in America forty-two years later their Art Deco skyscraper would become home to Canadian producer Lorne Michaels Saturday Night Live which in turn launched the careers of many Canadian comics including Martin Short Mike Myers and yours truly so if I haven't said it before thanks Abe but more than a century after his million-dollar idea changed the world jester's invention remains the primary source of energy for much of this planet if Canada were to disappear it's safe to assume that millions more would start to burn kerosene to make up for the disappearance of our oil and our natural gas but as the planet burns through its kerosene supply what would we turn to next if the loss of Canadian natural gas is profound enough then a complete technology shift would be required and the easiest way to go would be to fall back on coal if we started burning dirty coal we would be taking an enormous step back are you okay in terms of the quality of our air all a doctor we might literally end up gasping for air the problem is made worse by the disappearance of another one of Canada's key resources beforeö points so the royal force is this amazing patch of land and it's probably the largest continuous patch of forest on earth that covers about 3 million square kilometres that's bigger than the size of Mexico and that represents about 30% of the world's oil forests all store grades in Canada so you can imagine how important this is composed of spruce pine and poplar it acts as one of the planet's primary air filters our lungs help us remove co2 from our system the trees within the boreal forest help remove co2 from the atmosphere enough through the process of photosynthesis per tree is actually sucking up twice as much co2 as a tropical forest each year every acre of these trees absorbs the same amount of co2 generated by seven car trips across Canada so if we were to lose the Canadian boreal forest that would have a consequence for the Earth's climate system we would have warming is Kemet or to disappear following the disappearance of Canada's oil food a natural gas society teeters on the brink of energy and the collapse of the global economy is about to push it over the edge after two years the planet still struggles to adapt to the world without Canada to make ends meet many now frequent a new type of shopping center where some of the most valued goods are the ones that Canada used to produce an abundance can is a huge player for mining not just in terms of the expertise that it has in that sector but in terms of the actual metals that are mined in fact it's a mining superpower Canadian owned mines operate in 107 different countries and it's estimated that roughly 75 percent of all global mining corporations have headquarters in Canada the skill set the talent the expertise that drives these companies is rooted in Canada in terms of geologists geophysics all the people that you need to actually explore for Natural Resources everything is linked to Canadian expertise closer to home Canada's own mines pop out over 60 different metals and minerals it's a major producer of gold copper zinc nickel diamonds and iron ore we are the bankers of the world the natural bulbs of Canadian mines are where so much of the wealth of this plaintiff has been concentrated Canada is also one of the world's largest producers of uranium almost 8,000 tons of it a year are pulled from the MacArthur River mine in northern Saskatchewan largest uranium mine on the planet used by nuclear reactors all over the world to create clean electricity incredibly just 120 gram pellet of uranium can produce as much electricity as four hundred kilograms of coal or 410 liters of oil but Canada's uranium does more than just take power it's made history as well in 1930 hubert levine a high school dropout from pembroke Ontario pushed Canada and the world into the Atomic Age when he discovered uranium in the Northwest Territories his find changed the world forever what it was used to power the two atomic bombs that ended World War two but now all that's gone the loss of these precious metals was first felt on global stock markets diamond prices gold prices nickel prices all of this would instantly skyrocket those metals would be worth even more and we would stop using them up in industry we would save them as a currency as companies and countries began to hoard precious metals mobile manufacturing took a massive hit there's an old saying in mining which is basically that if something isn't grown on a tree it's coming out of the ground to build buildings you need feel you need concrete all that's coming from mining to build an iPhone or to build a computer you need rare earth metals you have the battery which is gonna be able to M ion battery so all technology is basically runs off of mine in fact experts believe that every North American child born today will need over 500 pounds of sink and 1000 pounds of lead and copper just to build the electronics they'll use over their lifetime and it's easy to see why 62 different types of metals are used in a typical smartphone alone and many are mined in Canada gold and silver for circuits aluminium for the case and glass potassium and indium for the touchscreen cobalt for the rechargeable battery the loss of our precious metals would cripple high-tech production forcing the world to find new sources but how easy would that be to make up for that production doesn't happen overnight especially metals it takes decades to discover a mine it takes probably four or five years to build a mine it takes millions of dollars so without Canon the picture people are going to have the raw materials to build it this would be a change that would affect people on a daily basis they would suddenly see the price of safe electronic and shoot up because suddenly minerals from Canada weren't available when the price increases it's going to create a lot of chaos because a lot of people aren't going to be able to afford it a black market undoubtedly crop up there be a black market for cellular phones for home computers these things because of the metals and precious minerals that go into their manufacture would be so dearly expensive and valuable that they would be stolen and traded on the black market let's take a look with the problem with the black market is that you don't know what you're getting and there's a lot of crime and danger associated with obtaining those goods I'll give you $200 for go away 300 bucks all right $3.00 all right 300 then okay okay in the world without Canada hard currency is king but in a black market what you see isn't always what you get let's write it all there turtle five come over here sorry ripi I didn't go Canada's disappearance has caused a spike in counterfeit American currency ironically it's a Canadian invention that makes this so hard to do while working at McGill University in the 1850s Canadian scientist Thomas Terry hunt developed a green ink for currencies that couldn't be reproduced by photography it was quickly put to use by the US Treasury and a nickname that endures to this day was born the greenback the iconic American bill isn't Canada's only contribution to the world's wallets though since its creation in 1908 the Royal Canadian Mint has founded out millions of Mexican pesos Chinese yuan Brazilian centavos British shillings and Icelandic kronor all told it struck fifty two billion coins for 75 countries that's enough to create an 83 thousand kilometer tall coin roll one that would stretch almost a quarter of the way to the moon but counterfeit bills and the lack of change aren't the only problems facing the economy today in a world without Canada as faith in money plunge it's possible people would be driven to get hold of Canada's most valuable resource Gold is huge in Hanna it's a top 30 circle here more than five billion dollars worth of gold is pulled from Canadian mines that's enough to make a solid gold ring for every single one of Canada's 37 million inhabitants as economies melt down across the globe Gold becomes even more valuable gold is traditionally the place where people invest when there's uncertainty in the market even if the rest of the world it goes into crisis that gold will hold its value in ancient Rome one ounce gold was enough to buy a really nice toga you fast forward to today and one ounce of gold is worth about $1,200 that's about enough to buy a really nice suit so it's held its value but in a world without Canadian precious metals those precious metals that are available would become something that the little guy would go after robbery's given its incredible value people will now go to almost any lengths to get we go back to a world where the guy who has the gun is the guy who basically calls literally the shots it would be a very scary place to live we would not realize how much we had lost until it was gone and then we would be terrifying Canada's disappearance has forced many into lives of desperation and crime [Applause] but things are about to get even worse as the planet itself responds to the world without Canada the world without Canada is now 30 years old some of the areas ravaged by tsunamis famine and the collapse of the global economy have finally been rebuilt people in the northern portions of North America would suddenly find themselves at the northern frontier of a new sea well the kids who grew up in the world without Canada this strange reality is the only one they've ever known there's going to be all sorts of really interesting new fisheries along the north coast of the United States if there were no Canada it could quite possibly be a very rich fishing ground but this prosperity comes at a price not having a huge land mass with mountains and force is going to make for insane weather changes all along America's northern coast super storms are now the new normal certain victory made landfall this morning near for Ambrose North Dakota making it the third for a game is strike already but Canada's absence has turned up the heat in other ways as well albedo refers to the measure of how reflective a surface is and you can imagine on a very hot day if you went out in a black t-shirt you would feel the sunlight warming your skin relative to if you went outside in a white t-shirt so that happens on a large scale in our ecosystem any lighter colored surfaces snow and ice has a very high albedo that means it's reflecting quite a lot of the sun's energy back to the atmosphere and that prevents warming of the Earth's surface Canada is a snow-covered region for most of the year and if Canada were to suddenly disappear and be placed by ocean this would be quite a dramatic shift in albedo ocean water is very dark it absorbs a lot of energy from the Sun and so that actually acts the heat up the planet while the spike in heat generates monster storms off America's northern coast it means something very different for the rest of the country the central part of the United States will look a lot like the outback of Australia the desert is going to expand and most of the center part of the country probably would not be suitable for growing food at all or four people living drought and searing heat will be the norm heat waves kill people right they kill more people than any other weather-related phenomena and so when we talk about creating deserts for instance in several parts of the United States we're talking about either moving people or having the rate at which people die due to heat stress increasing tremendously humans aren't the only ones feeling the heat in the world without Canada any large ranging animal any large migratory pattern simply would not be supported anymore if Canada were simply to disappear when it disappeared so did almost 75% of the world's polar bears most of the woodland caribou Canadian lynx Wolverines and most of North America's Grizzlies how to see it's just as bad two-thirds of the world's beluga whales and Narwhal starved after their summer feeding grounds vanished and more species were doomed by the disappearance of another key habitat the coastline of Arctic Canada is fascinating this is an area where Canada is truly unique what it existed Canada had more coastline than any other country of the three hundred and fifty thousand kilometers of total oceanfront property on the planet Canada claimed over two hundred thousand kilometers of it cover it all on foot you'd need to walk 12 hours a day for nine years when it disappeared so did millions of we absolutely drive global bird population we're talking billions of birds and they rely on the expansive habitat that Canada has to offer what the world would lose more than just habitat in Canada vanished it would lose the birthplace of some of the environment most passionate defenders founded by Saint Boniface Manitoba native Robert hunter and a handful of like-minded activists Greenpeace was formed in Vancouver in 1971 to protest American nuclear testing in Alaska it now operates in over 50 countries and has become one of the planet's most high-profile protectors of the oceans and forests and High Arctic there's another Canadian that really aligns what he believes in with what he does David Suzuki is a fantastic model for sharing his vision of what the environment could be on a global level a 3rd generation Japanese Canadian Suzuki was born in Vancouver in 1936 while working as a genetics professor at the University of British Columbia he began to appear on television and radio and now almost 50 years later Suzuki remains one of the planet's most passionate and articulate defenders of the environment he's a fantastic voice for showing what we can do how we can do it and for inspiring future generations the short term Canada's disappearance turned up the heat in the north but what impact like the loss of one of the world's biggest land masses have on long-term climate as we push far into the future what was the world without Canada look like when Canada first disappeared the loss of millions of acres of carbon storing trees led to a massive spike in global co2 levels carbon dioxide essentially works as kind of a heat prep as co2 levels in the atmosphere rose so did the temperatures but as the oceans expanded to make up for the loss of Canada there was now much more water to absorb the excess co2 over time they sucked up huge amounts of carbon and the planet began to cool once we actually get the planet cold enough to start producing sea ice and snow again we get a snowball effect we would ultimately be plummeted into another Ice Age it would be devastating the last ice age took humanity to the brink of extinction plunging the global population to an estimated 10,000 people but how would modern humans adapt to such a harsh environment how long could we last in a world of endless winter without Canada around to broker the peace you take to the entire planet is about to be jeopardized the world without candidates includes the more with the loss of our history of encaustic history the world without Canada is a bleak and unforgiving place but this of course is just an alternate reality the consequences of an improbable thought experiment but if we return everything to its rightful place bring Canada back from oblivion how does the planet's path change and what does the future hold for Canada Canada's colossal oil reserves will keep the world moving for ages to come we are so necessary we are the engine of the planet after Venezuela and Saudi Arabia we have the third largest amount of oil still in the ground and our vast amounts of natural gas will supply millions of North Americans with heat well into the 22nd century natural gas is outside of some renewables it's the fastest-growing power source in the world for electricity it's cleaner than coal and oil and other traditional fossil fuels society is moving forward on a progressive stance on using renewable resources using renewable power and that will continue to march on how are you but Canada will do more than just keep the lights on people all over the world enjoy Canadian food stuffs the bread the potatoes from Prince Edward Island the grains feed the world we should be enormous ly proud and excited and that the world's population continues to explode Canada will play an even bigger role in feeding the hungry Canada is poised both as an exporter and as a technology developer to play a global leadership role in meeting the future food needs of the global population I hope you like it and Canada will provide the world with other types of gifts as well as reaction of healthy Canadians will also continue to lead the world in the discovery of precious metals and minerals we have so much land area and so little of it has been thoroughly prospected and explored it's possible we have all kinds of resources we don't even know about yet but there's one thing we know we've got tons of of the three billion ounces of my noble gold still in the earth Canada has the second biggest share experts believe we've got about 430 million ounces valued at roughly five hundred and fifteen billion dollars that's enough to buy every single house in Edmonton Calgary and Winnipeg and as the planet faces unprecedented threats to its climate Canadians will continue to fight for the environment we are ambassadors of an Arctic country we are warming at a rate that's faster than any other country on Earth we have a real opportunity to teach the rest of the world about the kinds of climate changes that are occurring here within our own borders and I think that's our responsibility to do more and more Canadians are going to take the lead on a world stage not only by example but in action we have these vast stretches of wilderness that are some of the last remaining pieces of wilderness on the planet and I think it's a real gift that we have to protect you open yours yeah guess you can open yours there you go Canada is a place that people turn to when they want to think about a future that works anyone living in Canada today should not go through a single day where they don't reflect on the fact that they are living in one of the most peaceful healthiest and wealthiest places in the world we care about the world no matter what the circumstances we roll up our sleeves and we pitch in because that means helping other countries on the ground if that means planting more where we are if that means sharing our surpluses we'll do it for 150 years Canada has played a vital role in an ever changing planet and as we move towards an uncertain future one thing is clear now more than ever the world needs Canada a world with Canada is a world to celebrate it's a world where everyone is welcome at the door it's a world that wants to be a better place and wants to start here I could not be more proud and feel lucky about being a Canadian misty Canada


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