Thematic Coil Pot or Piece- Decorative Coil Construction Techniques Demo for Ceramics I


  1. gi10 S

    It is amazing that you explain the details while you are creating this and in such a simple way. You are a wonderful teacher. Thanks for sharing.

  2. nancy wallace

    I am teaching myself to do pottery. Is there something online that I could use as a basic curriculum to learn? Do you have a syllabus that you use with your first and second year students that you could post?

  3. Linda Pratt

    EXCELLENT VIDEOS! Very helpful! I've subscribed to your channel and watching them all! Next stop, your ETSY shop!

  4. The Jeff B. I. Files

    Nice presentation! Good voice! Excellent work and it wasn't boring at all… I'm going to subscribe! Why?! Because I'm all FIRED up! Although I must tell you when I watched this, I was afraid everything went to pot! – I watched it again to be sure… (So I re-coiled! HAHAHAHAH!)

  5. Christine Luna

    Thank you for sharing your technics, I always have hard time to make coil around, this video is very helpful, I would love to try it next quarter.

  6. sendingforth

    What a great video. I was going to pass it by as I have seen too many coil videos already. I am so glad I did not pass it up. It opens up a host ideas for a person new to clay works. Thank you.

  7. Jeneane Lunn

    This is a great demo. I have never seen such a great example of how to make coils. I usually hate coil pots, but I knew I had to teach them. Now I feel excited to try it. You are a wonderful teacher. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Tari Huffaker

    I love this demo. it is just in time for me. I have been given a little room to create in and I am teaching myself to hand build with all the wonderful potters who share techniques on YouTube. You are one of my faves.


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