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These Drones Expose Factory Farming Like Never Before

You are about to tour one of the most secretive
and disturbing industries in the entire world. I’ve been traveling for years to factory
farms across North America, filming them with drones to expose their secrets to the public. This is just a fraction of what I found. Take a look at this. Thousands of pigs live inside of these structures. They never see the sky or feel the warmth
of the sun until they walk this ramp onto the truck that will take them to
the slaughterhouse. Some facilitates have dozens of buildings,
with tens of thousands of pigs, who are forced to spend their lives crowded into enclosures. You might wonder: where does all the shit
go? Here’s the answer: it’s piped into giant, open pits. Sometimes the sewage is bright pink because
of the bacteria that’s eating it. I thought I’d seen the worst of it… until
I saw this… …dozens of bodies of dead pigs, dumped into
an open pit. As I went to more pig facilities, I saw these
again, and again, and again. They even have a name: dead piles. If you think you’ve now seen it all, look
at the milk industry. Many dairy farms contain hundreds or even
thousands of cows living on mud lots. Their babies are literally dragged away soon
after birth so that humans can take their milk. And those babies are put into boxes, which
are so small that they can barely move. Sometimes, they’re right next to the cesspools
of their own waste. These baby animals are so young that, at first,
they cannot even eat solid food. The adults are crowded into buildings like
these, to be milked… by a machine. And now, you are approaching what might be
the most secretive, and the most mechanized, form of factory farming. These giant buildings are an egg farm. How do birds produce this much bubbling waste? Because this facility alone probably contains
over a million animals. Just look at the size comparison against these
cars. Inside egg farms, birds are kept trapped in
cages so small that they cannot even fully spread their wings… for an unthinkable period
of time: more than an entire year. And birds raised to be eaten might have it
the worst of all. Inside each of these buildings are thousands
of birds, who have been bred to grow so quickly that some of them even collapse and are unable to walk. Factory farming is unlike anything humankind
has ever created. It is time to share this with the world, and
make sure these secrets are finally exposed for good.


  1. bendee223 Author

    Beyond horrifying!! 😭😡 So grateful to be living a vegan lifestyle. Wish more people would give it a try! Consider donating to Mercy for Animals – I do it every month 😊🙏🏼💕

  2. Yogesh Shirsath Author

    Imagine factory farming which contains humans and operated by animals. Then man will understand how bad it is to be in a cage as growing meet.


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