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This 5 Acre Farm Produces Enough Food to Feed up to 2,000 Families

My name is Nuri Icgoren and in 2011 my
brother and I found this place, 0.5 star motel
it was completely overgrown that we decided to turn into an urban farm and
eco village to build community grow food and leave the planet better. So, the produce situation in a lot of
Atlanta, there are a lot of farms rural farms, yeah when we got started there
weren’t that many urban farms and the urban population is huge so growing food
in the city where it’s accessible to the residents of the city was key.
Technically the USDA is classified this area, Polar Rock — Lakewood heights as a food
desert. A general definition of a food desert is not being able to have access
to fresh locally grown food within a few miles. Eating locally grown healthy food
right off the vine pulled right out of the ground is
important because it’s chock full of nutrients and so when we engage in a
local food system it’s just better for our planet in our body and our overall
well-being. The thing that drew me to Urban Sprout
is that there’s a vision here and there’s a lot of love here a lot of
people don’t even realize that our food is distributed by our zip code and so
you know that’s that’s really pivotal when you’re talking about controlling a
food system and you know food equity. Hey guys come on in some I’ll tell you guys
about Urban Sprout Farms now. The community is receptive to urban farming and they vote
with their Fork they come and support their local farmers it’s important for
us to keep growing and thriving that way and see someone smile on their face
excited to eat tomatoes right off the vine it’s just it’s an amazing feeling
people just want to come see where their food is grown.
It’s amazing how high the years have changed this man come back you’ll take
the property and turn it something this productive you know and try to educate
people in and help teach I think that’s really amazing. Well while I was homeless
you know due to him he got me productive now and if the person really know me and
could see this here now, they would see a big difference. We want people to come together no matter their race
their backgrounds just so that we can learn from each other and thrive on this
planet instead of struggle to survive and one of the biggest aspects that I really
like to leave people with is let’s become leavers on this planet and not
takers and to add value to the planet to the community to ourselves and to our
future generations because that’s what we’re really doing it for to leave the
place better than when we found it.


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