1. Davone Smith

    it's cool to see the things we can create with – I mean I've seen people use coffee , recycled bottle caps , plastic bottles , so on.. 😮

    Heck, I used old metal parts ( bolts, chains , screws .. ) to make a little robot guy.
    It's fun ! 🔩⛓🔧🤖

  2. Independent Woman

    Beautiful…just beautiful. As an artist (singing and possibly getting into drawing) I'm trying to educate myself more on art in other forms. This was amazing. Pure, authentic, and real. Wonderful <3

  3. SilverMustang920

    Instead of "This artist…" in the title, his name should be mentioned so we all remember this gifted genius… "Benjamin Shine". I shouldn't have to click description to find the name.


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