1. bharti bhandari

    I think this method of farming is the need of the hour in developing countries this method will surely solve many problems economic and environmental. I wish the policy makers should see this view in order adopt the new technology of farming

  2. Нина Живановић

    Sure…95% less water (which we are made of, around 70%), no soil, but REUSABLE RECYCLED PLASTIC CLOTH, no sun, but artificial light, artificial climate changes… All of this so you can protect the environment cause agriculture contaminates nature?? Like it wasn't you that contaminated it in the first place with ''you need this'' chemicals. I guess this way you have an excuse to pollute Earth completely, we are so smart, we don't need it, right? This is unnatural beyond description. People, just remember: WE ARE WHAT WE EAT!

  3. Dr. Chii

    This is why everyone is sick because nothing is natural that we eat but we expect to have a natural body. Synthetic chemicals will eat your cellular walls😊😊 so continue to eat hydro foods👋🏾👋🏾

  4. raffi art

    No wonder fruit and vegetable are so tasteless with zero aroma in west. In developing countries, fresh markets are full of taste and aroma. Since moving to US, I don’t remember eating spinach with taste!

  5. The Jack of Realms

    hm. had a long discussion and drew up quite a few diagrams about… 15 yrs ago with a man (that had a briefcase full of research on urban agriculture in the past) at jay's diner of all places… the three of us reached a few conclusions im seeing here, i like what you've done

  6. mok mok

    Great Idea. but I can't live on salad. nobody can. We need cereals for carbs, and fat and proteins none of these things are grown in these farms. the salad shown is nice of rich people to enjoy every once in a wile. it does not help with really feeding a city.

  7. Nathan Lam

    That's a waste of money! You may think its healthy but I dont see how it can be! It's not getting the right sunlight or nutrients and for that you need a natural environment. Not a made up one! Just glad I grow my own vegetables and dont have to eat this bulshit

  8. Dennis Butler

    Back up your claims. This is bullshit. The costs are enormous, all these are just smoke and mirrors for investers.
    If you invest you will lose your money.

  9. William Issa

    Thats what the fake vegetables is and also no soil no nutrients, the most important thing for growing vegetables is sun!! Where is it!???

  10. ThaMilitantMinded1

    This is incredible, but I'm curious if vegetables grown in this way have the same nutrient profile as those grown in rich mineral laden soil…
    Seems like perhaps something would be missing


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