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Thursday 10/10/19 Jeremiah 10:22 – 11:17

(gentle music) – [Announcer] Welcome to the
Shepherd’s Chapel Network Family Bible Study Hour
with Pastor Arnold Murray. Wisdom is understanding
God’s Word. Pastor Murray’s unique
teaching approach brings God’s Word
alive with meaning as he takes you on a
chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse study of God’s
letter to you, the Bible. And now, here is
Pastor Arnold Murray. – Good day to you. God bless you. Say, welcome to the
Shepherd’s Chapel. Welcome to this family
Bible study hour. Ready to get back in
our Father’s Word. Book of Jeremiah, he
whom God launches forth. You know, our Father
has a lot more control than most people
give Him credit for. In this 10th
chapter of Jeremiah, He’s saying you make an
idol out of anything. You cut an old palm tree
off and worship the stump. You know, and that’s
pretty ridiculous, when you think about it, that people would
literally worship a stump instead of our Heavenly Father, from which all blessings flow. The stump’s not gonna
do anything for you other than get in your way. It can’t move, it
can’t do anything. So they say you make it
real fancy and everything and then worship it, and He’s not happy about that. So therefore, He says, “I’m
gonna send an enemy against you “and it’s going to go
right into Jerusalem,” and then Jerusalem herself, as we closed in the last
lecture, began to cry out, and Father picks up again in
verse 21 of that 10th chapter and said, “Your shepherds, your
pastors, they’ve gone awry. “They’re not teaching my Word. “They’re teaching
something else. “They’re brutish,” which
means they’re senseless. And when you try to figure
out what some pastors say, it is kind of
senseless, and He says, “Because of that,
I’m gonna scatter you “or allow you to be deceived.” Let’s pick it up with a word
of wisdom from our Father, chapter 10, verse
22, and it reads, “Behold, the noise of
the bruit is come.” I can hear that enemy coming
right now, down from the north, the King of Babylon. “And a great commotion
out of the north country, “to make the cities
of Judah desolate, “and a den of
jackals or dragons.” That is to say, better
translated jackals. And why? Well, it was opened up to
where inhabitants could come in from this, that, and the other. Not the tribe of Judah, which
was supposed to be there in the land of Judea,
named for his sake. So it’s what God’s saying. “This is what’s going
to happen to you, “because you won’t
pay attention to me.” The enemy is coming. You can magnify this
to the end times. You’ve got the same thing. The false Christ is coming. You could almost hear the
sabers and the noise right now, only it’s the noise
of peace, peace, peace when there is no peace. Verse 23. “O Lord, “I know that the way of
man is not in himself: “it not in many that walketh
to direct his steps.” In other words, I know
that man, his wisdom, and his own self-determination
can’t do anything. God’s in control. When He says the enemy’s
coming from the north, put it in the book. They’re coming from the north. Man has nothing to do with it other than observe it
as it comes to pass, whether you’re serving
God or the enemy. That’s up to you. Many people have a destiny, and that’s what this
is talking about. They know truth
when they hear it, and they following
the living Word. Verse 24, “O Lord, correct
me,” or correct us, “but with judgment.” Let it be fair, and
with God, it always is. That’s what you can count on. “Not in thine anger, lest thou
bring us or me to nothing.” And God’s wrath will do
that, but you must understand and always know, if
you’re serving God, He’s not angry at you. His anger doesn’t go toward you. He never touches one of His own. He has a way around that. So you have that freedom
and you can count on it. 25, “Pour out thy fury upon
the heathen that know thee not, “and bring the families,”
that’s to say the tribes, “that call not on thy name.” Have you got that qualification? “That call not on thy name:
for they have eaten up Jacob, “and devoured him,
and consumed him.” You have the last stages
of the locust right there, the devourer and the consumer, so this directs immediately
to the end times. Jacob is deceived by him because Jacob calls himself
the Gentile in many cases. “And have made his
habitation desolate.” In other words, it’s
a den of jackals, and this is when antichrist
comes to Jerusalem, which the subject was, and with
his hordes, and takes over. That is the consumer,
and naturally, the devourer comes
before this consumer. The swarmer even before that. We’re witnessing
the swarming now, east of the Euphrates River, as so stipulated in
Revelation chapter nine, at least a good,
strong type of it. You know, we’re living in
times that are fascinating. We’re living in times that
reading God’s prophecy is like reading
tomorrow’s newspaper, and you wanna pay attention
and listen to your Father. Chapter 11, verse one. “The word that came to
Jeremiah from the Lord.” Where did this word come from? It came from our Father,
the Lord, saying, verse two, “Hear ye the words
of this covenant, “and speak unto
the men of Judah, “and to the inhabitants
of Jerusalem.” I want you to draw on
the difference there. You see, anyone that
lives in the land of Judea is an inhabitant of Jerusalem. It doesn’t matter what
land they come from, where they originate from. Even the Kenites could be
called inhabitants of Jerusalem, which is to say both the
good and the bad fig, as we would learn in chapter
35 of this great book, or rather chapter 24 and
35, how that comes to be. So be wise and understand and see the difference
there, okay? Verse three. “And say thou unto them, “Thus saith the
Lord God of Israel: “Cursed be the man
that obeyeth not “the words of this covenant.” You know, a lot of Christians just start shaking
in their boots. Did you not read it properly? Did you not understand it? Did you not grasp
the qualification? It is important that you
pay attention to our Father. Our Father is a God of love. He only corrects with judgment. He gives those that deserve
what they deserve, they get it, but you see, what it said was, “Thus saith the
Lord God of Israel: “Cursed be the man “that obey not the
words of this covenant.” If you obey it, you’re not
cursed, it doesn’t apply to you. Has nothing to do with you. It only has to do with those
that like to play church. Instead of teaching God’s Word, they teach the traditions of men that make void the Word of God. They like to idol-worship, cut
off a stump and worship it. You can worship
buildings, organizations, if you’re not real careful. You must worship
our Heavenly Father. There’s only one God, and in
worshiping Him, it pleases Him. He’s not angry at you. He’s not going to
bring a curse upon you. You can be so happy and so
complete within yourself when you love Him
and you strive, that means just try to
keep the Commandments. He counts that good enough,
paid in full, when you try. I know a lot of us fall
short, but when we try, He stamps it paid in full. Why? Because He’s not angry at us. So always take your
time to understand that our Father
loves His children and He takes care of them,
and that He is a God of love, but hey, you know something? He’s talking about people
here that misuse His children. You know, I don’t
care who you are, if somebody misuses
your children, you’re pretty upset about it. You’re not gonna tolerate it. Well, can you expect any
more from our Father? He’s not gonna
tolerate it, either. You mess with His elect and
you’re gonna get it, okay? That’s what He’s talking about. Verse four, “Which I commanded
your fathers in the day “that I brought them forth
out of the land of Egypt, “from the iron furnace,
saying,” what did He say? Listen to it carefully. “Obey my voice, and do them,
according to all which I,” that I is emphatic,
“which I command you: “so shall you be my people,
and I,” emphatic again, “I will be your God.” And so it is. I mean, what better
deal could you ask for? Is to love Him and
follow His commandments, which is to say,
simply, live right. Try to do what’s right. Be responsible and be
a responsible citizen of the community of your family, doing what it is
that best you can do, and best again, paid in full,
that’s what He requires of you and He counts it perfect
when you’re trying, and to your ability. This is one of the
reasons that God would end the parable of those that
He would give an amount to, that He gave one
quite a bit, 10, He gave another five, and He
gave the last one only one. The 10 brought in 10
more, and He blessed them. The five brought in five more, and He gave them the same
blessing that He gave 10, why? He doesn’t expect more
from one than another, and He gives the 10 more ability to accomplish what
the five accomplishes, but what did the one do? He took his mite and
buried it in the sand. God said, “I’d rather you’d
have put it in the bank “and at least got a
little usury on it, “and give it back to me.” But you see, Father, it doesn’t matter whether
you are complete or not. If the one had
invested back one more, he would have had
the same reward that the one that had 10 did. So you see, it isn’t
how much you do, it’s how sincere you are
and what your abilities are, and all abilities come from
God, anyway, and praise God, some He gives more
abilities than other, but they can’t take
credit for it, actually. It’s God. I, emphatically, two times
in that verse, saying, “You follow me, I
will be your God. “You don’t need a stump
out here to go to, “or some building
or something else. “I will be your Father.” Verse five, “That I
may perform the oath “which I have sworn
unto your fathers, “to give them a land
flowing with milk and honey, “as it is this day.” And I will repeat, as
it is ’til this day, if you take responsibility. “Then answered I, and said, “So be it, O Lord,”
and that’s it. That’s Amen. That’s the way it goes. When you accomplish that, when
you do that, then so it is. All you have to
do, do it His way. Again, when He brought these
people up out of Egypt, why is God upset at them? Why would He bring a curse? Well, Moses is
only gone 40 days. That’s 10 days over a month, and they’ve already
forgotten about God that parted the Red Sea, God that delivered
them from Pharaoh, that covered and
destroyed Pharaoh’s army, and they’ve even had
Aaron, the head shepherd, take all the gold, and
mold a golden calf. And they’re worshiping
the dumb thing, while Moses is up receiving
the 10 Commandments, the commandments we’re talking
about here, that please God. They’re not that hard to follow. They keep you out of trouble, but that’s what happened
when they came out of Egypt. God can’t depend on ’em. They turned on Him that quick, when they were eyewitnesses
to what happened. Let it be a lesson to you today, how easily people
can be deceived, and be not deceived
yourself in these end times. Verse six, “Then the
Lord said unto me, “Proclaim all these words
in the cities of Judah, “and in the streets
of Jerusalem, saying, “Hear ye the words of
this covenant, and,” what? “Do them,” and so it is. You are going to do this, you’re
going to bring forth this. You know, when you’re delivered
up before the false Messiah, you’re going to
declare this covenant, the Holy Spirit
speaking through you. We’re not to premeditate
what we’ll say. It will be very
timely for that hour, but it will be the Word of God, because it comes
directly from God, and so it is, but even today, you plant seeds that
cover God’s Word, not some tradition or
not some organization, but the covenant that God,
emphatically I, God says, made. Verse seven, “For I earnestly
protested unto your fathers “in the day that I brought them
up out of the land of Egypt, “even unto this day, rising
early and protesting, saying, “Obey my voice.” In other words, I sent prophet after prophet after prophet,
and then I sent the Son Himself and then the Gospels, those that would take
the Gospel forth, which is to say, the
apostles, the sent ones. I sent them. And as it is written, and
God would say in John, in Peter, rather, in
2 Peter chapter three, in verse three
and four, he said, hey, the prophets and
the Gospels say it all. You don’t need
any more than that to know what tomorrow brings
concerning the three earth ages and so forth, is
what the subject is in that 2 Peter chapter three. But that’s the word you’re
supposed to carry forth. Do you know what happens if
you do that in your ministry? God’s gonna bless your ministry. You’re going to expand. That is to say, the ministry is. Why? Because God’s hand
will be on it. God’s blessings will be upon it because you’re bringing forth and you are declaring through
the streets of the world the Word of God, and that
pleases our Father very much, and He blesses those that
bring that forth, and so it is. He says, “I do this
early, I’m out there.” Verse eight, “Yet
they obeyed not.” They won’t listen. “Nor inclined their ear.” They couldn’t hear. “But walked every one
in the imagination,” that’s the stubbornness,
“of their evil heart: “therefore I will
bring upon them “all the words of this covenant, “which I commanded them to
do, but they did them not.” Well, what was the covenant? What did He say it would do? Well, do you not
remember verse three? Verse three said, “And
say thus unto them, “Thus saith the
Lord God of Israel: “Cursed be the man
that obeyith not “the words of this covenant.” You’re gonna be cursed. It’s your choice, okay. You wanna be cursed, or
do you wanna be blessed? “Well, I certainly
wanna be blessed.” Well, then stick
with the covenant. Stick with the Word of God,
not a bunch of nonsense. And I know many are gonna say, “Well, thank goodness my church
doesn’t lead anyone astray.” Oh? I hope it’s not one
of those churches that a pastor might say, “You don’t have to understand
the book of Revelation. “You’re gonna be gone.” ‘Cause any time you
let some man tell you you shouldn’t understand
the Word of God, you’re in a heap of hurt. Your elevator’s not toppin’
out real good, friend, if you listen to
man instead of God, because God declared
back in the fourth verse, those emphatic Is, “You don’t listen to
me, I won’t be your God. “You listen to me,
I will be your God.” I don’t know, do you want
some man to be your God, or do you want our
Heavenly Father to be? Do you wanna be blessed,
or do you wanna be cursed? It’s your decision. You can’t blame
anyone else for that. It’s your decision and
you’re gonna ride with it. Enjoy the ride. But why would somebody do
something they don’t even enjoy? Verse nine to continue. “And the Lord said unto me, “A conspiracy is found
among the men of Judah, “and among the
inhabitants of Jerusalem.” Again, I want you to
see the division there. We’re talking about
two different peoples. We’re talking about
the men of Judah and among the
inhabitants of Jerusalem. That is to say, anyone
that lives in Jerusalem becomes an inhabitant, just
like if whatever town you’re in, or rural area, you’re
an inhabitant of that. Even the Kenites,
you’re gonna find in the 35th chapter of
this particular book, move to Jerusalem
for protection, and then after that,
called themselves Yehudas. Excuse me. Because of the fact that we have both the good fig and the bad
fig, this covers that base. It lets you know and understand. Verse 10 to continue. “They are turned back to the
iniquities of their forefathers “which refused to hear my words; “and they went after
other gods to serve them.” Lower-case, okay. “The house of Israel and the
house of Judah,” both of them, “have broken my covenant, which
I made with their fathers.” Now, you know, that
is the sovereignty. The sovereignty that we
have with Almighty God is to worship Him, to love
Him, to stick with Him, to listen to Him, but
here, He says both houses. This is why we read in chapter
three verse seven and eight that God divorced
the house of Israel. I mean, He wrote her a bill of
divorcement and sent her away and then, naturally, after
Christ died on the Cross, she’s free to remarry and come
back into the glory of God in following the covenant. The covenant is a covenant
of love, of blessings. Choose blessings and choose
the love of Almighty God, not the traditions of men. Verse 11, “Therefore,
thus saith the Lord, “Behold,” or you look here,
“I will bring evil upon them, “which they shall not
be able to escape; “and though they
shall cry unto me, “I will not hearken unto them.” Many people might say, “Well, that would sure be
unfair of God, wouldn’t it? “If they were crying to Him,
and He wouldn’t hear them.” Well, now, let me
ask you a question. If you’re worshiping and
praying to the first Christ that returns to this earth, why should God hear you? I’m talking about from right
now, before the second Advent. There will be a Christ
appear on this earth before the second Advent,
it is the antichrist. If that one that is
coming first, very soon, that his message is, “I’ve
come to fly you away,” you get in his wagon, and it’s
no wonder God won’t hear you, because that’s not
written in God’s Word, though man sometimes
teaches such a thing. It just isn’t there,
so naturally, our
Father will only hear those that love Him and that
stick with the covenant. He’s already told you
that coming out the gate. It’s your choice. If you wanna follow some
man and his traditions, if you wanna follow
some organization
and their traditions, rather than God’s letter, His
Covenant that He sent to you, hey, have a good trip. I know where it’s gonna end up. That’s why He will not hear you. That’s why you will
not be blessed. It is a sad state of affairs, and God didn’t say, “Maybe
I’m gonna bring this evil.” It’s coming. Does that affect
those that love Him? Absolutely not. They’re immune with inoculation
called the Holy Spirit and the leading of
God to protect them. They are His children and He
is their God, emphatically, as we learned in verse four. Verse 12, “Then shall
the cities of Judah “and inhabitants of Jerusalem
go, and cry into the gods,” that’s the lower-case,
the false god, “unto whom they offer incense.” They’re worshiping the next
Christ that appears, the fake. “But they shall not
save them at all “in the time of their trouble,” and the time of their trouble will be the time
of Jacob’s trouble that is written in
the Father’s Word. Jacob’s trouble comes before, just before the great day of
vengeance that Jesus spoke of, reading from the
great book of Isaiah in the synagogue that day, when He picked up
that scroll of Isaiah. The day of vengeance,
Jacob’s trouble, and also the time of trouble for those that follow the
false Messiah, the other gods. Verse 13. “For according to the number
of thy cities were thy gods.” You had one for
every town, O Judah, “and according to the number
of the streets of Jerusalem “have you set up altars
to that shameful thing.” One on every corner. “Even altars to burn
incense unto Baal,” even to Satan himself, the false Christ come
to fly people away. They worship him every time
they’re on that little corner in the little church next door. Father’s not happy about that. We’re just winning friends
and influencing people by teaching the Word of
God as it is written. No excuses, no in-betweens. The curse is not upon
those that love God and study His Word, and as it is written in the
great book of Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians in chapter two, where Paul, a trusted apostle, even Peter himself in
that same third chapter I told you earlier, 2
Peter chapter three, Peter himself says, “All
the wisdom of Paul.” In other words, he gives Paul credentials to the
mystery of God, and he brings forth that mystery
of God in wide-open sight in 2 Thessalonians chapter two. He said, “Hey, don’t
ever let my first letter “to the Thessalonians, or
some spirit or any church “or any man tell you that we’re
gonna gather back to Christ, “because it’s not gonna happen “until after the great apostacy, “the falling-away of
the son of perdition,” which is, there’s
only one, that’s Satan standing in Jerusalem
claiming to be God. In other words, you wanna
say that in simpler English? We’re not going to go anywhere, and Christ is not
returning to us, until after Satan stands in
Jerusalem claiming to be Christ. Are you geared for that? Has your church taught you that? That’s why Christ was only
happy with the two churches, Smyrna and Philadelphia, in
Revelation chapter two and three because both of those churches
teach who the Kenites are that claim to be of
our brother Judah, whom this book is written to, but do lie and are of
the synagogue of Satan. You’ll learn more of
them in the 35th chapter and the 24th chapter of this
great book, as we get there. And so it is. Next verse please, verse 14. “Therefore pray not
thou for this people, “neither lift up a cry
or prayer for them: “for I will not hear them in
the time that the cry unto me “for their trouble.” When they’re all deceived and they’re ignoring
the living God when He sent this
letter to them, and they’re jumping in bed
with the false Messiah, they’re not virgins waiting
for Christ, the great waiting. They’ve been had. You don’t wanna go there. Verse 15. “What hath my beloved
to do in mine house, “seeing she hath wrought
lewdness with many, “and the holy flesh
is passed from thee? “When thou doest evil,
then thou rejoicest.” This loses quite a bit
in the translation, and I cannot let it stand, okay? Let’s correct it,
and it reads as this. “What hath my beloved
to do in mine house, “seeing she hath wrought
lewdness with many, “and the holy flesh
is passed from thee? “When she will
depart from evil.” When she puts herself
away from the evil, then she will have
something to rejoice about. That’s what our
Father says here. All you gotta do is
turn back to Him. Stay away from the evil. You missed the curse, and naturally, it is sad
that this loses this. In His house, the very church
itself, the house of God, that they would be doing this. Get rid of the evil. Don’t worship the false
one, come back to me, and then you’ll have
something to rejoice about, just as we first
fruits, that is to say, God’s elect can rejoice
every day in the growth that God gives us and
the many blessings because of our following Him and paying attention to the
covenant of this very chapter of the love of the living God. How precious it is. Verse 16, “The Lord
called thy name, “a green olive tree,
fair, and of goodly fruit: “with the noise
of a great tumult “He hath kindled fire upon it, “and the branches
of it are broken.” Verse 17 to continue. “For the Lord of hosts,
that planted thee, “hath pronounced
evil against thee, “for the evil of
the house of Israel “and the house of Judah, “which hath done
against themselves to
provoke me to anger “in the offering of
incense to Baal.” Why would they do that? Do you know something? I’m gonna go to, I
can’t help myself, I wanna go to Judges
chapter nine, verse eight, where He says you’re
a green olive tree, and in chapter nine
of verse eight, verse eight in the great
book of Judges reads, “The trees went forth on a
time to anoint a king over them “and they said unto
the olive tree, “Reign thou over us.” The olive is all of
our people, okay. Verse nine, “But the
olive tree said unto them, “Should I leave my fatness, “wherewith by me they
honor God and men “and go to be promoted
over the trees?” Should I? No. Verse 10, “And the trees
said to the fig tree, “Come thou and reign over us.” Verse 11, “But the fig
tree said unto them, “Shall I forsake my
sweetness and my good fruit “and go to be promoted
over the trees? “No.” Verse 12, “Then said
the trees unto the vine, “Come thou and reign over us, “and the vine said unto them, “Should I leave my wine,
which cheereth God and man, “pleases both, and go to
be promoted over the trees? “No.” Verse 14, “Then said all
the trees unto the bramble, “Come thou and reign over us.” Do you know what
the bramble bush is? It’s the thorn, a thorny bush. Verse 15, “And the bramble
said unto the trees, “If in truth you anoint
me king over you, “then come and put your
trust in my shadow, “and if not, let fire
come out of the bramble “and devour the
cedars of Lebanon.” The cedars of Lebanon have always been
symbolic of our people. The bramble is the
thorn of Satan. You see, even in this, if
you go to the base of it and if you know, when
God uses horticulture, you’re supposed
to learn a lesson. You see, when he said, “If
you’ll come and worship me “and rest in my shadow,” a thorn bush doesn’t
put out a shadow. A bramble bush has no shadow. There is no comfort there,
there is no shade there. So what is it, then? You serve as God,
the tree of life, our Savior brought forth, and
we, as trees of good planting, these trunks and these limbs,
serving the living God, paying attention to His
covenants, following them, and ignoring the
traditions of men that make void the Word of God. Are you going to
worship the bramble bush symbolic of Lucifer,
the antichrist, where there is no
shadow and no blessing? And that fire that comes
from the bramble is hot, but it’s short-lived,
so it is with Satan. There’s so much in that. I hope you enjoyed it. All right, bless your hearts. You listen a moment,
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to speak the truth, “or do I leave and
hunt another church? “I have prayed about this
and am still undecided. “I love these people very much “and I don’t want them to
receive the mark of the beast. “May God continue to bless you,” and Daniel, He certainly does. Daniel, I never tell
anybody where they should go as far as religion is concerned, because God places
convictions upon people. If there are, you see, and I believe what I teach. I believe that God directs
people that have a destiny, and as long as He has a
purpose for you to be there, you will be there, and when
He’s ready for you to leave, He will place a
conviction upon you, whereby you would have no
choice other than to leave. I believe that with all my
heart, so pray about it, leave it in God’s hands. In other words, there
may be one soul there that’s gonna ask you
a question someday that’ll change their life and pull them from
deception into truth, and then God’s blessings
will certainly be upon you. Bonnie from California. “Why are you saying
that it’s impossible “for God to have created all
the races from Adam and Eve? “With God, all things
are possible, so I
don’t understand.” It’s true that all
things are possible. He could have had all
people, eth ha Adam, but He wanted the
different races, so He created them the way
they are because He wanted to, not because He couldn’t. It’s because He wanted
to, because He wanted. God is not going to go
against nature itself, therefore He created
each race as they are. The Hebrew manuscripts
document this. Anybody that’s ever studied
the first six chapters of the great book of
Genesis with me in video, I even teach you how
to read the Hebrew to see the forming of the
races by the living God. There’s nothing racist about it. That’s why they’re here, and
God looked and it was good. He loves all the races, but Adam and Eve were two
different people, eth ha Adam, through which Christ would come, Eve being the
mother of all living because you’re either in Christ or you’re not eternally living. Roger from North Carolina. “Do people have church
in their homes today?” Well, I would hope so. Shepherd’s Chapel
started in my home, and it grew and grew until
finally, Anna one day said, “Arnold, I’m having
to re-arrange “my whole house every
weekend for people. “They’re running out the
windows and the doors, “and we can’t hold them. “You’re gonna have to
get you a building.” So, you know, to keep
peace in the family, we got a building, and
Shepherd’s Chapel was founded. God saw to it and it has been a race to the finish
line ever since then, the finish line being
the blessings of God when we reach that day. Okay, we got Horace
from Florida. “I listen to your broadcast,”
okay, “when I can. “Find your teaching very
interesting and eye-opening. “It carries clear saying
and meaning on items “back verse-by-verse as you go. “Some of those I have
never heard nor understood. “I know the Bible
was not written “in English in the early time, “but was translated years down. “Thanks, thank you for teaching “and look forward
to learning more. “Now, I have not being
going to a secular church. “Reason, the few times I
went, I heard the same thing, “a story about someone,
what the church needs, “and other things that
take up most of the time, “instead of God’s Word to
be heard and understood. “Pastor, I am not baptized. “How can I be if I don’t
go to these churches? “I understand your
preaching clearly. “Can I continue to
listen to your broadcast “until the Lord
shows me the way?” Well, that’s a good point. You’re in church
when you’re with us. Any Christian can
baptize a Christian, or if you ever come to
Passover or Fall Fellowship, we will baptize you, but thank
you for enjoying God’s Word, and thank you for enjoying
the truth, the Word of God. Shirley from Tennessee. “I watch you every day,” okay. “I have always heard
that when you die, “your spirit stays around
for three days or more, “or until after the funeral. “Is this true? “Also, I know Jesus forgives
you for all your sins “you ever did, but exactly
what is the Judgment Day?” It’s reward as
well as punishment. Those that have lived
right have many rewards. It’s payday, okay, for being
a servant of the living God. That’s what judgment is, is to
give a person what is right. In some cases, if you’ve
gone away from God and served Satan,
what is right for you? Well, hell, of course. But if you have served God and tried to bring
others out of the fire, then what is your judgment? Blessings, eternal life, okay. So as far as the spirit
being around for three days, this has been said,
down through the years. It’s why that it would
be the fourth day that Lazarus would be
told to come forth, but I have known of cases,
because of a grieving family, that I think God touched
them and blessed them, but usually, not so. Instantly, as it is written in Ecclesiastes chapter
12, verse six and seven, the spirit, which is your
soul, goes instantly back, goes back to the Father. Lucy from Tennessee. “Where can I find the
oil to anoint my home?” Well, any grocery store
has virgin olive oil or pure olive oil. Either will do fine. Buy a bottle of pure olive oil
and then pour a little of it into a small vial or container,
and then take that vial and ask God to bless it as the
anointing oil of our people in Christ’s name, and it instantly becomes
that anointing oil, and when you open that vial
and put a tip on your finger and anoint the
doorpost of your home, in order, in Christ’s name, anything negative
to refusal of entry, or anything that is in, out. That’s the way you do
it, in Christ’s name. Wilson from Texas. “Do we have a right to
discern people, not judge, “especially the elect?” Discernment is a gift from God, and many people can claim
to be of God’s elect, and maybe they’re not, okay? So naturally, that’s
why you discern, and you can also, you know, one of the first things
that you will discern about one of God’s elect, they will be a person
with compassion. You show me a person
that has no compassion, and I’ll show you one that
is not one of God’s elect. That’s spiritual discernment,
not judging, you bet. Okay, we got Joan
from New Jersey. “Is there a place in the Bible
where someone can look up “an explanation of why we
have so many different races, “also how it came to be.” Well, it came to be
because God wanted them, and you can look it up in Genesis chapter
one, two, three, four. The first six chapters of
Genesis are extremely important, but one and two, in chapter
one, God created man and woman and then, and then, He rested
the seventh day, and on the eighth day,
He created eth ha Adam. So He created all the races. They’ve been here, all of them,
from the beginning of time, after God’s Creation in this
earth age, in the flesh, and God looked and it was good. He created them
the way they were. They were in the same image. So there’s nothing new
about different races. Why? Well, God likes it. That’s the way He created us,
and then on the eighth day, He created, in the Hebrew
tongue, eth ha Adam, which is to say, the man Adam, through whom Christ would come, and mother Eve, and so it is. You have to have a
little help in that, and my first tapes of Genesis
bring that out very clearly. Latoya from Georgia. “My name is Latoya and I
have a question for you. “Can God take away His
Holy Spirit from you “if you really do
a terrible sin? “I am from Georgia,” okay, and thank you for
remembering the staff. Of course God can pull the
Holy Spirit away from you if you commit a terrible
sin and never repent for it. This is why you wanna always
repent for all your sins. Just say it in that way. When you say, “Forgive
me for all my sins,” it means all, okay? And God will forgive you. They are covered, but naturally, if you rebel against
God by not repenting when you’re told through
the Covenant that you must, then naturally, the Holy
Spirit will leave you, because you are a
sinner at that time. We all sin and fall short,
but God does expect us, when we know we have committed
a terrible sin, to repent. There’s only one
unpardonable sin, and that is for one of
God’s elect to refuse to go against the antichrist, allowing the Holy Spirit
to speak through us. Any sin you might have
committed on this earth as of today is forgivable. And so it is. There are a few that God
Himself must forgive. Man can’t, certainly, forgive
any, but God can forgive sin. Andrea from California. “Every morning when
I’m in church with you, “the Bible that I am
reading along with you “is one that my Granny gave
me, and I learn from it. “I am constantly underlining
words and phrases “and writing lots of
notes in the margin. “I never cross anything out, “though I have also mended
the cover with clear tape. “The Bible shows that
Granny did this also “as she studied with you
in the ’80s and the ’90s. “My question is, is it all
right to do, in God’s view? “Is this all right
to do in your view? “I feel that it adds
to my understanding.” Well, there’s
certainly nothing wrong with taking notes in your Bible. There’s nothing wrong
with underlining. It’s a letter that
God sent to you, and when you possess
it, it belongs to you to do with as you choose to. Whatever enables you to
absorb it better, do it. It becomes yours. Why? Because it’s a letter He
wrote personally to you, to each individual,
and take it, handle it, and your grandmother, praise,
blessed be to the Father, that she would leave this
beautiful work to you. Marlon from Minnesota. “I’m a little confused. “On December the ninth, of ’11, “you mentioned that
when antichrist “was cast out of
heaven by Michael, “that Satan would have four
fallen angels with him. “I thought that 7000 fallen
angels would be cast out, too. “Please explain.” Well, you’re confusing two
issues just a little bit. When Michael cast Satan
and his angels out, there are 7000 of them,
and as it is written in the 11th chapter of the
great book of Revelation, 7000 of them die when
the two witnesses arise from the streets of Jerusalem
and the true Christ returns. Those 7000 will. But you’re confusing with this, with the prophecy of
Revelation chapter nine, at the sixth trump, when,
at the river Euphrates, the four, four demon angels, bad
angels, angels that are bound, which means they’re bound, why? They’re bad, they’re
turned loose. The word is quite interesting that you look from
the Euphrates east, you have to go to that
geographical location and look from there, not from
here, but from the Euphrates, and what do you see there? Well, you see Iraq,
Afghanistan, you see Pakistan, you see Turkey, and you see many of the
troubled nations today where the locusts are swarming. Karen from, Karen is
from West Virginia. Okay, thank you for
watching the last two years. “I really enjoy it. “My son had two
questions for you. “Christmas is Jesus’s birthday. “How did Santa
Claus get into it? “And on Easter, Jesus
rose from the dead. “How did the Easter
Bunny get involved? “I don’t know how to answer him. “I hope you can help me.” Well, we can. In the first place,
December the 25th, if you watched our
Christmas program, was the day of
conception, not birth. Christ’s birth was about
September the 29th, but His conception
was December the 25th, and that’s when the Holy
Spirit began dwelling with us because on that December
the 25th of conception, Mary rushed instantly to
her cousin, Elizabeth, who was six months
pregnant with John, and when she approached, because of the Holy Spirit
that was in Mary’s womb, John lept in Elizabeth’s womb, meaning the Holy Spirit was
with us then, at conception. And certainly the word Eostre
is placed in the book of Acts but it is not in the
manuscripts of Acts, because in the manuscripts,
it says Pascha, which is Passover, and that
is what should be worshiped. Eostre is where they rolled
fertility eggs in a ritual, and practiced sexual orgy, and also the fertility and
quick like a rabbit, okay? That’s how the
Easter Bunny got in. You’re gonna have to
tell your grandson that on the level that he
is able to receive it. Anthony from New York. “Too many people are
misled with the notion “that when their loved ones
die, that they go on to heaven. “This is not true,
particularly when first…” You know something, dude? You’re all wrong. It is true. If you’re a student of God’s
Word, you know it’s true. To be absent from this body is
to be present with the Lord. Why? To judge him. God judges both the
good, bad, and the ugly, and the ugly go to heaven
to be judged by God because that’s where God is. This is why, when you
read Luke chapter 16, that you couldn’t get
a more evil person than the rich man was. Well, where was he? He was in paradise,
which is to say heaven. It’s where God was. Well, why did he
go where God was? Because God’s the judge. So when you tell someone that
their loved one is in heaven, they’re there, but
you’re not saying which side of the
gulf they’re on, because if they’re on the
wrong side of the gulf, as Luke 16 declares, they’re
in a heap of hurt, all right? So all I’m saying is, you’re
gonna be misleading people if you’re not real careful. Jane from Michigan. “Satan’s time, seven years, “has been shortened
to five months “and that has been divided into
two-and-a-half-month periods “as seven years are divided “into three-and-a-half-year
periods. “Does Satan come
as the antichrist “and we can’t buy or sell
unless we worship him “at the start of the five
months or in the center?” In the center. Marlon from Minnesota. “My ancestors,” let’s see. “I have a question. “Where will believers be during
the Millennium 1000 years? “I know that some
of us will teach, “but where will the rest be?” Revelation chapter 15 declares
that heaven is locked. After Christ and
the elect come from, this is the remnant, I
should say, to be accurate. That is to say, all that had
the truth, earned the truth, and knew the truth,
but passed on. The elect do not die. They teach here in
flesh until that time, but heaven, other than God’s
elect remnant that are there, that come with Him and
they, with the God’s elect, will teach for that
1000-year period. The rest are locked in heaven. In other words, no
one can enter heaven, or leave it, and so
it is at that time, until the end of the Millennium. And I’m out of time again. Hey, I love you all because you enjoy studying
our Father’s Word. Most of all, God
loves you for it. It’s His covenant, it’s His contract with
you as His children, and He wants you to
love Him, follow Him, and when you study the letter
that He has sent to you to learn what it is that
He would have you do to love Him in
return, makes His day. That’s what’s very important. You make His day, boy,
is He gonna make yours. We’re brought to you by
your tithes and offerings. If we have helped you, you help us coming to
you, won’t you do that? Bless God, He will
always bless you. Most important, though, you
listen to me, you listen good. You stay in His Word. Every day in His Word is a
good day, even with trouble. Do you know why? Because Jesus Yeshua
is the living Word. (gentle music) – [Announcer] Hearing God’s
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