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Thursday 10/17/19 Jeremiah 16:1 – 16:21

(soft music) – [Announcer] Welcome to the
Shepherd’s Chapel Network family bible study hour
with Pastor Arnold Murray. Wisdom is understanding
God’s Word. Pastor Murray’s unique
teaching approach brings God’s Word
alive with meaning as he takes you on a
chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse study of God’s
letter to you, the Bible. And now, here is
Pastor Arnold Murray. – Good day to you. God bless you. Say, welcome to the
Shepherd’s Chapel. Welcome to this family
Bible study hour, back in our Father’s Word. Book of Jeremiah. Jeremiah chapter 16,
we’re gonna get there. It is symbolic. Excuse me. It is symbolic and we
are so close to the end that this symbolism
has to do with, hey, you don’t have time to
do anything, basically. The enemy’s right
there on the inside, coming right over the
hill, the king of Babylon. This has to do
prophetically, then, with the king of Babylon
in the end times. So, with that having been said, a word of wisdom
from out Father. Chapter 16, the great
book of Jeremiah. Let’s go with it. Verse one reads, “The word of the Lord came
also unto me, saying,” verse two, “Thou shalt
not take thee a wife, “neither shalt thou have sons
or daughters in this place.” Why? You don’t have time. You need to get packed up. The end is coming. That’s what it has reference to, and of course, for us, it
means the king of Babylon, the false Christ,
is when the swarming and those four events
in the last lecture that Father warned us of, you
know you’re getting there. Verse three. “For thus saith the
Lord concerning the sons “and concerning the daughters
that are born in this place, “and concerning their
mothers that bare them, “and concerning their fathers
that begat them in this land.” Verse four. “They shall die of
grievous deaths, “they shall not be lamented;
neither shall they be buried; “but they shall be as dung
upon the face of the earth: “and they shall be consumed
by the sword, by the famine, “and their carcasses shall be
meat for the fowls of heaven, “and for the beasts
of the earth.” Now, absorb that for a
moment, prophetically. Like I said, this is symbolism,
it’s not actual, okay? So therefore, those
that remain there after the false one comes,
sets up camp, what are they? They’re spiritually dead. The true Spirit is
no longer in them. They have accepted
the false one, they’re quite happy with
that, and there they are in this great city that
we’re talking about here, worshiping the false Messiah, thinking that
Christ has returned, but here, in this case,
it is the king of Babylon, and of course, the
king of Babylon in the great book of
Revelation is none other than Satan himself. Verse five. “For thus saith the Lord, “Enter not into the
house of mourning, “neither go to lament
nor bemoan them: “for I have taken away my
peace from this people, “saith the Lord, even
lovingkindness and mercies.” This is a way of correcting. You know, and why it is
they won’t accept the fact? They don’t know any better. They truly are deceived
in the end times into believing this is Christ, and they’re worshiping
him, they’re celebrating. That’s why God turns
his back on ’em. He wants nothing
to do with them, because they’re committing
idolatry to the highest degree, they’re worshiping the very one that wanted to sit
upon the throne of God, that’s to say antichrist,
Satan himself. You know, there are deaths worse
than the death of the soul. I’m sorry, death of the flesh. It’s the death of the soul. To be spiritually dead
is spiritual homicide, and false teaching
brings that to pass, and so it is that our Father
uses these things to correct, and so it is. Okay, we’ll go with
the next verse, please. Verse six. “Both the great and the
small shall die in this land. “They shall not be buried, “neither shall men
lament for them, “nor cut themselves, nor make
themselves bald for them.” In other words, this is
going back to the law written in Leviticus
chapter 19, verse 28, where heathenistic
practices of religion, where they would cut
themselves for the dead, or they would
sackcloth and ashes. He said don’t mourn for them. Don’t lament for them. Why? They’re celebrating. They think they’re doing
what is right, and you know, unfortunately, today,
when people teach contrary to the Word of God, when they teach
traditions of men, and you can see people
being lined up, basically, taught in a way that
when this false one that he’s talking about
here, that he’s in sight, he’s coming, the
king of Babylon, when we come to that point now, people are geared
in their minds, they have a mindset,
better said, that will receive him when
he appears, will worship him. How fantastic it is they will
not know they’re doing wrong, therefore they will
be celebrating. Verse seven. “Neither shall men tear
themselves for them in mourning, “to comfort them for the dead; “neither shall men give
them the cup of consolation “to drink for their father
or for their mother.” That cup of
consolation being why? They won’t realize
they’re spiritually dead. This is the sad
part of deception, is people are so embedded
within traditions of men. “Well that preacher said
it would be all right. “The preacher said that’s
the way it’s gonna be.” Have you ever really
questioned yourself, what does God say
it’s going to be? See, it doesn’t matter
what some preacher that may come in the
name of Christ tells you. It’s what this Word says. This, “Thus saith the Lord God.” Don’t moan or groan or
lament or feel sorry for those that are deceived. They bring it upon themselves. That doesn’t alleviate
or release you from teaching truth and
from planting seeds, because some of them,
we’re gonna save. Some of them are gonna
recognize the truth. They’re gonna know
there is a false Christ and there is a true Christ, and they’re gonna know
from the book of Revelation that the false
Christ comes first, and they’re not
going to be deceived. They will not be
spiritually dead, but they will be living,
serving the living God, anointed and blessed
to do God’s work. Verse eight. “Thou shalt not also go
into the house of feasting, “to sit with them to
eat and to drink.” Well, what is this
they’re feasting about? Second Advent, they
think it’s taken place. They’re gonna be celebrating
all over the place. You know, when this
supernatural entity, who we call the false Christ, when he appears on earth
and performs miracles that he can snap his fingers and make lightning
come down from heaven, how many people, even atheists, are going to whore after him,
thinking he’s the true Christ, and they’ve been mistaken. “But he’s absolutely here,” why? Because they’ve never even
seen anything like that, even though God, in
Revelation chapter 13, verse 12 and 13, tells them
this, tells you in advance, this is how it’s going
to be, to warn you, whereby you do not participate
in the feasting at that time and celebrating the return
of the false Messiah. Verse nine. “For thus saith the Lord of
hosts, the God of Israel, “Behold, I will cause to
cease out of this place “in your eyes,” you’re gonna
see it, “and in your days, “the voice of mirth, and
the voice of gladness, “and the voice of
the bridegroom, “and the voice of the bride.” Well, now, who is this
bridegroom and the bride? I thought that’s what
they were celebrating. Well, that’s what they
think they’re celebrating, but they’re celebrating
the false Christ. The true Christ is
no longer there, and the bride, which
is God’s elect, they’re certainly not there, unless they’re delivered
up before the false Christ to bring a witness
through the Holy Spirit to the whole world, as
is written in Mark 13. It is void at that time, because of the feasting
and the celebrating. They feel the Second Advent, but all it is is
the woe, woe, woe. The three woes of the
great book of Revelation, the false one standing
in the holy place, where he’s not supposed to. Does your church teach that? Do you know why
that’s very important. If you truly have a
church that follows God, because there are seven churches
in the book of Revelation, in chapter two and three. The only two churches
that Christ was happy with was Smyrna and Philadelphia. Do you know what those
two churches taught that set them aside
from the others? You should, if you
wanna please Christ. They knew who those
were that claimed to be of our brother Judah, but were
of the synagogue of Satan, and worshiped Satan instead, and you would not
participate with it. If your church
doesn’t teach that, you’re in a heap
of hurt, my friend. That’s the only two churches
that Christ was happy with. They taught who those
were that claimed to be of our brother
Judah and did lie. They were Kenites,
sons of Satan, and of the synagogue of Satan. It’s written in the
book of Revelation. Have you ever read it,
chapter two and chapter three? I’ll even help you
a little further. 2:10 and 3:10 gives you
a real good look at them. Which church do you belong to? It isn’t the name over the door, it’s what is taught
within that group. Is it the Word of God or is
it the traditions of men? In that day, the true
bridegroom will not be there. The false bridegroom
will be there and he will be deceiving
many, therefore, God’s elect will not be there
unless they are delivered. Verse 10. “And it shall come to
pass, when thou shalt show, “this people all these words,
and they shall say unto thee, “Wherefore hath
the Lord pronounced “all this great evil against us? “Or what is our iniquity?” What’s our sin? “Or what is our sin
that we have committed “against the Lord our God?” They truly don’t know. Why? Because they feel
they’re worshiping God when it’s none other
than Satan himself. This is why Paul
made it very clear in 2 Thessalonians chapter two. He said, “Don’t let that
first letter deceive you “about our gathering
back to Christ,” meaning the so-called
rapture doctrine. Don’t let that first
letter deceive you, don’t let some spirit,
some angel, or anything. Christ will not gather
back to us until after the son of perdition is
revealed standing in Jerusalem, the holy place, claiming to
be God, claiming to be Christ. You’re warned. Well, many people
don’t take that warning because they’re not taught. They listen to man rather
than reading God’s Word. And that’s what he’s
talking about, why? The reason they won’t cry out, they don’t realize what
they’re doing is wrong because of false teaching. Verse 11. “Then shalt thou say unto them, “Because your fathers have
forsaken me, saith the Lord, “and have walked after
other gods,” lower case, “and have served them,
and have worshiped them, “and have forsaken me,
and have not kept my law.” That is the honest truth. God is being very,
very straightforward and laying the truth
right on the line. Why? They don’t realize because they
haven’t studied God’s Word. Do you know, what is
really sad, His Law, people don’t know
the difference, the average Christian
doesn’t know the difference between law, ordinances,
and statutes. They feel that all
law is done away with, when it was only the blood
ordinances, that part, because Christ’s
blood covered all. The law concerning
thou shalt not steal is still very much in place. The law of gravity is
still very much in place. When you jump off of
something, you go down. That’s God’s law of gravity. It still exists,
it’s still there. But you must know the difference in what God nailed to the Cross
with the Son on that Cross, that Christ became those things, but the rest of the law remains, and he says you’re not
paying attention to it. And the sad part about this,
I’ve mentioned several times, the verse, chapter
seven, verse 23, where God lays it out where
a child can understand how to please Him. He said, “Hey, all
you’ve gotta do “is follow my commandments,”
that’s His law. “I will be your God,
you will be my people, “and it will be well with you.” You can’t go out here
reading fantasy-land stuff or listening to the traditions
of men that might tell you you don’t have to understand
the book of Revelation. You’re gonna be gone. That’s not Biblical. That’s fiction,
and it will put you in the group you’re
reading about here, that they don’t know
what they’re doing wrong because they’re doing
what the preacher said. They didn’t bother
to read God’s Word to see what Father has to say. That’s what’s very
important, beloved, that you know what
our Father says. He will be your God and
you can be His people, and it will be well with you,
but you gotta do it His way. There is a controversy
in this world and Satan is really turning up
the heat right at this time. He will take advantage and
try to work in any way he can. It’s not gonna happen. We have the victory. Next verse, please. Verse 12. “And we have done
worse, and ye,” rather, “have done worse
than your fathers; “for behold, you walk every
one after the imagination “of his evil heart, that they
may not hearken unto me.” In other words,
you listen to men, you don’t listen to me. That’s why He sent you this
letter called the Word of God, so that you could hear
what God has to say. It is so simple, and the sad part is, they
won’t listen to our Father. They’d rather listen
to some ratchet-jaw, saying soothing
things, men-pleasers, rather than pleasing
the living God. You don’t wanna go
there, my friend. We are in times that are
critical at this time. It’s called the end times, and that’s what this
chapter is about. It’s God telling you,
you don’t have time to raise any children any
more, that is to say, to start. You wanna be ready to travel. The enemy’s coming,
the king of Babylon. And this has nothing to do
with having children today. You continue living your
life as you would otherwise, but know and understand
that, spiritually, we’re all the same age anyway. Verse 13. “Therefore will I cast
you out of this land “into a land that ye know not,
neither ye nor your fathers; “and there shall ye serve
other gods day and night; “where I will not
show you favor.” In other words,
that’s future Babylon. I’m gonna let ’em take over,
if you’re gonna listen to them. As far as you’re concerned, this has nothing to do
with God’s election. He’s promised us the victory. I mean, He has a wing over
us, and He protects us. Nothing can harm us, but
if you want to be deceived, He will certainly allow you to. You can go right on
down Primrose Lane. Well, what was it
they were doing wrong? They were worshiping
other traditions and gods, false religions, other than
worshiping God Himself. Do you know, there’s
only one Father, and if you’re nor worshiping
Him, you’re in a heap of hurt, and if you listen to men and never, never get into
this letter that God sent you, or never study under a teacher
that teaches this Word, chapter-by-chapter
and verse-by-verse, how are you going to know
what God has to say to you? You can pray, but you see, the foundation He gave
you in this letter, and you must absorb it, so that you’re standing
on solid ground and nothing can shake you. Christ is our rock. He is the foundation. When you are on Him solid,
nothing can shake you, nothing can bother you. God’s Word will come to
you with understanding, whereby you can help those
poor, miserable wretches that are deceived by
the traditions of men, pull them out of the
very fire of deception, and bring them into the
light of the living God, serving the true Father rather
than some false religion. Future Babylon, babel
is just exactly that. God is not the author of
confusion, that’s to say, babel. God is the author of peace. And when you are truly
studying God’s Word, and when you realize
the nearness of your
Heavenly Father, when you realize His promises
that He always keeps, you have nothing to fear. You have nothing at all
to even be concerned about other than learning truth,
whereby you can assist and help those
that are deceived, and certainly, to not
be deceived yourself. Future Babylon’s gonna be
a tough time, my friend. Just how tough will it be? Well, as long as you stay
on the rock, you’re fine, but if you read Mark chapter
13, Christ said Himself, “For the elect’s sake,
I’ve shortened the time, “’cause if I let it go the
full three and a half years, “there would be no flesh saved.” That’s how convincing Satan is, so you wanna be mentally
prepared for that, and you wanna be spiritually
prepared for that, better said. Our Father will always help you. He will always aid you, especially if you’re in the
business of helping others. He will always help you, because that’s what
keeps the Word spread, that’s what keeps
the Word going. Verse 14. “Therefore, behold, the
days come, saith the Lord, “that it shall no more
be said, the Lord liveth, “that brought up the
children of Israel “out of the land of Egypt.” That was a wonderful thing. God delivered His children
right out of Egypt, but then, you know,
40 days later, they’re worshiping
a golden calf. They’re not gonna remember
Him for that great exploit of delivering the children. Well, what are they
gonna do, then? Verse 15. “But the Lord liveth, “that brought up the
children of Israel “from the land of the north, “and from all the lands
whither he had driven them; “and I will bring them
again into their land “that I gave unto
their fathers.” This is yet future,
even to this time. When God will bring
all of His children, you won’t have to ask a brother. Again, future, you can
rest assured it is, but He will lead,
guide, and direct for those that have the truth, and at that time, and at
that change, certainly, He will bless and
He will raise up and we, God’s elect,
will overcome. Overcome why? Because Christ is with us. You know, He alleviates
the anxiety of the unknown, and brings in the truth
and the solid rock that we stand on, whereby
you’re not shook up at every little wind
that comes along. You know that you’re in
good standing with Him, that He is using you, and
that you have a destiny. That future time is coming,
and how wonderful that will be. Verse 16. “Behold, I will send for
many fishers, saith the Lord, “and they shall fish them; “and after will I
send for many hunters, “and they shall hunt
them from every mountain, “and from every hill, and out
of the holes of the rocks.” Right from where the locust
army has driven them, from where the locust army has tried to take
over everything. I will send out God’s elect
that will be fishers of men, that will be hunters
of lost souls, that will be driven
to teach God’s Word chapter-by-chapter
and verse-by-verse, whereby traditions of
men cannot make it void, but bring forth the
truth of the living God, whereby a person can feel at
peace, have peace of mind, in knowing they have the
truth, they cannot be deceived. That great time of
deception is coming. That’s what the symbology
of this great book, this chapter is about, is seeing
that you are well-informed. Well-informed by what? The Word of God, not man, not
this man or any other man, but the living God. He said, “I wanna make
a fisherman out of you. “I wanna make a hunter
lady out of you. “I want you to hunt lost souls. “I want you to
participate in seeing “that that Word goes
forth, that saves souls, “that strengthens souls.” It’s like a guiding
light in a dark world that shows people
this way to salvation, this way away from the false
one, this way to truth, which is to say, the living
Word, the Word of God. That’s what the
fishers and the hunters digging out the holes of
the rock, from the rocks. I might take
advantage to say also, that old girdle that
he hid in the rocks, that was all mildewed. He said, “I want you to
bring me a fresh one. “I wanna put my people around
me, I wanna bring ’em home. “I wanna wear them
close to my heart.” That’s what God is saying. Are you part of that group
that He wants near Him? Or do you belong to
that other group? God loves His children. We serve a God of love. Verse 17. “For mine eyes are
upon all their ways; “they are not hid from my face; “neither is their iniquity
his from mine eyes.” In other words, God
sees what’s happening. He knows, He’s aware. This is why you don’t even
have to pray out loud. He even knows what
you’re thinking, and when you’re just
trying, He will touch you. He will assist you. So you know, many people,
they don’t know who they are. Many people don’t even realize there’s a house of Judah and
there’s a house of Israel. How could they realize they
were of the house of Israel if they didn’t even
know the difference between the house of Judah
and the house of Israel? Where is the house of Israel? God knows, and many
of God’s elect know. They were driven, those
10 northern tribes were taken captive
by the Assyrians. They later went over
the Caucasus mountains, called Caucasians,
settled Europe, many coming to Canada and
the Americas, settling here, becoming a superpower,
the nation of nations. Didn’t happen by accident. God knows, God observes. There’s a reason for things. There is a reason
for the season, and the season here is the
coming of the false one. It’s something you don’t
even have to worry about, because you have power
over him in Christ’s name. Therefore, God observes, He
looks, He sees, He understands, He assists, He helps, He knows where you are
and what you’re doing, and therefore, He can use
you when you know also. He’s all-knowing. Verse 18. “And first I will recompense “their iniquity and
their sin double; “because they have
defiled my land, “they have filled mine
inheritance with the carcasses “of their detestable
and abominable things.” Those idols and the things
that they have given to idols. They’ve absolutely ruined
the holy place with them, and of course, Satan’s body
being in the holy place is the height of abomination,
it is the time of abomination. It is the abomination spoken
of by Daniel the prophet when he would say, when
you see the abomination standing in the holy
place where he ought not, because he’s not a condition,
he’s an actuality, a person, the abominable one, and so it is that God is not happy
about that, naturally. It is Satan taking over
God’s house, or trying to. He can’t get it done,
because God has His election. His election is His true
house, wherever they are. They make up that
many-membered body. But a double carrying and
a double taking care of those that sin into
worship antichrist? You might say, well how
could that be double? They’re not gonna make it
in the first resurrection. They’re gonna have to wait
until the end of the Millennium, maybe then and maybe not. That’s why double, and
if you don’t understand the time of the Millennium, where God’s elect
teach with Christ, as it’s written in Revelation
chapter 20, verse five, for a thousand years, trying
to save souls still yet before the final judgment and
the walk into the lake of fire for those that can’t,
that do not make it. So they will have
an opportunity. God is a loving God. He loves His children,
and certainly, He wants them to
have an opportunity to know and
understand the truth, other than from
some ratchet-jaw. Verse 19. “O Lord, my strength,” that’s
my strength and my protection, “and my fortress, and my refuge
in the day of affliction, “the Gentiles shall
come unto thee “from the ends of the
earth, and shall say, “Surely our fathers have
inherited lies, vanity, “and things wherein
there is no profit.” You know, if you look forward onto the time of
Revelation chapter 21, and in verses 20 through 24, you have all the house
of Israel and Judah right there, at Jerusalem. Who is this? Who are these nations that are coming from
afar to worship God? It’s the Gentiles. They’re coming to
worship Him, why? Because they love Him, and
God loves all of His children. That’s the way He created
us the way we are. He loves us the way we are, and so it is that that’s
what He’s talking about. He loves His children,
He wants them around Him, but they have to
love Him naturally, or there is a place for
them, and unfortunately, that place is not a
real popular place. There’s no profit there. When they wake up the
fact they’ve been lied to, they’ve been deceived, and
generation after generation, these lies have come
down that are misleading, rather than getting
into God’s Word chapter-by-chapter
and verse-by-verse, finally, the bell
rings and they wake up, and they realize, “Our
Father is on the throne.” Verse 20. “Shall a man make gods unto
himself, and they are no gods?” Do you think you can work
out your own salvation? No. Why? Well, God created
your being, your soul. He wants it. All souls belong to Him. There’s not going to be, this is what caused
Satan his problem. He wanted to work his
own salvation out. He wanted to become God, and
if you think you’re bold enough you could create a god so that
you’re taking the same stand. It’s not gonna work
with our Father. Verse 21 to complete
the chapter. “Therefore, behold,” or
therefore, you look here, “I will do this once, “I will this once
cause them to know, “I will cause them to know
mine hand and my might: “and they shall know that
my name is The Lord.” And how precious it is,
to be able to read that in the manuscripts, which, when Lord is given
in all upper cases, it’s Yahveh, I am that I am. And certainly, when they
will know it is Him, it’s when Ezekiel 38
and 39 come to pass, when the enemy really comes
against the house of God, and God won’t let
us war with them. He intends to do it Himself. Well, why would God
want to do it Himself? He wants them to
know that He is God. He can take care of business. There will be no
atheists in that crowd, ’cause they’re gonna
see Him, feel Him, and know the awesome might
of His powerful hand. Okay, hey, don’t miss any of
these lectures in Jeremiah. There you have it, symbolism, king of Babylon
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to judge people prior to that to hell, are breaking every
law of God in judging. So it’s common sense. No one goes to hell until after the Great
White Throne Judgment. Now, it’s really a very
simple thing to check out what the word hell is
really translated
from into the English. It is either from the
sheh-ole in Hebrew, which means the grave, or
it is, in the New Testament, most often gehenna, which is the garbage pit
in the valley of Hinnon. It was the garbage
pit of Jerusalem where they threw trash and
it burned and smoldered, and dead animals and
maggots and what have you, on those animals, Christ said
that’s an example of hell. But it doesn’t exist yet. It is the lake of
fire that is able to even destroy the
soul, much less a body, and that does not happen until
the end of the Millennium. At that time, that’s the final
judgment, then and then only. Margaret from New York. “Where in the Bible does it
say to be absent from the body “is to be present
with the Lord?” 2 Corinthians chapter five,
verse seven and eight. Whether you’re
good, bad, or ugly, you have to go to
God for judgment, and there is a place
now called Paradise, and there is a gulf
in the middle of it. Those that overcome
are on one side, and those that don’t are
on the other, and so it is, waiting judgment, waiting the
Millennium and then judgment. Barbara from North Carolina. “Would you please
explain the three sixes?” I’m going to assume you
mean the three sixes of the great book
of Revelation, 666. It is really very simple. First of all, it’s the six seals,
the sixth seal, and then it’s the sixth trump,
and then it’s the sixth vial. They’re all the same. The same thing happens
in all of those events. That’s why Satan’s number
is 666, because, excuse me, he comes at the sixth
seal, the sixth trump, and the sixth vial. That’s 666. That’s his number,
that’s when he shows up. Now, all you gotta do
then is go and read what the sixth seal says, it’s
the appearance of antichrist. Read the sixth trump,
what does it say? Appearance of antichrist. Read the sixth vial, wrath
of God, what does it say? Appearance of antichrist. Kevin from Missouri. “I want to know where
the Scripture is “that says that a man must work. “Document for me that God
says that a man must work.” 2 Thessalonians chapter
three, verse 10. 2 Thessalonians chapter
three, verse 10, it lays it out where a
child can understand it. Exactly what does it say? It says if a man won’t
work, don’t feed him. There’s nothing will
put you to work faster than somebody not to feed
you or give you a handout, when there’s a job
waiting for you there that you could go to and feed
yourself and your family. Okay? And in Timothy chapter
five, verse eight, it says a man that won’t
feed his own family, and work to do it, is
worse than an infidel. So I don’t know. I really don’t understand
where you’re coming from. Do you think God doesn’t? You know. That was what was placed on
Adam coming out the gate. He gave work to even
the first creation. Hunters, fishers, that’s work. You don’t hunt, you don’t eat. You don’t fish, you don’t eat. Then there came Eth ha-Adam, which he wanted a
husbandman, that’s a farmer. You don’t farm, you
don’t eat, okay? There you got it. God says, “Work.” Carol from South Carolina. “My question is about
the wine in the Bible. “If the wine is intended to,
is indeed a fermented wine, “or is it grape juice? “Because the pastor at
our church says that Jesus “never would have consumed wine “or made water into
fermented wine. “Thank you for your response.” Your pastor’s got just
a wee bit of a problem, because in John 2:10, if he tells you you don’t
have to read manuscripts, where it says, “And they drunk.” That means they’re inebriated. After taking the wine
Christ made, they’re drunk. They are inebriated, they
are staggering drunk, okay? So is your preacher right? I’ve had quite a bit of
grape juice in my life. I love grape juice. It’s never made me drunk, okay? Fermented wine will. You know, your preacher’s
just a little bit off track because he misses the
whole act of fermentation. It is purification. It purifies the grape juice. Grape juice has got junk in
it, trash and everything else. When it ferments, it comes
to the top, they skim it off, and it becomes pure. That’s what it means
as the blood of Christ. Your pastor shouldn’t
pass off some trashy juice for the pure blood of Christ,
symbolically speaking. Symbolically speaking. Theresa from Virginia. “Pastor, I was recently
visited by a local church “and I invited them in
to plant some seeds. “Is this okay a thing to do? “I appreciate your program. “Keep up the good work.” Well, we’re going to. Hey, whatever God leads you. If God leads you to
do a thing like that, hey, go for it, all right? That’s fine. And praise God. Maybe they listened. Maybe a seed grew. Russel from Tennessee. “Pastor Murray, can you please “explain to me predestination?” God so loved the world, He
gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever would
believe upon Him should not perish,
but have eternal life. This word that is utilized
here and translated eternal, meaning, from the time
in the first earth age that the soul was created,
it does not cease existing, even into the eternity. Means a great more than
just have eternal life. Eternal means from the beginning
of creation, so really, pre-existence is a misnomer because we’ve existed
from the beginning. But to say we pre-existed
in the first earth age, that we can say. As a matter of fact, in
Romans chapter eight, following verse 28, God
fore-ordained many people, why? Because they earned it
in the first earth age, and as it would say in Ephesians
chapter one, verse four, God would say, “I chose you before the
foundations of this earth.” That itself means
pre-destination, pre-existence, and fore-ordination. Read Romans eight, starting
with about 24 or 26. Many times, a Christian doesn’t
even know what to pray for, therefore, God will intercede
in a predestined life. Booker from, I think
that’s Illinois. “In 1 Timothy chapter
four, verse five, “can you please
explain this to me?” The fifth verse states that all of God’s animals
are sanctified. A lot of people might say, “Well, that means
we can eat ’em all.” No, back up to verse
three, what does it say? It says don’t let anybody
judge you in marriage, and don’t let anybody
judge you in eating food that God created to be received. He didn’t create all
food to be received. The word sanctified
as it is utilized in the verse you’re
referring to, verse five, means set aside for use. Set aside for use for what? Whatever God created it for. He creates a scavenger to
clean filth off the earth, and that’s good, it’s
sanctified for that, and God looked and it was good,
but don’t eat the scavenger. He did not create
it to be received. Judy from Florida. “Was a Cain a hybrid, since
Satan was his father?” Yes. He was a hybrid in many ways. He was chased from
their very being. Avernum from Kentucky. I hope I’m pronouncing
that right. “Can you please explain
Ephesians chapter
six, verse seven? “Thank you.” Please God and not man, okay? If you please, many
people misunderstand, you supposed to please
God and not man. Don’t be a man-pleaser. You see, a lot of people say, “Well, I like to get
along with people.” Well, if you’re pleasing God, you will get along with the
people you’re supposed to. The rest, it doesn’t matter. If you’re pleasing God,
good people will accept you. You don’t have to worry
about it, you are accepted. So that’s what the chapter
six, verse seven means, is don’t be a man-pleaser,
but please God, and then people that love
God will be pleased with you. Okay? That simple. But always please God first. It’s from Him that
all blessings flow. Benny from California. “Can you tell me how
old is our spirit? “Since God knew us
before we were born, “when did He create our spirit?” Well, you know, maybe,
Benny, if you would read Proverbs chapter eight,
where wisdom speaks. Wisdom was with God way
back at the beginning, and wisdom kinda gives
you a general run of when, in that layout,
that is not by date, but by chronological order, when God created the very
man himself, the souls. Lee from Wisconsin. “What are the only two
names for our Creator? “My belief is that
they are Yahweh “and Emmanuel
Yahweh for Christ.” Well, you’re pretty close. Yahweh is the sacred name. Comes from the etymology
of I am that I am, and He’s gonna be
wherever He wants to, whatever He wants to,
whenever He wants to. But Emmanuel was God with us, but His office and why He
is named Jesus is Yeshua, and Yeshua being translated
is Yahweh’s Savior. He was sent to save all, so Yahweh and Yeshua
are the sacred names. Sheryl from Connecticut. “What are people doing
with the Father that, “what are people doing with
the Father that have passed on? “Can a mother, father,
husband, or wife come back “and help us on earth?” Well, you might read Matthew
chapter 18, verse 10. What does Matthew 18:10 say? It says, as far as God’s
saints are concerned, that means the ones
set aside, God’s elect, that their angel
has the face of God at any time they need
help, that they need Him, and who are the angels? When one passes away, they
are as the angels, why? Because they are in
spiritual bodies. So that’s what the
Scriptures say, and that’s what we
can take from it. Many of the people that, in cases that will approach
John the revelator, and Daniel the prophet, they fell down and
started worshiping them. They said, “Whoa,
hey, don’t do that. “We’re just like you are. “We’re just people. “Just get up from there,
don’t worship us.” But they thought they
were in angelic form. Why? Their spiritual
body, but naturally, you’re not supposed
to worship angels, nor would an angel allow you, that God would send,
to worship him. Holly from Georgia. “Do you know of a place
in the Old Testament “where it talks of the
five-month period?” Well, yes I do. It’s been adjusted a little
bit, but in the Old Testament, you can read it in Daniel
chapter nine, verse 27. It’s speaking of the gap
theory, the 70th week. A week is seven days, and it lets you know that that
seven days are split in half, three and a half and
three and a half. This is why Satan’s same
period of time, given in moons, which is because he’s
of the night, 42 months. That’s three and a
half years, okay? And then Christ, in teaching
concerning the end times, and because God does
love His children, especially the elect, He said, “For your sake,
I’ve shortened it.” And Revelation chapter
nine, of course, tells us what it
was shortened to. Actually, if you wanna
be very technical, the life of the consumer, the locust consumer,
is five months. And you are told in
Revelation chapter nine that Satan will be here for five
months with his locust army. So if you really
look in the depth, the Old Testament says
it in that respect, concerning the locust army. You have to know
a little bit about not only horticulture,
that the locust consumes, but the locust itself. Five months. Sarah from Kentucky. “Thank you so much
for your ministry.” You’re very welcome. “I learn more from
you than any.” Well, thank you. “Where in the Bible does it say
Passover is a high sabbath?” Well, actually, Passover became
a high sabbath to Christians in 1 Corinthians chapter
five, verse seven and eight, because Christ
became our Passover. It doesn’t get any higher than
that, in worshiping Passover. It was the blood of the
lamb placed on the door that caused the death
angel to pass over. It is the blood of
Christ on the Cross that causes Satan to have
to pass over God’s elect. He’s got nothing with us. Marsha from California. “Thank you and your
staff for broadcasting.” You’re so welcome. “I have been a student
for several,” okay. Good to have you aboard. “I have a question about
Revelation chapter 16:21, “about the great hail stones, “hail storm,” rather. “The hail stones
are over 100 pounds. “What will this
hail storm destroy? “Will this hail storm destroy
all man-made structures “on earth or a
part of the earth? “Is it a part of the
earth’s rejuvenation?” No, no, no. Rejuvenation comes
in dimensions, okay? We are now not in the dimension
of the spiritual bodies, or spiritual earth, even, but where do the
hail stones fall? Only against the enemy,
not God’s children. There are two separate places that the hail stones
will be released: Armageddon, that’s the
valley of Megiddio, and Hamon-gog,
the valley of Gog, which is two different
wars, two different people, both fought by the living
God, and He will destroy. Can you imagine? They say there’s no
God, He shows up, and drops a hundred
pounds of ice on them, just rains it down. They’re gonna know
there’s a God. Nicole from New Mexico. “I hope you can answer
this on the air. “My first question is about
the lifespan of the locust. “I get confused about it. “I think that we are in
the time of the fifth vial, “the time of hunger
for God’s Word, “and the locusts
show up and eat it up “before it can be consumed by
people who need to hear it. “Is that right?” Well, they might try to, but there is nothing
going to stop God’s elect from teaching the truth, even down to the being delivered
up before the antichrist. The lifespan of the locust in the stage that you’re
concerned with is five months. Revelation chapter nine. But also, that’s not
just in the Bible. That’s a natural fact, when you study the
lifespan of the locust. “Second question is
about the difference “between a vial, a
seal, and a trump. “A vial is poured
out upon the earth, “so it is something
that happens? “A seal is what we believe, “and a trump to announce from
the Word, is that right?” About, you’ve got it. But the seal is when
you study God’s Word and you seal it in your mind. This is why God says to Satan
in Revelation chapter nine, verse four, “Don’t
you dare touch those “that have the seal of
God in their forehead.” Means that know the truth. Why? He can’t touch us, why? We’re not taken by him. We find him not to be
tempting, but an abomination. We’re his enemy,
and he’s our enemy, but the trump, a
trumpet always announces to execute the command. That means when
it comes to pass. The vials really are not
poured out until near the end, because that is the wrath of
God, when the final day comes, but they do communate
at the sixth of each. I’m out of time. Hey, I love you all because
you enjoy studying God’s Word. Most of all, God
loves you for it. Why? Because it makes His day. It’s the letter He sent to you. When you bless Him, He’s
certainly gonna bless you. Now, we are brought to you
by your tithes and offerings. If we have helped you, you
help us keep coming to you. Won’t you do that? You bless God, He
will always bless you. Most important, though. You listen to me
and you listen good. You stay in His Word. Every day in His Word is a
good day, even with trouble. Do you know why? Because Jesus Yeshua,
He is the living Word. (soft music) – [Announcer] Hearing God’s
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