TIFF Bits Nº4 | Cultivate Community

Film Circuit is TIFF’s national
outreach. We bring Canadian cinema and independent films to underserved
communities across Canada. Our film series is The Reel Thing. R E E L. We’re a very multicultural
community and I have found that these films have actually bridged and
connected that community very much. We operate in every community from
coast to coast so we really are extending the theatrical release of
Canadian films and we take Canadian filmmaking guests out
on the road with us. We have had a number of guest speakers
that have been arranged through film circuit. It’s a lot of fun.
People love it! Reel Comfort is a film screening and
workshop program that we do in patient psychiatric units at both Toronto
General Hospital and St. Michaels Hospital. The results we’ve seen
coming out of it have been pretty significant. We often get
feedback you know in our workshop was the first time they’d actually
heard a patient speak. If we can go right into their space,
set up the film screening and bring in the person who made the film, then
it becomes much more tangible and much more real.

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