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Time Lapse – My Ant Farm Routine

Hey, what’s up guys AntsCanada here! Welcome to the AntsCanada ant channel. Today I wanted to walk you through a time lapse video of my daily routine with one of my colonies. So first I make sure to spot clean my Outworld. So to begin, with gloves, I start to baby powder my tweezers and my gloves so that the ants slip off and it makes it easier for me to work around these ants. Now before spot cleaning this Outworld, I made sure to not feed them in this Outworld for a few days so that Less and less workers would forage in this Outworld which would make cleaning this Outworld a lot easier. Now this Outworld here I try to spot clean at least once a week. So the last time I spot cleaned this out world was last week I try my best not to get any workers, and if there are workers on the pieces I just wait till they fall off. It is super important to spot clean your Outworlds guys because these ants really depend on you to remove their leftover food and Midden. In Nature the elements and other creatures help break down this naturally, but because this is an artificial Outworld and we don’t have those cleaning agents we have to be those cleaning agents so it’s important to remove these decaying pieces of insects and that sort of thing. It also leaves a foul smell if you leave all of that decaying matter there and it attracts mites and maggots from gnats, so you definitely don’t want the ants’ garbage to be sitting there and decay. Now the next thing I’m doing here is I’m cleaning the bathroom area I just rub that area carefully with a wet tissue. See all those ant feces caked on there? It’s good to keep that clean. I also use a damp tissue to wipe the Acrylic just to remove any grime or dirt that might be on the acrylic. I will see that way. I proceed to further spot clean any little pieces that I can pick up there, and I turn up the gravel a little bit. I turn up this gravel layer just so it keeps the surface fresh because if you can imagine, day in and day out these ants lay pheromones on this surface so if you kind of keep this mixed up and nicely turned every now and then, it gives them a fresh surface. Now the next thing I do is I hydrate my hybrid nests. So I check the hydration chamber and I see that it’s still relatively clean I had changed the hydration medium last week. Now the second hybrid nest I hadn’t watered for a while, so I’m going to hydrate it now. All right now time to change the drinking water of my aunts by switching these nearly empty water tubes. So basically what I have to do is I have to take a fresh test tube full of water, disconnect this old tube, carefully, use my thumb to plug the hole and then dump all of those ants that were in the old test tube into the Outworld along with the cotton. I use this dental hook to kind of pull the cotton out and all of that I’m going to remove the cotton on a later date. I make sure to grab any escapees and flick them into the Outworld. Every ant matters! Now if you look at the Outworld where Solenopsis hill is you’ll see the bathroom area. I’m going to clean that maybe next week. Alright, now it’s time for feeding time! Here are some Dubia Roaches that I’m planning on feeding them today. Now, if you look towards the back that roach there this roach is a dead Roach. So I wanted to remind you guys that you can also feed dead feeder insects if you have dead feeders in your tanks where your rearing your feeder insects throw them into your Outworlds. Remember that ants are one of the world’s best decomposers So they’ll even eat dead insects. You don’t want to waste: your ants will relish them. Now that this Outworld is clean. I’m also going to feed them some new super worms. Think I’ll throw in some more here. I try to crush these super worms by the head. I do the same for the cockroaches, but they still struggle. I don’t want to crush the entire insect because I kind of want the insides of the insect to stay soft so that the ants can suck it up easier. And finally at the end of all of this, I make sure to clean all of the tools that I used so I clean my tweezers and I clean this dental hook. And that’s it guys! That is my daily routine. It takes about 25 minutes in total and this doesn’t include any maintenance for my feeder insects. If you keep your ant colony nice and clean, well maintained and well fed, your ant experience will be superb! Thanks guys for tuning in to another video! Don’t forget to subscribe, like, share and comment! This is AntsCanada signing out. Okay, thanks so much guys for watching my daily routine for my ant colony. Be sure to subscribe to our videos! We release a new video every week don’t forget to check out some of our cool playlists on this channel and for all of your antkeeping needs visit us at, we’ve got a lot of great products there for keeping pet ant colonies, we have a great forum with thousands ant keepers from all over the world. You can learn from their journals and we invite all of you guys to contribute and Journal if you have any ant colonies and finally don’t forget to check out our queen ants for sale section where we have ants for sale you can sell ants if you like you can be a GAN farmer in your area or if you need a colony to stock your ant farms be sure to write to us. Thanks so much guys! It’s ant love forever!


  1. Lukáš Hažlinský Author

    Do the bugs that you give to them smell bad ? and how much they smell after a week? Does your hause have a sme couse of the ants or ? Im want to start an "ant farm" so in starting to watch yours tutorials etc. and i want to know this stuff before i start

  2. Pinkimania! Author

    Almost everything you sell is a little over one hundred dollars or less… What if I really can't pay for any of it, and I have a queen ant ready?

  3. Combatsmithen Author

    3:20. That poor roach, eaten alive. And the worms. RIP. That must be terrifying, its like a bunch of tiny fast zombies nipping at you slowly….
    Just watching these makes my skin crawl

  4. Grizzly Dave85 Author

    Look into bioactive substrate. Set up a drainage layer, then mix compost and soil and sand. Add isopods and springtails. And lots of hiding places for them. They would probably live in peace.

  5. LashingBow65 Author

    Question 1 what's the average cost of a 500-1500 ant farm. Question 2 is a 13 year old fit for one. Question 3 what ant to start with. Question 4 if they are away from home for 6/7 hours can they take care of a farm. thanks

  6. Wagon of Speed Author

    hey man, I'm a soon to be ant keeper (hopefully) and I want to know when a nuptial flight will be in fairfield Connecticut, or any types of ants there, I can't find anything about that, I would really appreciate some help, thanks in advance.

  7. Hazel Capulus Author

    I'm curious, and thought I'd ask, what is the MOST dangerous ant species to keep? Are there any ant species that are too dangerous to keep? This stuff is so fascinating!

  8. Renato Ferreira Author

    Nice videos =)

    That spot you cleaned is where they poop? How did they choose that place? Did you "teach" them ( I mean used any thing to make them just use that area for bathroom)?

  9. Bogdan Pirlog Author

    What if one day all of them get out? Like one of the containers accidentally breaks and the tubes disconnect? Would you kill them all from your apartment?

  10. LuniqueKero Author

    I'm playing with the idea of maybe getting an ant farm eventually. Can someone tell me if ant farms are smelly? Is there a non-yucky type of food you can give to them? (Don't want to store worms and cockroaches in my place :s) how much maintenance does, say, 1000 ants requires /week ?

  11. BleedingRaindrops Author

    I've been watching some of your videos lately and I had a question. Lots of antkeepers talk about ants they have kept in the past, as though they are no longer caring for that colony. As I was discussing antkeeping with a friend of mine last night (who also became interested because of your videos) we noticed that there really isn't a clear finishing point for your colony, as you would care for them indefinitely. So my question is: At one point to do ever stop caring for them? Is there a point at which you attempt to release a colony into the wild?

  12. Laurel Cook Author

    I didn't realize ants required so much care. Glad I didn't purchase ants on amazon! I literally have such little time to care for all of my pets and balance my school work, so I need to avoid buying ants.

  13. Erics justmymiddlename Author

    "hey whats up guys…" i thought he was going to say "its scarce here" next, and i dont even watch scarce…much
    hope its a double upload

  14. Brian Ski Author

    You can put the superworms or mealworms in the freezer to kill them. Or cut their heads off with scissors. It's better than being eaten alive at any rate.

  15. TheDcoocd Author

    I can't believe how much I enjoy watching videos about ants. Every video is informative and Its obvious how much work and care goes into keeping a colony happy and healthy. Thanks AntsCanada for sharing your love of these interesting creatures.

  16. AgaricoYT Author

    Is it healthy to move a colony from outside in the yard to these holding chambers because I am interested in keeping ants and I have a huge colony in my yard.

  17. Will G Author

    I want to make a natural frog/fish/nature habitat with self sustaining species with minimal outside help – sort of an experiment. I want to try some frog types but maybe have an ant farm within the tank? Any ideas?

  18. CryoFrostRS Author

    Mine didn't survived the founding stage. She died when the larvas appeared. I have no choice but to give the larvas to the other colonies outside.


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