1. Marlene McKellips

    I cannot cut a large piece of fabric until I know how I will use it. I really can't, it's too painful to see that beautiful piece of art damaged. Instead, I store all my fabric in bins by color until they turn into scraps smaller than a fat quarter.

  2. nichole hoge

    you should always rip or pull a thread to find a grain on fabric. this will tell you a lit about the fabric, especially the quality and if the grain line is poor.

  3. Allie Shepherd

    I absolutely hate ripped fabric. Horrible waste near the tear, and causes distortion. I will not buy fabric from a shop that rips it.

  4. Lindie Lee

    I love these videos but often the writing the that pops up covers what I want to see.  Perhaps you can save those pop up for CC instead?  The pop ups are very distracting.

  5. Linda Holder

    I'm sorry, but unless I know exactly what I want to make with a fabric I would never cut it apart like that.  What if it turns out to be the perfect backing?  What if you want to do lots of bias strips for binding a big quilt?  You also create a lot of waste–need 3" blocks but the piece is 8" wide?  Now you have 2" you can't use in the current project.  Plus, nothing is ever as strong as a solid piece of fabric.  I would not cut anything until I knew I needed small pieces.

  6. Creationsps91

    Great tips ladies once again I learned something I did not know and I love the sister connection you guys are awesome thank you for all of your help

  7. Sylvie Bern

    Another way to find the grain of the fabric (which a lot of you probably already know) is to pull some of the thread of the fabric on the side of the piece.


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