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Top 5 Masking Tricks in FilmoraPro!

Welcome to FilmoraPro. My name is Jony, and today we’re going to be talking about the most recent update to FilmoraPro: Version 1.4. This new update brings several new features including support for DCI 4K, support for importing video with multiple audio tracks, but most importantly this new update brings masking to FilmoraPro. This is a game-changing feature which makes FilmoraPro even more powerful than it was before. But before we get into what you can do with it, I want to show you how you can create masks in FilmoraPro. Let’s take a look. So there are tons of parameters with masking and FilmoraPro, but I’ll take you through the basics right now. If you look at the bottom-left of the viewer panel, you’ll see this new tool right here; this is the rectangle mask tool. When you select it, you can drag over a clip to create a new mask. This means everywhere outside of the shape you’ve just made will go transparent allowing you to add things in the background. When you click and hold down on the Rectangle Mask Tool, you will see a couple other mask options. You have the Ellipse Mask Tool, which allows you to make oval and circular masks, and we also have the Freehand Mask Tool which can be used to make a mask of any shape and size as well as edit the shape of any mask you’ve already created. Once you’ve created a mask, you have even more options in the controls panel. To find it, make sure your clip is selected and then in the controls panel, look for your mask heading where you should find your mask. To the right of that you can invert your mask if you want and even change the blend modes for them. Under Shape, you can expand your mask, feather the edges, and even add roundness. Under Transform you can keyframe your mask’s path, which is extremely powerful, as well as change basic parameters like opacity, position, and scale. The possibilities are really limitless and make compositing and FilmoraPro so much more powerful. So with all that in mind here are 5 cool things you can do with masks and FilmoraPro. I’m going to go over these pretty quickly, but if you really liked one of these examples and you want to learn more about it, let me know in the comments below. Number 1: Easily Create Shapes Creating shapes in FilmoraPro is easier than ever! Simply go to the media panel click “New”>”Plane”. Choose the color you’d like your shape to be, and drag the plane into your timeline. For a rectangular shape, select the rectangle mask tool. You can also create a square by holding shift while you create your mask. If you want to make a circle select the ellipse mask tool and hold shift while dragging to create your mask. Finally, you can use the freehand mask tool to make any shape you want. You can even have multiple shapes interact with each other by creating several masks on the same plane and playing with their individual blend modes. For example, I’ve got these two masks on the same plane. But when I set our circle mask’s blend mode to “subtract” you’ll see that the circle disappears. We can move it by using the selection tool. Then we can drag it over to where our square mask is and we’ll see it will actually cut out part of the square. So the amount of shapes you can make is practically endless. Number 2: Refine Greenscreen Shots If you have chroma or luma key shots, but that green screen just doesn’t fill your image or you’ve applied your green screen effect, but certain areas are proving really tricky to key out, you can use masks to get rid of those stubborn areas. You can even do rotoscoping by animating the mask path, which brings me to… Number 3: Reveal Text Behind Objects. You can reveal big titles behind foreground objects, just like this! The way you can do this is by laying out your footage on the bottom track, putting your text on a track above and then copying and pasting your background footage on the track above your text. Next, draw a mask around your foreground object with the freehand mask tool. Enable keyframing on the masks path by clicking this circle and adjust your mask every few frames if your foreground changes over time. Top that up with a bit of feathering and you’ve got yourself an awesome text reveal! Number 4: More Powerful Color Grading FilmoraPro lets you color grade with even more precision with masking. For example, let’s say we want to apply a different color grading effect to our subject’s face in the shot; we can do this by copying their clip, pasting it, and putting it on the track above. Next we can use the ellipse tool to create a mask around her face. We can change the color adjustments to either the foreground or the background of the clip. In this case, I’ll lower the brightness for the background and then add some feathering to the mask to help it blend in more. This technique can also help with bringing down blown-out areas in your shots, or raising darker areas of your shots. Number 5: Clone Yourself Probably one of the most fun things you can do in FilmoraPro is clone yourself. Simply film yourself with a camera on a tripod and act out in different areas of the frame. Next, isolate the two parts of the clip where you’re in the two different areas of your shot. Then move one of the clips onto the track above the other. On the top clip, use one of the mask tools to create a mask around your subject. And then add some feathering to help it blend in. And now you’ve successfully cloned yourself! We’ll be going more in depth on this effect in a future video. So stay tuned! So are you excited for using masking in FilmoraPro? Let us know in the comments down below. Don’t forget to subscribe for more video editing tips. And remember: there’s no limit to what you can create.


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    Coincidence level infinity…….
    Today only I searched can I make masks in Filmora and this update came.
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    Fix the slow rendering time and no support for opencl or cuda or a tracker fix it i have already tolled some YouTube cites about you and you will get a bad review from them you suck your crap. You have never answered any of may messages never.

  4. Stephen Williams Author

    Hey great video esp the clone part. I need help with Filmora screen recorder. When I play back the recording i am see only dark screen. How do I correct this?

  5. George Gates Author

    I'm happy to see this feature. I did a video of me interviewing myself by cropping one of the videos in a separate tool and very carefully lining it up on top of the other video. This would have been so much easier!


    I make photoshop tutorial. Sometimes I also need this kind of thinks. But now I can't purchase filmora pro. So now i am using the free on

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    Hey cool dude Jony ,
    Wats up man how are you man its good to see you and the vid was really informative man .Thks man. 🙂

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    Is it available in France ?
    is the masking available in France ?
    I love filmora ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    I love the update! Going to get right to it. One question thou, when are you going to get audio sync to make it faster such as multiple angle shots and sync those audio to just cut and fill for different shots. Thank you again filmora team!

  10. Everchange MC Author

    I think you should try to put a render button in FlimoraPro. you can edit smoothly, but sometimes the play back just isn't as smooth.

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    If you want to learn how to edit some extra and amazing effects in filmora pro and filmora9 check my youtube channel 🙂
    thanks everyone and yeah I LOVE FILMORA SO MUCH <33

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    Did you know that trying to do a split screen video is the biggest Pain in the a$$ using the “crop” tool and you make make me want to use apple software even though I am die hard PC forever girl… yea that’s how bad it is. And still waiting for the upgrade to filmora 9.2 that would be great thanks

  13. Guadalupe Rodriguez Author

    Hey y'all!! I excited for the update. Sadly my lifetime account has not updated for some reason. I logged out and logged back in to see if it would update, no luck. Please help!

  14. Family of Tech Author

    Pleaseeeeee there is gotta be a way that you guys can zoom in into the panel when explaining this tutorial. You might want to see a video of your colleague Bryan Francisco and he does that very well. Thanks in advance!!!

  15. Neal Parler Author

    Thank You This is Awesome video on "How TO" Thank You Sir!! I have a question for you, when create a moving or active video
    and want to add a live background to it what is this process called? Thank You Example A musician playing on stage and its being videoed, when finished the video, they induced a live background along with the it. HOW TO DO THIS? Thank You So Much For the Answer!!!

  16. MetaFrazo SEO Author

    Hey guys. I'm a lifetime owner of Filmora Pro and I have version 1.2. I check for update and it says I have the latest version. Is the V 1.4 out already or is it still to come? Thanx


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