1. Hanny Fenwick

    This is nonsense. the Netherlands is clearly number 1. It is the second biggest exporter of food in the world. After the US. And it is tiny !!!!!!!! brian Oosterbeek Netherlands.

  2. dr Basharat Rather

    O,what nonsense r u telling,stop spreading fictitious information,countries like USA,Canada,west european countries,israel,japan & now to some extent china are most advanced in agriculture because they have efficient irrigation system(drip irrigation system),well built roads,CA storage systems,modern mechanization systems,quality composite & hybrid seed developing industries,quality pesticide building industries like Monsanto,Dow(USA),Bayer(uk),BASF,indofil(israel)etc,besides it they have efficent extenSion service,quality universities for agriculture reseach e.g,uc Davis,Kansas university,Neitherland agricultural university etc,besides it they follow sustainable agriculture

  3. Sukruth N S sukruth narayana swamy

    India must immediately and seriously introduce Agricultural Reforms to improve and empower the Agricultural Sector status and Agro-based Industries as well

  4. Amazing wonders-The World of Agriculture

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  5. Amazing wonders-The World of Agriculture

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  6. vetesilo

    Swedish farmer here. According to my data the top spot should be Five Counties in The State of Illinois. Followed by pretty much the whole state of Iowa. (Average output /acre ratio used to be about 1:2:4; Asia, Europe, USA) One potato in Asia means 2 potatoes in Europe and 4 potatoes in USA

  7. 65ss

    World record wheat harvest in New Zealand, https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/ashburton-farmer-takes-world-record-wheat-growing, Thanks for your you-tube channel.

  8. Allen .Berge

    This list is ranking countries by output not how advanced their agriculture is. For example, Germany is only using a tiny percentage of it's population in agriculture, while nearly half of India's population is producing food. That is because their technology isn't as advanced. China and India still use labor intensive methods in farming. They are way on the bottom of the list after nearly every European country.


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