hey guys what is going on blossom is back and today I'm going through my weekly video of where I finished the last section of the weekly challenge this week's challenge has been really fun in fact I've liked all the challenges recently we had the Porsche then we had the BMWs last week and now we have obviously my favorite manufacturer Dodge so it looks like the requirements is time for Dodge and this is the deck that I'm rolling with all my dodges here are maxed out besides my demon and I have a maxed out McGann the only reason I have the McGann is because the first track is actually a g-force test with the white body which is the Dodge that I want the most that I don't have because I have five of these really want that because all my dodges they don't have a grip of 94 or higher I have two dodges one is the Challenger GT and one is de Charger Daytona that are both at 93 I believe but everything else it's under that it's like 89 or below I think the vipre is $89 $89 stuff the other one but yeah put you in for 1 mile 0 to 100 or 1/2 mile and you can go in for highway and car park and yeah I would think that this would be a pretty easy challenge because Dodge but we'll see alright Diamond do your thing nice 3 144 usually when you see like how I won by 345 but it went on the 44 is because they kind of just round the points off to the nearest decimal so that's why if you guys were wondering 0 to 100 294 that's nice I just wanted to see both my Hellcats or one of my Hellcats and my diamond do their thing but yeah that's cool going back to Cali all right half mile 0-100 once again mcgann is in for g-force DD you're going for the half mile you go 4-0 100 and the only reason I didn't put the demon against the ACR is because for some reason the srt hellcat has better MRA than the demon which is something hutch really needs to because that is not true right now the hellcat has something like an MRA of a hundred so honestly the srt demon should have an MRA of about the same maybe a hundred hundred and one I wouldn't I wouldn't say it would have as good of as as good of an MRA as a Sheeran but it should be higher than what it is I think right now it's like 77 or something which is just insane it's not right but yeah let's continue so yeah my Hellcat should win by 71 not only by 50 that is really impressive considering that the Viper ACR had an MRA boost alright demon do your thing against the Viper awesome 669 all right three more tickets through more races hopefully this is a clean sweep it really should be looks like Hellcat is actually not going to be in the one mile to zero to 100 this time you're going in for the g-force as per usual hmm I might need to change my deck up here a little bit I mean it's carpark so it's it's grip it's not zero to 60 is it we'll see we're gonna get a lot of points of armor gone demon awesome 277 I love opportunities where I can use my demon I'm just so proud to open that car it was honestly just genuinely so hard to win it yeah just happened Wow all right stealth lost to the SRT 4 but let's like if we lose this one doesn't really matter we have such a big lead right now 60 points cool cool 250 cool beans all right let's see what's next so in the g-force we have a Viper 0 to 100 half-mile highway carpark ok it's easy highway you see 100 1/2 mile cool your lemon gums really getting the job done demon should destroy this srt8 because that srt8 charger has one of the worst MRIs in the game probably one of the worst for Dodge I think it's like 50 or something like that it's kind of sad last leg now I really want to go with an all dodge deck for this one um but I don't think I can because this McGowan has really good grip which is something if I just don't have yeah I think we just have to stick with them and gone but we'll just act like it was never there half mile we'll put in my demon huh 0 to 100 I put my health hat highway up at the self and in carpark I'll put the IROC and we should make quick work of it I have to say a woman gone still lost so I might as well just put in the Dodge at that point yeah oh well – 83 92 and bring it home buddy well actually not bring him because if one more round which is with the Dodge Iraq which is a car I would recommend you guys to invest in it's actually okay I wouldn't say it's the best but five point four zero to sixty ninety one handling and medium ground clearance and also a front-wheel drive which is a car that I don't well as a drive type I don't really collect but it's not a bad car not a bad car cool well let's open this pack and see what we get I don't think there are any legendary hatchbacks actually we've done your Volkswagens maybe I haven't gone to Talk drives Club to check but I know there are some epic ones you can get we didn't get two rares which is nice it's an extra grand and a Renault Sport mcgann which is I'm tearing things that which is something I honestly just don't care about so let's sell all these cars as you can see I've now reached the 8 million club trying to get a 10 mil we'll see but we'll add you and we're gonna fuse that thing immediately but yeah currently at 8.1 mil could be a 9 mil right now if I didn't open the 20 packs that I did last week but I've no regrets on that so they've got the GMC I think was the cyclone or was it a typhoon it was one of the other but yeah I'm gonna take a break from earning money because I'm gonna spend some of it now as you can see a lot of my and yeah basically the video is over but if you want to stick by for this bonus part basically you're recording you're gonna see that in the video bro xt5 yeah with all my are cute Sweeney – Velma are cute Sweeney two SUVs I got the upgrades of 23 which is my xt 5s my Nissan Patrol and Range Rover Sport is it no it's just a ring from her 5.0 I kind of ran out of a bunch of our keys who needs two SUVs so I'm looking for new SUVs to invest in and right now I'm investing in the Pontiac Torrent GXP I think yeah so yeah 84 grip it goes up – it's not as good as the xt5 but the xe5 goes up to 85 so sorry drop but you know I'll have to get a new ultra SUVs now so if you guys have any recommendations for good Arceus minutes to suvs let me know down in the description but yeah we're down in the comments I mean I have the planet orient and I have the Nissan Murano GT see there are a lot of the new BMWs as well and Volkswagens that are in RQ 22 that I might need to get but we'll see anyway hope you guys have a great day and I'll see you all next time blossom out


  1. Stripez The Wolf

    Just finished the event(my first event finished ever),and I opened the pack,i got the Megane 275 trophy r,how should i upgrade it,or whats the best way to uprgrade it?


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