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Toro – Terre-Blanche Irrigation de Golf (Français)

In 2014 and 2013 Terre-Blanche was voted Europe’s best golf resort Very many golfers come to stay at Terre-Blanche to play golf and enjoy this fantastic location. Terre-Blanche is a unique and prestigious place; it’s one of the PGA Tour venues. Terre-Blanche is a unique location in various respects, firstly environmentally We make a particular effort to protect and improve the environment In terms of irrigation, we’re working with an ultra-advanced Toro system We try to manage our water as carefully as possible because in our region water is quite a scarce commodity The problems I find are usually the water retention areas in this type of soil, which are difficult to manage. We already have 3000 Toro sprinklers on the course connected to the Lynx system This will be our second year working with the Toro Lynx system It’s an excellent program that enables me to centralize the watering Toro is really well organized in our region and quality of irrigation is vitally important to keep the course in prime condition

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