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Trailer | Episode 1: Meet the Sawyers | Real Farm Lives

When you say that you’re a grain farmer, a lot of my friends from the city think once harvest is finished, “oh man must be nice to have all winter off, eh.” Well no, there’s a whole bunch of stuff that we have to get done in the winter season just to ensure that we’re prepared for the spring season that follows. It’s almost that race against mother nature to get that crop planted and sprayed, and ensure that everything is growing and harvesting at the right time. Hopefully Mother Nature cooperates with you and it’s the best that you can do, and it’s a lot that goes into it. I’m Tara and this is my husband, Matt. We are Sawyer Farms. We’re fourth-generation farmers, and the kids are potentially fifth generation farmers. We farm 4,200 acres. We grow wheat, barley and canola just west of Acme, Alberta. We are a small family farm. We don’t have a pile of extra help so you’re the manager, the marketer, the sprayer, the worker and the fixer. You do it all. We also are looking at how we take the land that we’re farming now and pass it on to the next generation in better shape than we received it. I’m meeting with my agronomist Keith and we’re gonna have a look at the malt barley that we currently have growing in the field. When do you think we’ll have to spray this, Keith, for disease? Well, we’ll probably have to go at it next week. I really value working with our agronomists. They keep us on top of the whole program from soil sampling, to choosing the right seed, possible fungicide application and the timing of harvest. If we didn’t use crop protection products, we would be producing about 25 percent of what we normally would. We want to kind of protect what we have because the more barley we produce, the more beer we produce. And we want more beer. We want more beer. We take pride in knowing that this is a safe, sustainable product that we’re shipping all over the world to feed millions of people. It’s going out to the world and at some point it’s also going on to our plate, and, I know it’s the best quality and safest product. We can be proud of it.

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