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Tree Farm Mowing with Ventrac

My name is Roger Oberhouser.
I’m the president and owner of Woodridge tree farm. We’re a wholesale nursery
about 200 acres in production. We sell about 12,000 trees a year to landscapers
garden centers and nursery brokers. I think we’ve had that Ventrac about 12
years. It’s been a great machine, we put it through the wringer. It’s pretty
tough… during the summer we’ll use it for at least 30 hours a week on it
never really had any major issues with it Our rows are six-and-a-half feet apart
and typically within a row we’re anywhere from five and a half to six
feet you know once you get a tree growing four feet wide on 6 and 1/2 foot
rows you’re looking at as little as three, three and a half feet between the
branches. Some guys plant seven, eight feet rows because maybe they don’t have
the equipment to go down such a narrow row as a six and a half foot. It’s been a
great tool to be able to get into the trees like especially now when they have
the growth- the new growth on them and without doing any damage at all. I don’t
know of any other tool that we could use to get in there and mow like that. The rear-discharge on the mower allows
you to cut heavy grass that a traditional turf deck would never cut
and it lays that grass right under the machine so you’re not kicking it out
into the trees it lays it right in the middle the row then the design the way
you have the bars to lift the branches first that front edge of that mower deck
slips right under that branch and lifts it up now if that mower moves forward
cuts the grass and as you pull away this falls back back where it was it really
allows you to get in there and lift the branches and get in there in virtually
no damage even with new tender growth on it’s allowed us to really clean up our
fields you know if you have a nice mowed surface everything’s a lot easier that’s
about the only machine you can go cross ways that you can weave in and out of
young you know material and clean your fields up you know so your customers
don’t have to walk through-through weeds no place in that tree field you probably
couldn’t get through with that machine just makes it nicer for your customers Well inevitably you’re going to find a
groundhog hole or where you dug a tree before and you’re going to need
four-wheel drive I don’t think you could quite manage without it. If you do get it
in the hole I won’t say it’s impossible to get it stuck but it’s a lot easier to
get it out. I like the rear motor. You have the mower
deck right in front of you really excellent control of where you’re mowing
of course you have power steering which is very effortless and you have such
good control of that mower deck combined with the visibility that you have you
could work really close to your young trees to clean them up. You can run that
machine all day and its really pretty effortless. Stump grinder would be great for a
Christmas tree drill and if you have a machine like that that you can maneuver
around the field and get it just about anywhere you could get in tight spots
and grind stumps out and would be a lot easier to replant and your customers
wouldn’t be tripping over tree stumps I think any nursery should consider
having one of these simply because there’s no-I can’t think of any other
mower where you can get in have good control so you don’t damage nursery
stock you don’t damage branches you don’t damage the trunks. You know you
really can get in a lot of places and you have a lot of maneuverability. I don’t know what we’d do without it Ventrac: your one tractor solution
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  1. Ventrac Author

    Good observation. When we did the interview with Mr. Oberhouser, we (Ventrac) brought out one of our machines which is an updated model 3200. Mr. Oberhouser owns an original 3000 which he continues to operate today.

  2. The_Luke_Ness Author

    Is that really mowing? @ 1:33 it looks as the machines just pushed the grass down flat, I understand if it does, the grass is a ridiculous length


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