Trickle filter for aquaponics / aquaculture.. A moving bed bio filter mod..


  1. Rob Bob's Aquaponics & Backyard Farm

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  2. Jon Ho

    Hey Rob, your videos are awesome thanks for the great content!

    Quick question about your MBBR, I'm having a little trouble getting the media to circulate evenly. My airstone either pushes all the media towards the outside of the drum or doesn't get the media mixed at all. I guess my question is, what is the ratio of media to water in your MBBR?


  3. Julia Stanton

    I love your show on YouTube I am building a small I could pawn it come on I am listening to all your videos and I think I have it down what is the best way to build in the city I live in Orlando what he is very hot do I need to put Cooling around the tanks what do I need to put Cooling around the tanks please let me know

  4. onebigkahuna69

    Rob built the first one and painted and it leaks!! lol i just bought some Marine silicone and added it 3M brand and it says it may take 7 days for it to set.Its been very cold here so i don't know how its going to do.?

  5. onebigkahuna69

    Just bit the bullet and bought my first two IBC's and the guy asked me what I was going to do with them and told him Aquaponics.He said a bunch of people that buy from him do that and he showed me his Aquaponic system. That was the first system i have seen outside of watching videos.I got to see his Greenhouse and his raised bed garden also.He is a big fan of yours and Murray Hallams.


    Would appreciate if you could assist me on the relevance of a biofilter and how to procure (source other ways in getting) beneficial bacteria in controlling algae.?

  7. Ken

    Looks good👍 Have you ever researched IAVS? It's aqua ponics but uses sand as the grow medium and supposedly eliminates any need for additional filters. I am working on building one myself to see how well it works. Thanks for the video.

  8. Pradeep Senanayake

    When I saw this video I get mad complicating.Maybe because I can’t understand how the system work because I am a beginner

  9. Shane O'Reilly

    Hey mate. I’m trying to set up a filtration system similar to yours, I’m just a little stuck on the bio filter and aerating it. Do you have a video on how you put your filter system together? Cheers.

  10. Daniel Casares

    The problem you had was an alge bloom. Use phosphate remover and the water will clear. Your welcome. Although idk the effect the phosphate remover will have on the farm so good luck!

  11. Dade Pomsouvan

    Try using media pads on the top of the filter, it will catch all the debris including algae and it will keep your water crystal clear without using UV light. I have a trickle down filter with several media pads on top and it keeps my water crystal clear. You may have to clean and rinse out the media pads every few months depending out the size and quantity of your fish, good luck!


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