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Tropical Hibiscus Year-Round

Tropical hibiscus make a great
patio plant outdoors for the summer you can see these unbelievably large beautiful blooms they make. They come in a variety colors as you can see just a couple examples here. Tropical hibiscus are very vigorous
growers they will bloom profusely throughout the season if
we give them adequate nutrition and water and then come fall
they can make an equally nice house plant. They may not bloom quite as well during
the winter months but yet are quite the client indoors whether it’s grown up on a standard or
as a shrub hibiscus as you see here. When you take them in in the winter time,
or in the fall you want to be sure that they’re
relatively free of insects because things like spider mites and aphids
might be a problem. They may also lose a percentage of leaves as they readjust to the lower light levels in the home. But as long as they hang in there for
the winter months when we bring them out the following spring they’ll take right back
off for us and you’ll really be able to enjoy your tropical hibiscus year after year.


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