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Trying NeilMed Sinugator Cordless Pulsating Nasal Wash & NeilMed NasoGel for Dry Noses

hey guys Oh as you can see I’m
recovering from something I got sick it started with like a lot of sinus
congestion and then it seemed to be kind of like I had a runny nose than a stuffy
nose and they kept alternating and it hasn’t affected my lungs too much but it
started making me cough and then I babysat last night and so you know I was
up with a girl like just talking on your noggin and so then I got to the point
where like I had to whisper I was like I would like try to talk and nothing would
come out so this is the next day and it’s just ah
but you know I like whenever my voice has been out like to me it sounds so
much worse than it actually is but people love it like guys think it’s like
the sexiest thing in the world I don’t know so I figured even though this is
painful for me to do this is probably a turn-on for you guys to watch and it’s
about to get a whole lot sexier because if you see the title of this video I am
doing like a review of like nasal decongestant like like they sign it like
okay like it’s a sinus decongestant cold and sinus treatment okay so um so let me
show you the two products that we’re gonna be talking about neo med okay all
the new med products I love like I stand I’m like you know beauty gurus might
want to be sponsored by like L’Oreal and Morphe well I want to be sponsored by
NeilMed. I’m a big fan of the neti pot if you
guys don’t know what that is I suggest like looking that up that’s like a
really good start do you know if you have some sinus
congestion and then I upgraded to this like the neti pot that comes in a spray
bottle because like I love like intense stuff like I wanted it to be way more
powerful you know you’re really having to like take it like you’re taking it up
the nose like I don’t mean anyway sexual I mean like you’re squeezing a bottle
and it’s like oh it could hurt but I like hurt so good cuz you’re like no
you’re like getting everything out so you know I went to Walgreens with my mom
and we stumbled upon this so this is the SinuGator I hope I’m saying
that right like let me show you guys what this is it’s a cordless pulsating
nasal wash like before with my squirt bottle I’m already like oh you know this
is gonna be like pounding my face like so bad so I’m just thinking this is
gonna be so funny to try and then once you know like you do get everything
cleared out it’s kind of nice to like put one more treatment spray up your
nose and so that’s where this um that’s where this uh Nasogel for dry noses
comes in just because over time and you’re blowing your nose and like you’re
sticking the tissue like up like that skin is so sensitive it dries and
cracked so easily this is great for any each one with the dry nose so these can
always be used separately I’m gonna be trying these out together and let me
take you guys on my journey with NeilMed even though it’s by Dr. Mehta I don’t
know where the NeilMed came from so we’ll be starting with the sign you
gator cordless pulsating nasal wash I think well I’m right here with you guys
I can just open it okay Wow so like right off the bat you get 30 pre-mixed
sachets this has kinda like the sinus friends like salt that you put in so
that’s really cool because I think the others only come with a few so
just wow okay thanks like thanks NeilMed and then batteries included I love
that but if you do need to replace them three years kind of a lot and then oh my
gosh I was like it’s all little carrying case like oh my gosh so cute so cute
okay smells really plasticky but that’s okay doesn’t smell as bad is like Amazon
stuff you get like that stuff can be like oh so bad I feel like I’m how’s my
lighting like it could be like a little brighter in here come on there we go get
some white light um okay the one thing that’s kind of hard is
like when you’re doing anything up your nose you need to have sterile water like
never never ever use tap water so like also you need to properly clean these
things so I’m kind of confused how that’s going to work if this is
battery-operated like I don’t want to stick the battery part under the water what’s this rubber thing is it for this
maybe oh ok so here are the instructions I’m not gonna have you guys watch me
read these so like hold on one second then I’ll help you guys out okay Wow
everything actually seems pretty easy um even though like this is kind of scary
like how many pages this packet is I thought you weigh more complicated but
these are the three items that are going to be touching the water so you always
need to clean and when you do open it for the first time remember you have to
extra clean these so what I did was I use like dish soap and water and just
like made sure that was all rinsed through but then I had these little like
mini pads of like alcohol wipe things and so I did these head to toe and they
no longer smell like alcohol on the front you’ll need to pop this in here oh
yeah you can pop it all the way and then on the base I don’t think there’s like
one way that works better than the other maybe I’ll do this way well this is a
little no it’s not that bad okay yeah it’s all the way on okay I thought that
would be troublesome and so you’d fill this up with water and make sure you do
the salt solution because your body’s not meant to have water no matter how
clean it is like up your nose like it needs to be like a formula that is
compatible with your nose kinda like with eyedrops you put actual eye drops
in your eyes you don’t just put water in there except burns okay let me bring you
guys to the bathroom and let’s try this out this is gonna be so sexy watch me
unblock my blocked sinuses but at least like I’m showing no signs of like true
infection maybe just like a little bit of blood so it’s not gonna be that gross
for you guys okay welcome to my bathroom don’t judge I kind of have my station
available so I have my water one of the pieces I got two salt packets and then
of course I have my phone because while I’m doing this maybe I want to text
somebody you know or send them a snapchat so first wash your hands yeah
I’m on my knees and this hurts so bad but okay let’s get the salt packets in water I think I’m just going to do like
see like about halfway just because this is so extreme like this could be the
death of me I don’t know what to expect
oh I don’t I want this salt to be stirred I guess let me let me stick this
in and like stir it some I want it to be pretty mixed I’m not getting the bottom
oh but I see it at the bottom you know what I washed my hands this is good
right again I feel like the reason half but you guys are selling this videos
you’re just waiting for me to shove this up my nose I we all kind of like that
right okay go oh now I’m kind of wondering like
what happens if you and all like this water come out
instantly um let’s try it but like I’m gonna aim it towards the shower just to
get an idea like the pulse because I I gotta know okay
whoa whoa whoa did you hear that oh wow nothing looks too intense so okay I feel
good about this kind of I’m pretty sure I’m still supposed to be in that weird
stance you do with the neti pot where you’re like lean here lean there so I’m
gonna try the best let me I want to really have you guys be able to see me
do it because this is where I get like the views Oh like I gotta give you guys
what you clicked on this video for here I go um this seems so weird okay I’m kind of concerned I didn’t
serve all this water come out oh I feel as if that’s dangerous like it’s going
up a different canal wait oh you know what maybe I have to fill it up with
more water that’s why because when I go sideways is not any not straw okay my
bad open that back up okay okay here I go Wow what hell like I could feel like it
felt more powerful then the neti pot squirt bottle I want you guys have like
a close-up of this like I’m going on my phone now so you can see like the true
sinus congestion coming out Oh like that huh oh my god I don’t even
want to show you what I just put on my nose oh my god okay guys are you and to
see that but at the same time you’re welcome so it looks like that I still
have quite a bit of water left I don’t know if you guys can see but I’m kind of
like done for now like take a break you know all that stuff and so I’ve been
just letting the water drain out from my nasal cavity just before I move on to
the next step usually when it comes to this like you
might find water like in certain canals that you had no idea existed so you like
bend over know that whoa thank you and the thing is it’ll either come out
your nose and just drip and you can’t control it boy don’t go down the
backyard throat so you got to watch out if you’re not like not experienced with
like the neti pot or anything so usually it kind of like have a tissue and I
stand in front oh my gosh I’m dripping again sometimes it’s best to do this in
a shower those is like the grossest video I’ve ever done but just because
like a little like the water solution can get trapped in certain canals maybe
don’t do it right before bed because then you know oh oh oh my gosh okay so I
think I need a little bit more time to a drain but because of this like do not do
it and then go to bed because you might end up going to bed with some like water
like trapped in certain pockets of your nasal cavity and I think with that is
just going to breed more bacteria so I just need a little bit more turn okay
now I feel so much better so it is time to try this which is the NeilMed nasal
gel for dry noses spray and this is just like a typical sinus rinse that you know
it’s gonna be a whole lot less messy you don’t have to take this like with
something like it’s better to do a sinus rinse before but like you don’t have to
it’s like what’s so great about this I already opened it up so um wait I can’t there you go Wow okay so I just do a one
to two sprays so let me try this out I’m going to shake it a little bit because I
know it’s like a premix solution okay I did one kind of deep and now I’m gonna
do one that’s kind of like starts at the rim just so when i snort that out like
it can also like make sure to touch these walls wow it feels really nice how
much to say about it so right now it’s kind of annoying because you’re gonna
feel like yeah like a runny nose and you do but it’s like mainly this solution so
and you know you want to wait just a little bit of time before you blow it
out I know it’s annoying but you really like need to keep the solution like up
here and here so you know like when you’re sniffing it up like what it’s
like starts draining out you just have to be light and be like like like keep
it all right here cuz like you’re going to benefit from this so much okay let’s
talk about this I’m like dirty bathroom floor so what I recommend the meal
bedside negator cordless pulsating nasal wash yes the only con that I noticed was
that like you know like if there wasn’t enough water in this and it’s tilted the
hoses are really going to get to it you have to fill it up more but to me it was
just so easy to filling it up because you’re literally twisting it and then
like detaching it like it’s just such an easier method and like imagine when
you’re done with it and you need to sanitize it
the sanitization process is a whole lot quicker because if you’re dealing with
let’s say the neti pot or the sinus rinse look I told you I was a NeilMed
fan you know that usually I feel like I’m always having to wash these with
soapy water and then I let them air dry and then what like they’re out of
service for like a couple hours but this one looks like it has a much faster
turnaround time you’re just dealing with the base now the pull scene might be a
little too much for some people but to me I found it so much more relaxing like
I in control I felt like you know if I’m
going to be going through this weird sensation do it right but I will say
like this still won’t be for everybody so let me talk to you guys about these
in case you guys never been introduced to like the original neti pot so the
neti pot is good because when you make the solution you’re able to use it all
gravity with how it works you’re using the entire solution that you put in
there the only thing is is that it’s very slow and smooth this is good for
people who are sensitive like that but I noticed that for me I start getting like
freaked out with how long it takes I panic and I always end up by swallowing
the solution and then throwing it back up so not to scare you guys like it
works like the same science but it’s just like so slow takes so long it’s
just I can’t do it like I’m not about that now when it comes to the NeilMed
sinus rinse you know the squirt bottle form you can have it more powerful than
this but so many times like I’ve made it too powerful where even though I feel
like I’m doing a really great job with the sinuses I don’t feel that great
afterward like I can make it kind of sometimes sting which might have to be
doing it with like how I made the solution but I just feel like you were
able to make it very powerful and at the same time you know you can only use
about this much water and then when it’s down to here like you can’t really
squeeze it out of here anymore so that part is also like a little deceiving
with how the hose works with this I see I do want to talk about the NeilMed
Nasogel for dry noses since I used it after my nose is
actually feeling really good you guys saw my reaction to it like no pain even
though no pain no gain but I still know no pain so I will
continue using this just remember if you have a sinus infection and you have used
for daily use when your sinus infection is complete replace this oh hey guys my
camera battery died so I’m on my iPhone what’s new so with that I hope this kind
of helps give a review of like the different
sensations however like I will recommend every single one of these NeilMed
products because they work it just depends on which way works for you so
this is not sponsored but if you guys do want to purchase any of these things
I’ll link them down below cuz you can find everything on Amazon or just like
at a local drugstore thanks for sticking around to watch this really gross review
of the NeilMed sign new gaiter cordless pulsating nasal wash
I appreciate it if you guys really want to see more reviews like this you gotta
let me know in the comments because like I’m editor is like and I see it not
being hot so I really got to know you want it for me to post more and don’t
forget to Like subscribe to join the fam BAM I say that already I don’t know okay
love you mean it bye


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    Btw: HOT SEXY nip slip @ 18:30

  3. Mr. Baghdad Author

    Many times when I try to sleep, one of my nostrils would not breathe as well. Could be the way my pillows are made when it comes to sleeping with you back neck against it.

  4. NGOZI AGU Author

    You tilted your head so far over and that's wrong. You should just bend you head a little bit to the opposite side to allow water flow from the open nostril. Nice review though. I'm sure you've figured the right way by now.

  5. Jasmine Moelans Author

    Hi maybe you should read the instructions, I do not think you are getting the best out of the product this way at all.

  6. Alfred L. Pluche' Author

    "Wash your hands!" runs hand through hair, can't reach bottom to mix "wait I washed my hands" sticks same hand run through hair in water at least it doesn't have to be sterile

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    This has got to be the stupidest video I have ever seen. All I saw was some dippy teenage sitting on a bed rambling and rambling … and the I gave up.

  8. carleyii Author

    This is crazy! You didn't read the directions (look at the pictures) at all. There's no need to tilt your head at all. Keep your head straight up and down like normal, that's the whole point of having a motor that shoots it up into your sinus cavities. Get a good seal, press the button, it will shoot up into your sinus cavities and come out the other side. Just tilt your face a little forward so it doesn't drain down your shirt. The tube can only suck all the water out in an upright position. You only have to tilt your head with the regular neti pots and some of the squeeze bottles etc. You also used too much salt for the (half) amount of water you put in, that will eventually overdry your sinuses. After you put the top on, you can swirl or shake it to mix the salt. Fill the reservoir completely, use half in each nostril. If I have a really bad sinus infection, I use a whole reservoir for each side. I hope my comment doesn't sound too harsh,.. I was cringing watching this. Just remember, with the motorized ones no head tilting is necessary. Hope it works well for you.


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