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Tullando Farm

Primarily focused on cow care and cow health. Come on, good girl, come on, come on time
to get up. My name is Pinky Tullar, that’s what everybody
has called me and I really work you know the first half or two thirds of the day and then
when the kids get out of school my focus is the kids so Nate can have his focus be on
the farm. We have the Lely robots that milk our cows
24 hours a day 7 days a week, the cows pretty much milk themselves. At the time we put the robots in we switched
to a different water source and the way they were behaving it was like the cows didn’t
want to drink the water. We’re very heavy in iron in our water here
and we knew that but we didn’t understand all the consequences it could have. Tullando is a very unique farm in this area
because they have such great monitoring of each individual cow in terms of their water
intake, food intake, how often they’re milking, what the quality is and so forth. So when they initially contacted us they said
the cows aren’t drinking we think it’s directly linked to a new well. It’s a pretty simple equation, water consumption
equals milk production. Manganese is a feric metal just like iron
but it has a particular taste to it that cows don’t like. Our goal is to strip that out of the water
as well as in doing that fixing some other issues hardness, iron, things that would affect
equipment in the farm. All the water goes through a big water filter
over here to remove any fines, anything else coming through from the well. It’s designed for 25,000 gallons a day and
I think we’re in the 18,000 to 20,000 gallon range. We saw a huge change instantly, overnight
basically, in the robot room all of our sanitizer was working better on the brushes that clean
both the cow and the lines that clean the robots. After the water was purified you can stand
there and watch them actually drink the amount of water that they should be drinking. You look at it and you won’t drink it, don’t
give it to your cows, that’s a huge part of cow comfort. If they’re more comfortable they’re more apt
to produce a higher quality milk and they’re more apt to produce more of it. Just walk into robotic barns where the cows
are just doing what they wanna do and it’s like yeah, that’s the way these cows oughta
be. I’ve already talked to couple a friends and
said I don’t know if you’ve had a complete water test but I’d call these guys and get
it done. From day 1, they were incredibly personable,
easy to work with, straightforward and you had a sense that they were gonna stand behind
their product no matter what. Our goal always is perform our work to the
best of our ability and make sure that when they walk in and see it, it’s a show piece
of quality. When I hire somebody in here to do a job I
expect that it’s gonna be done to high standards, everything was taken care of and they did
what they said they were gonna do, I was very pleased with the job they did. Addie sat with them for hours, hours, she
sat and watched them. It’s all about making sure that our customer
has success in what they’re trying to achieve. We’re raising three little girls, my husband
and I and we want to hand them something that we’re proud of and we know they’re seeing
you know, care of the cows, care of the land, learn to be stewards of the land and the animals
and I think that’s massively important for us. Come on. Our vision is to produce a high quality
product and to support our family but to do so with only the highest level of care for
the cows and the land. I’m Nate Tullar and we are Tullando Farm in
Orford, New Hampshire. Right? Great Water makes Happy Cows, Clear Water Filtration. What’s in your water?

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