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Tunnels & Trolls live rpg war in new lands 68 Farming for Experience

please end me oh here this move this I
don’t here I got you this so damn it no Devon what is it you’re looking for okay
hey let’s see what no what were you wondering so I don’t forget yeah so I feel that those in and do
another room um yeah I’ll fuckin navigator you are he’s wondering where
the boat is Oh we’re on the air now huh
we should be on there does do you want to put out your symbol for the team or
shadow to die for okay you guys are here between that area
because you guys went and looked at the graveyard but refused to enter let’s go
back what okay make sure there’s no stray
headstones yes you know is anyone hurt yes yes okay how much 1 million by one
point in the three from two different we’ll see sing I’ll play Connor what you
get the booklet on I’ll call for you Paul three minor icon is around con oh
so you’re talking about some peoples yeah 11 I’m one ENC back four and 14 on
the other just yet rinse that 22 Zephyr atha comes
over Tokyo girl and touches your alley so it wasn’t subway season someone might
use I saw you put it in your mouth what the
times I’ve heard that okay there is where you are
no on the graveyard it seems so far so we need to proceed it’s really like that
if you go if you stay on the road 4 spaces otherwise you get to go three
spaces because the road actually speeds you up that’s the whole advantage of the
road road again and you guys are kind of camp right on the edge of the road so um do you know what you see or do you want
to hit to one of those locations there are two you can see for where you are
just five looking things or movement even but because it takes like well a
quarter of a day to reach some of these bucks where are we going here the captain down
the road or to that place to that place I see I’ll grab my map cuz it’ll tell me
where you’re going umm uh-huh oh don’t go there you’re go
blind not again yeah they told me this would happen and
then I’m going here on my palms you’d be happy to grow hair in your face but not
anymore no this elastic do try not to go any
hair what’s your so what you’re completely Shh um you confused me I
should be wearing glasses with my god it’s like a shot before yeah you forgot
though didn’t you of course we could forget I’m not the
best artiste okay come on we’re sick now that corner
looks weird looks weird real adult content here on this channel
what relax I’m busy looking up stuff what are you looking no don’t be scared
I don’t care doesn’t help you find section 14 baby boobs over again without
experience points right yeah octopuses that’s square octopuses square eyeballs
on pupils that’s weird goats two athletes or two octopuses
that’s weird somehow they’re related so that’s cut the lululu oh I guess I could
say so Santa wait he does I know know that members that would be terrifying
could you imagine he sneaked by your house you sneak up on Santa Claus he
turns around he has my kid squid eyes he’s like or film or just yeah isn’t your film
yeah there we go or adventure or do they have to save
something saved oh yeah saving Santa squid that’s the name of it
series coming to theaters near you okay squid Billy how that shit was yes people
watched it I know I was one of the same you know it was it was okay what do you
guys see off in the distance but from that location is uh cooking a farm again
she kind of like behind some trees guys go ahead and proceed yes okay yes um
everyone make and intuition chip intelligence yeah yes sir
let’s go int oh shoot is it what am i dice Oh she’ll get in I don’t get any
dice did we ask that earlier we got there ducks
yeah fuck you bitch product or when you left the house one day thank you your IQ
is 18 plus whatever your old to die six animal doubles until you hit a three and
if you hit it or to no one maybe you know to anyone yeah to me heart explodes
27:33 okay how about you and what you get oh yeah oh you know I’m thinking
this always I’m sorry I’m sorry you shaming him on how he’s taxes day no
I’m just asking 30 30 30
yes you did days you guys get closer to the place you you hear a buzzing what kind of buzzing we talking here
like when I asked for the telephone okay gonna do it I just did one this is
actually for each audience okay I always sit first little 25 okay
someone’s like mean six hey guys there’s insects up there you’re
all like hey buzz are you so loud what you say what do you guys wish to do where’s my cam insects huh you go up
there insects yeah I’m gonna light a torch Jenna see where they’re at
okay they are okay as you’re getting closer it’s getting louder
well it mean that’s how a lot of water um you get there and you see most the
barn that you were looking at the top of is destroyed but there is a large Wow
honey honey come like subject something shaped up underneath most of the house
about the size of Moses place are they big bees big be in the mornin
yes as about three of them are like suddenly heading towards you guys anyone
doing magic Tim the bees magic first n range then people with big bats before Hey not anymore – yes you do yeah I was
again you’re not playing him fighting I was focused on the role more than these
than the outcome outcome and everything yeah suppose they are about the size of
that but they’re still like the size someone’s hit and flying that would be a 20 25 30 35 35 or higher on decks or
learning archery skill 35 or higher on decks or 35 an archery skill which no
one does are you just running at the hive or you
stay back okay okay
ranged attacks who hit mr. Rowland damage and
Oh well first of all everyone’s doing a
tackle for physical don’ts good thing yet we got rid of just keep your numbers
to yourself you wanted to decks off of that yes that’s before you roll damage
is all yeah I’m just basically blending on the visa
yay hi dad 36 just made it fairly do I roll
anything to us for what I’m just spending out the B’s at the border um
you can roll and attitudes offense governor you got ahead of my daddy hello
how much is a torch do oh that’s right you’re swinging the torch yeah yeah um
I’m gonna say just go to tie 6 plus your personal response and then that that’s
your defense sensing your shield and all that that’s a big that’s so big she said we are being nuts
we’re doing nothing I’m still waiting to hear from ranged attacks I’m lighting
bees on that okay did you roll the hit yet what were
you doing ranged attack I have my room well to get physical or would you roll
roll two nine six plus your decks what do you roll on your decks there
yeah before you roll combat well dammit well 156 what were you doing rolling
ahead well you kind of rage with it you’re not doing what are you throwing
your sword yeah yeah that’s like that was like me who hit those goblins swords
I can’t people yeah well I got rid of those yeah you threw them all
no I was like okay one take 34 points experience all know ranged would you
know he’s not new his reach okay because you see now I get to roll I
can’t do any no were physical you don’t have a ranged weapon physical is swords warhammers touching
range yeah stuff like that range in clothes we wear combat Johnny’s a Spears
crossbows so that’s what you’ve been doing this all time you’ve been running
up to women going Sumerians combine it all this point well you have to bees
coming at yet I have my number eight oh go for it first
426 okay anyone else taking this rap go for 22 okay okay 89 okay and huge defensive man was
trying to fend like get the bees to go away okay you don’t have to worry
there’s only two and these four jumped on him rainbow right bees about size
someone’s head okay pretty big bees yeah think of the size of the honey holes a
lot of it it’s just leaking out of the building I hate it I just need to do
that yes that’s what he always does every time I freeze please freeze bees copy thing
yeah when I was younger it was beer and gaming or Bacardi 151 actually for me
yeah Gaming then it got to be well before that that was pokin gaming part
of the hose Kevin no I was never part of any coke you know I’ve never even seen
coke 45 on my fries please okay 45 damage okay hit it dies going
into 35 so that’s a magic attack I think these ivt today only one can
down per your attack so what do you do for your free six okay another dead one
that’s 34 points three others left who else is going
I’m bar another bow okay my dad says honey everybody but he’s leaving now so
hey just leave your phone on so everyone will think we’re still being watched like it subscribe here you need another
Dex first right yes to hit the first shot 48 got it and I got 159
that’s 159 it’s another dead 132 boy 34 points okay what the B meet what Oh
34 34 49 and what you get hundred seven seven everyone gets annoyed there was
three years – let’s check 22 points those three those three four there was
for 22 22 for all four of these just oh yeah I got why the oh I thought you were
talking this time leaders yeah your shield and your I told him many times
can I told four times to everyone but you know or not enough yeah no reason
I’m like you he’s close to a level are you leveled up coz so you get how many
do you need for you next level double yeah what do you you’re just right
around the corner or a couple field battles will get there maybe a few
million that’s C oh yes 70,000 that’s – what was it 45 yep that’s 25,000 roughly yeah
then 25,000 divided by 34 that’s 735 of these damn wolfies that’s a lot I set it
out not like the bee’s knees huh I think this time certain today what Cory I
still see them is she gonna be there for your game or not no Thursday he has to
work I’m sorry what we thought but that’s how we should ask okay anymore
come out why are we fighting these again because right now they’re attacking you
how at this point you’re here these are giant I know honey
yeah okay there’s about I’d say 20 30 yards away from us yeah no from the
honey oh that’s how far we are from we’re cool you warming him up here to
spirit that’s right that’s when there’s a problem and
there’s hot cocoa yeah it’s coffee Oh a mocha mocha coffee with marshmallows on
top you know why do you think people will put whipped cream on top of their
coffee because they’re too damn good to sake marshmallows is the same damn thing
yeah they just won they won’t admit it much because they’re wise you put them
on there and they melt what the fuck do you have do basically what thing pretty
much but you can’t be seen eating that gotta be a worry or what other people
gonna say about you like by his dick must be big to walk around drinking
cocoa in the middle of day yep people think BTR they can’t accept who
you are you told me to be in your life I’m the person
your mother’s warned about your father’s no I’m not I’m not into that that’s the
person the dog what are we babbling brook see what’s so good sketch or
something no no he has a name hey hey put the condom on you know little thing
you said that problem I hate it when that happens
look at worse yeah oh when you’re about ready to going crap in this house
somewhere that’s the reason to have Adina’s we’re just like yeah okay you
know I’m sitting okay yeah she’s done fighting bees x34 and wait wait wait
what’s wrong with it 134 pardon me 34 you missed you need 35
so don’t worry about three of the other number can i light the building on fire
no please are you yelling it out loud yes yes what are you for the B is gonna
understand me like oh shit she’s gonna burn that no they don’t know hey hey
nice she’s gonna burn oh we’re just gonna leave sorry we
didn’t know what you were talking good line with your Lighting’s I’m sorry I’m
sure you have some brilliant pieces of literature yeah we can’t eat too much
honey or else we’ll get the physical attacks oh yo for the three B’s coming
at ya okay you guys got this I’m gonna go like building the bees away so we can
get to the honey that isn’t burnt already
it’ll be fine yes that’s all I mean and it tastes disgusting you never know there might be somebody
that like really likes Berk honey smells tastes like burnt water yeah water you
can’t get in any you can’t burn water I just had to change the light bulb but I
want to show which one was off which so I start pulling them both when one
didn’t pull the light a couple times and I think quit spinning I was pretty sure
which one on physical attacks what’d you get
I’m lighting the barn on fire that’s right you barn right I’m not sick yeah
okay okay five what whooping are you using I am using
my double-bladed at right are we surrounded by like six plus three things
that would also catch on fire let’s start like you each like a Slugger yeah
three there’s some trees there’s some plants too
or they’re kind of greenish okay what’s okay wait Buster Queens just got more
copper – okay five more come out no I lied you just look like it oh no it’s
just – never mind I got it looked like – and they joined back to you I’ve come
out of the three roll to 40 – okay he hit okay see I’d take another 34 also
you could get 34 for less from experience we take my letters
take these too you guys take it on the last one is three I’m trying to light this barn on fire
but I can’t clearly I don’t know normal Oh actually look at my van and that I’ve
been in your van yeah Lexie found Phoenix it’s a car yeah well it’s gotten inside too I know that would
help and my car’s not whole see one day these ranges for the fun of it they’re
Stimpy’s you take three four for the last one it’s quiet out there is that
all we ran into yes so far building she didn’t get to it in time she wasn’t you
sure she was kind of worried you know I mentioned this tree next to it was gonna
go up well I decided that I was going to make a pile of brush like underlay what
you’ll probably have to brush these two are gonna well these people all the
people were supposed to hold them off while I was doing they all died though
yeah well you know I get right invited and there’s like wait it’s awful quiet
yeah boys anyone want to approach me you know just runs up and slams his face
into like one of the honeycombs like that’s a taste that’s a taste that
they’ll never go away PDS wolf it tastes like be asshole in
here you will you go running the order I told
you yes you can see some honey sticking out like between them you how like older
buildings get like the cracks in it well the wood shrinks but you don’t and you
can see kind windows but you can’t like actually see the full oh you gotta like
open one of the doors oh my gosh come on open the door you open the big old doors
right rubies luck roll we’re 6:46 sherbert poor thing open and out drops
bees yes for bigger bees boom bum like you know warrior bees and behind them
this is the biggest queen and you’ve ever seen it’s uh the pine cones of
death you got a boom bomb well you got four of them nearby you in one still in
the bar mama or the one in the bar
come on bog okay oh how many points off your points it’s only okay so first you
just need a second level rule to get regards little but I did it yeah I’m
working on I’m rather high I got well it’s kind of hard well you know the
only person here who can’t let her live is Bill he just goes for a note hey good
baby has put it up and bottom yeah he just goes from the no denture adventures the gummy yummies it’ll wet you the rest of my life
without knowing that no I’m gonna take wait Robin the level would you know
that’s a lot of negative levels I’d have to work through he’s back down to zero
no does he know no no that would suck that age has got Alzheimer’s he got
health and Alzheimer’s I forget 300 years of my life oh okay I’m still a kid
I’m older than you that’s we’re old are you 112 eldest I guess you’re not brother you tell me
you’re younger than me are you 39 well your honor than one matter I’m the
second oldest dwarves that don’t matter at all this that’s what the 35-year old
dwarf keeps telling everyone but you know yeah doesn’t matter once you get
past a hundred yeah oh that’s just experience rips you just
called a minor seen big bunch Falls was underage don’t serve any
only 32 come on now well thirty nine thirty to one hundred and twelve hundred
and nine hundred and five hundred and one he’s just became I’m not old I’m
experienced yes all I have to say is hey you’re fighting all these guys alone no
one’s helping you the pointy penis patrol your throne did
you throw your yes okay what’d you get oh I got 65 can you hit that much boys
damage 20 okay you heard it well first of all right okay anyone that’s fighting
this round right next to it sees four against you guys the other ones back
further one two three five six I accidentally rolled 1098 points damage
I also times to fight ten cute his comment to his role was bull that wasn’t
good I’m the one with the arching degree yep
have a degree from Performing Arts which actually could a few other fields in the
two pieces you know you have to have three fields covered I’m out of dad I’m
not a singer though I am I can somewhat how you do lo says what she felt that
she said excuse me she said you’re excused
I said is there an excuse for you she said because I’m cute and then Devon
said oh that ain’t goes that ain’t go so well now did you know no matter how many
times he explains it still feels okay no oh we got spoons rolling for damage
against these man warrior be me I thought the bees in the beetle County
yes okay do you have anything I got a number okay give me a number I am – 65 – 127 did you hear lots of dicks
he’s full of range I got a 30-30 and I got 164 there you’re shooting at the
Queen yes cuz the other four – close – Rach attack cuz they are already on you
okay you got yours what was yours – 36 was yours 109 then what was yours
okay now that this is over I will express to you how this fight
went first of all you’ll get 44 points experience and second of all I should
mention that my role is barely covered over a hundred eight every time my my
B’s the original ones fought with four dice plus seventeen so you guys like B’s
pop hi you guys yes you know we could have always made like a really big like
place well it doesn’t matter right now what to have her own to have the B well
you have to find new beats well yeah but we if we didn’t kill the Queen we could
have kept her for four purposes and then I feed him to the bees inside the barn
you encountered the killer bee Warriors dead and the Queen’s in and kennst they
could sting multiple times tough time but didn’t matter South half of the barn
has been packed with wax which is the patching the material that clogs the
various holes in the barn walls there are also honey combs there are some
honey like big chunk suit in the honeycombs what do you guys do
okay yeah cut like how much do you guys parabola anyone have vials or someone
carrying it happy George you have a jar here’s a jar to take my vials wonderful
yeah one jar dang it and I killer bee honey sure how about you
nothing killer you can eat some rain why not you guys can eat some yeah I’m gonna
try it too I’m gonna do that too okay how many how many containers do you
have three vials you fill three yeah so nice little yes Oh what do you got there
Susan tinker oh it’s honey here look it up check it out
oh that’s killer bee honey yeah yeah that’s almost as good as Sephora I don’t
know what that means oh it means that he’ll shoot oh I was
hoping you were gonna say it gets you hot can you say it gets you high as fuck
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah honey bee pork your jar honey bee there’s no so lights
in there wax oh you made candles with that way
eight oh let’s use the way Jesus you could use the wax to make like
personalized like bombs for your boom Bob like Hank wouldn’t be like haha yes
what do you have to keep the wax in it’s also sticky sorry you know
and so are you I was already make a low crawl do you have a plastic bag like you
know I’m like a half sack what is this speaker sell them I got eight vials like
your poster files or whatever album can i buy them from you yeah she
check my records uh three copies deal okay 24 copper sign them off and you get
eight jars of car killer P honey actually it’s the honey that is that
healing is sir that which was only closest to the Queen yeah it’s what she
feeds the bees with you’re gonna have to take the cover off my hand okay don’t go
over and open on here and open a barrel society string key water put your hands to it so now you have a bunch of honey
jars unless you don’t get it she falls on them all she gets stuck to the ground you see the hatred man hey hey hey will spread get rolled i6 okay yeah the next encounter where are
you going from here me back to the road another thing Oh trick me over here yep
wait can I can I harvest the be meat be meat we’re even it in and you know about okay there’s a big wall it depends which
one the smaller one the uh yeah sure what happens are the ones who came after
wait they’re probably have pretty big legs don’t they how would you here yeah
about you make Pike have a right leg leg suckers look like crab leg kind of size
okay I’ll put those up actually okay I’m gonna cut off like their heads before I
take their legs make sure that no testing six of them the rest are all
crunched up by people cuz they over killed everything there’s not a feeling
that has more than six cuts in error lettuce belay Lexi she called Pozzo I know yeah easily killed anyone that
they have or the Romans do catch it Catholic Church yeah Romans this is the
first they can’t wash their hands safe look I washed my hands I’m not guilty
how can we send any serial killer to prison yeah I’m sure they’ve washed
their hands at one time or another I wash my hands of that I’m not guilty of
those crimes topical ooj symbols yeah that’s too far so we don’t want to talk
about that that’s the sense of so great for some people well what’s that actor
that who beat his wife that which one the one that talked about jail all the
time was that being Crosby Ben cross-media being his wife well being I don’t know if he used to do Jay
commercials back in this oh oh I think you mean curses for Oh Jay yes late now pretty straight is dead
yeah boy might be interesting now yeah oh good
okay as you guys approach that area but it’s getting evening we’re gonna need
first you mountain make it a six role and then a toe makes it by six role or
four okay it’s getting evening but before it does you see that this
location that is a grove of willow trees growing a soggy ground atop a high water
table the willows got shelter a great tangle of bramble berry bushes wine
ramble berries are like blackberries but there’s a good chance you’re gonna hurt
yourself in your Big Jim but it’s like a pointer to I have gloves yeah going help
ya blows especially your other one doesn’t need a glove you have other
glows I do well I have I have an extra one I don’t need it yeah yeah you like
what’s kimochi like why do I have to got a little bit the press for a second like
the window anybody want a single left-handed glove she’s got little use
for lifting I have a single left-handed leather glove or one they probably need
forget it I don’t need any remember for a while I didn’t have most cover looms
are edible huh our actual worms quit eating them do you
want one good hold on you want one they’re gonna dead to ask okay how’s
your approaching there’s some movement over by the bushes Thanks all right take
it now bye to the hospital what is this place look like I went through the whole
description I know I’m sorry but you see where it is he would follow the bushes
you have to get to the bushes through their things shoot move it around yeah
you know maybe there’s a bungee your head towards the bush yes to make a look
roll you are instant Gator hopefully you make
your own okay he got close enough to notice what is in the bush yo my ears
hey Navin notice you there we go bush they’re eating the berries they can’t
smell the honey on us up to the berry you
I barely do you hear a loud bear sound louder than you maybe it’s just echoing
through the valley oh they’re around the area run off they look up and run they
run by you I look into the direction that they were there’s something I jump
on the bear and write it out hurry heading that way that’s it’s about
you’re looking at its back and it’s like ten feet up
it’s heading this way it’s like an elephant coming this way it’s a big bar
you can’t see just still coming through all this stuff hey high up in a tree
you take your tree okay climbing room or roguery I also have
wilderness will is survival and I hope you finally walk off
they will show you if bramble berries are edible and they are you already know
35 okay you climb up the tree what comes through the foot where to the rest of
you you heard the route loud noise she’s uh they don’t send a head of a tree are
you guys as close as she was or did you let a toe go all alone uh hey you know
ran ahead of us so at least a few day when we run ahead with a toe no ok ok
you’re all back some easy where do you what do you guys do as a toe starts
climbing a tree how do you hear a large loud bear yes boost your mind to the bush yeah the
only bushes nearby er where the berries are good idea maybe I’ll find something
I’d behind if you want to hide anyone that wants to hide make a luck roll stay
away from that area like I’m gonna go hang out next to a tree near the middle
our way you can’t go in for a little kind of away it’s too far away by that –
move it – you betrayed – get – it’s out of range the one that has coffee and
there’s a power rage bubble in there that also 17 it’s dark it’s actually got
coffee in it I see this should be on the top shelf should be but where is it
close the door oh there’s the pumpkin spice thingy need that okay it should be
right behind ya there we go now up in the freezer everybody is mine was that you have thanks did you want a cookie
again no I already got two I’m just asking what the Flair’s cookies Oh
as per your request it’s an idea for the edible cookie you could not eat my
neighbor has stated she can make chocolate chip edible I do like
chocolate chip cookies so she can make those as much as I love peanut butter
and it makes me sad that I can’t have those because of my girlfriend so I was
Rory yeah I liked her tonight I start smoking because mine starts smoking
again so I guess she wants to smoke she’s really jealous that she can’t
smoke as she works with the government job
well we’ll change that soon Bernie’s planning to make illegal all the way
across the country yeah talk about you know people possibly being fired for
their gender and also well they prove that loss well they’re there in the
Supreme Court right now yeah she’s going for the piece off what is it there but
you know who put people in that Supreme Court that’s the word yeah he Trump’s
150 percent his cases there well wasn’t sure it was I guess public companies the
giant thing that’s coming out of the brush it is a Kazan bear oh you want so
it looks like right there it was the picture was done them better um they’re
much bigger I find it is it is it Kenai tame
while they’re about the size of a van know that I need to find a mate teach me
how to ride on a giant-ass bear it comes out it’s got a longer snout in the front
and it actually looks like it’s got um almost like tusks oh it looks four times
as large today the Bears it comes out and looks around and smells around then
it stands up to about 20 feet looking around the area it’s really closest you
can take a look roll again and then you get to make a look real clear out in the
open yeah huh he’s like wanting to go after the three cuz I didn’t I okay make
a look roll the two more part hey Eden hide so what is he gonna do luck roll you are mine
thank how much that lets you work here I mean honestly I know I smell like honey
I would feel bad he was after the berries yes yes but I figured again I
didn’t think he was gonna come after me cuz I’m after the berries and I was like
if I was that bear I wouldn’t give a shit about us I like three berries well
you got a thirty the honey comes with bee stings yeah
so they’re there go away but Barry the bear can actually eat the berries here
and never get hurt but that may be a skin okay actually counsel over here was
this kid oh my gosh can I just the friend is that like I
can’t get in there it’s like um charisma the fuck out of there hey hey well he
looks around sees the people where they are some people where they are that are
out in the open no bounce the smell to be the ones he sees and then drop back
down and and start stealing start rooting through the bramble berry bush
see guys broken he doesn’t care plops down in in certain berries I’m gonna
know I’m gonna go learn that the a neuroscientist spell oh and then I’m
gonna come to tame that have fun probably get myself killed but she said that’s so inspiring to say hey your head
again well think about it came to tame then thing yeah and Mike your field and
the process move get a new toy that’s pretty much
like that that’s 40 I would need one more dice to roll from this thing like
combat ooh honey 408 if we’re not we’re not fight we’re not these you guys alone
it’s not worried it’s got 400 points of con that’s not
bad 41 400 points and it’s combat is 41 dice
illicit 700 400 yes I am so glad we didn’t go so good drink oh wow
as what blood drink yeah Kazaam bears their family viverridae their colors are
orange and greenish so they help just camouflage although there’s some god
damn Pig what the fuck – wait okay you guys decide to ignore that area he chose
to ignore you guys okay so now well actually problem is it’s evening you
guys push on to some camp somewhere or you want camp here by the bush we’ll
just camp there okay thanks to the giant bear yeah that’s it
at least we’re guaranteed we’re not gonna get fucked with shepard by the
baby is someone rolls around i know we’re going to assume it’s a better Oh broken nose was it me was it me this
time I would have done it now willing you you’ve heard players almost kills no
I’ve been kicked you have been attacked by another player I got out just like I
got nearly killed me a few times you just right I was Buzzard
yeah but that was the trying to stop you know she intentionally kicked me who was
it like in that first like cave that we went to that light knocked me out
was that you Vince we met at all no bill stole my stuff knocked me out he knocked
you out stole your gold and I knew he saw the gold but I didn’t calibre him
though he’s the one that could be why I tried to kill you yeah my hands to
number today yeah yeah that’s broken when it freezes me get target that’s
what she said yeah you know it gets smaller that’s what he said yeah that’s
the excuses so evening oh yeah oh you good cuz we wouldn’t have to check with
what the encounter was we know what it was there’s like what you got who smells
like honey I’m sitting there making little Watts pig ears from a little
hollow balls or the pins wait boom ba boom boom yeah unions just sweat it
so you okay you could take a small little thing okay there’s a problem with
that what you have to damage the shrapnel your shovel is wax but what you
can do is now you have a magical form of plastique you put the wax into something
and use it to explode it like doors and stuff
and you can use you know rounds for guns in there and make it a shrapnel
oh just metal or yes fire links go to a metal someone that works with metal and
yeah some metals like these you have some filings around yeah before they
melt them back the other way you still want that sword I mean I have shrapnel
but what sort the obsidian sword oh I still have it
how much nice is it three what zero okay cool what hoop just someone are you guys
campaign talking about trading weapons yes I know I kept totally spacing that I
had that weapon for Lexie yeah oh wait I have that for you my scimitar is 46 plus
0 errors yeah but it’s not like you probably oh yeah so you can make it that
almost forgot hey well hold on to it sort really I was facing off thinking about swords hey where’d you just camp got that spot
right yeah okay there we go I was just catching here with you see those
mountains yeah which actually which is why I said
originally I’ve kind of started about to move this around some because it’s
reading work that means for mayor bitch I’m not a fish she’s a bird do you like
fish sticks yes you’re a fish thank you I thought
that was going to ask you know I will get hit the blobfish now that’s what a
gay fish would say because there’s don’t really talk they just kind of little
group true come here I’m gonna cobble that dick okay but where you are that’s
what you see now I’ll let you know there’s one area nope we got those two
yeah oh yeah we are caught up on stuff there’s next morning down the road yep
okay one two three four is it like a I mean one they follow the white wine
and Dionne roll won all four of you rolled I say I do six okay did I get the
magic number no the large wooden hammer okay are we in a pine forest yes
whoo let’s fix a point comes I love working like that that morning do in a
funny chorus where it smells like really big honkin ones that would just hurt
normally to get hit okay thank you you know you know the ones that like had
like the spines like at the very end you know those over here snorting the
crumbs off his cookies you see snoop you got a smile oh what’s the thing I always
knew he had a nose finish and either a he’s laughing through his nose snorting
through his nose shooting shit out of his nose yes someone’s nose thank you or
he yells no and you swear to god he shoots up at his nose as he farts no
nothing will pale in comparison the kitchen curry will bring you a cookie to
work get a job you dirty hippie he has a job the funny thing is I don’t I am
still though that Royals nothing will fail me Harrison that day what you said
it hey let’s have rot worse no and Bill’s knowing full well what
that fucking sauerkraut will do to his inside I didn’t smell yours at first
until you woke up the next morning he’s started long before you did
I got it literally smelt has been hell decided to come out you know hi I’m
Satan whoever put this Jam module together man weird order No all right bro I got this chicken oh well
that would be my head aah growling 8 1 we don’t care everyone enjoying it this
story so let’s game well enjoy the part
stories ok I love parts I Jamie middle enjoy farts you’re odd I’m like oh you’re the edit what attitude no up
ahead is a camp on the side of the road camp on the side of the road yep is the
fire going yes it is an active camp it’s at the edge so you guys you can’t buy it
or you can camp next to it it’s basically what you need to know I
need to know there’s nobody there there’s someone there there’s a fire
burning there’s a fiber fiber whatever you guys learned I don’t remember the
words choking you dear yes I should’ve said
things earlier to other people too it didn’t send anything all the way
through okay okay so I mean what does the person look like that is near the
fire you guys get close enough to tell it
before you think yeah why not I have a ring of Farsight I’m going to
use it in this okay Sophia’s space away because three spaces are full days
travel for yeah so it’s like a third of the day we got a sniper’s scope so one
two yep that’s exactly at the point taking the road will get you to there so
you’re about a day over a third of the day away Oh
four hours away and with your sight thing make it a children’s role on it 25 you just had to dice on your table and
you like freaked out oh I roll it 25 and then I went to like move it and it like
flip today okay I understand you see a guy wearing a robe fire by the fire
released kind of road no it’s not red Kenneth dark green color it’s Gandalf
please no I don’t like you know fun but you know but there are times that man
should have just said hey let’s do this instead yeah his thought process you also see a
couple other people moving around but I was like the main went to camp he’s got
some people that he seemed to be told what to do
what are they seem to be doing well just campaigning dinner right now okay are
they human yes Farzin tell from here all of you heard well I’ll give you the
funny looking since birth damn beer it was the one guy to fire has a beard
looks like an older gentleman I know but your character wouldn’t know we eat that in the first that poor actor
dies in everything that he’s in so you’re all sitting there all right about
four hours away looking waiting to hear from you have you told them everything
as odd okay no make sure how to translate the information as you were
saying it I was sitting it whoa-ohh so the question is she couldn’t hear
anything they were saying not from four hours away
no my theory would work no way she basically she had like equal to a
telescope that’s what the ring does screw it I’ll walk up it’s good
what do you think I always have a handle my axe okay why do you always think I
have a hand that’s a sledgehammer max that’s not a sledgehammer it’s my dick you guys approach you’re the first one
come up uh-huh guy at the fire it looks up it
yeah hey friend what do you guys want oh we’re just wandering by as well sent
you to tinker go ahead and pull up by the fire here all right the guy that’s
been riding with you guys in the wagon oh yeah yeah having him around elation
good cover for us nobody knows were gay he’s so straight
that he makes everyone around him yeah yeah man that’s straight
yeah like Fred from scooby-doo it’s like pence everyone around him looks
straighter by like 20 degrees yeah what time we got no okay you came up to
the room he says go ahead and sit down and join me for dinner just stay away
from my stuff and my beautiful daughters three you notice he has some food
cooking over the fire but he’s like rotating it across the air with magic to
like cook his food so you’re not to use a stick be some sort of mage what level would you happen to be worth
if someone say what are all of your attribute points added up into one score
mm-hmm I watch a game okay just a rough for those who know you pick we’re gonna take a break I
think weird but there’s the black hey it’s my
stuff so we take a break all right get down nobody gets out I’m coloring are you doing do it on that or and over there anywhere
you want easier for you issues I’m the only gay person this my entire
mom’s side of the family for like the past three generation statistically impossible
they told to admit it I honestly think so it’s a lot of them are in like rural
Idaho well which I was terrified they’ve read bark see yeah yeah yeah sure yeah I know I am too
she is trying trying so hard to put her husband to take care you slash your boys yeah better I always go ahead no it was Matt earlier day yeah I was
earlier today my throat still hurts slightly well I guess everyone then I will wing I just inside my shoe oh really
oh sure we should do wasn’t gonna go on that’s all although you little bill that
was the third one – just put it off right at the beginning after the first
go before it got into it okay and I will try to do so okay so while you’re at the camp they
move it yeah dude there’s the magician a bodyguard and an older gentleman maybe
the father of the magician a couple of goons just locals not like quality like
the bodyguard guy just couple thugs that he hired looks like they could have been
like people from that town you guys beat up most of you know the they’re not
bandits but it was another name for that group
banditos roots well there and then basically they were they were thieves
and then a guide apparently he’s heading the other way on the road but you guys
came from do you like inform he’s like well where
are you guys been like weird where you guys can travel through over there so
yeah I saw you guys coming but out back far that way to go I mean you come from
up further in down below you or you know right from the oyster Shoals he’s
willing to exchange information we say we kill him
I’ll make a charisma roll the dude said did you hook you up and down morning leave it to the one with the name that
actually sounds like him you know what his name’s giant horn for top snakes
it’s a family name well maybe it’s what the family was
known for so bad he’s has an elbow no it’s just probably mistaken as an elbow
it’s actually a knuckle I just put it behind you sure if anyone could see
behind them it would you okay um well I came from actually over there towards
the mountains I was uh basically a hermit up there studying me at magic see
what I could find well heard of an item of power somewhere
out back from where you guys came so I was wondering if you guys had heard
anything about a sword we had that thing in our possession some
like sort of some guy it was like a tomb of his it’s in a town that was destroyed
long ago we help them we’re not going back that way at any time but even if we
did it’s locked permanently and even if that guy didn’t make it for that way
he’s so on that direction anyway and we’re going to nothing a major would
have any way to undo a magic walk yeah any level-7 Loctite yeah but still I’m
just saying he’s acting like it’s sure thing he can’t get in if anyone might be
able to yeah so if he does get into the level seven one he’s already got it and
gone there’s no way are we gonna be yeah he’s also gonna be dead because that
curse well we don’t even know if it’s the curse of the sword or it’s the curse
that curse so I’ve been through Ginty what are you guys talking about here
pyramids there’s none over there hello is this a
isn’t some pyramids over there um it’s just the the ruined Hamlet Hamlet okay there is a building that
looks like oh okay thanks anything I can do for you guys oh yeah well let’s see
and he will tell you how did you spirit I’ll put it up this way and there is a or something there I should say help
fill in some of the map there you got there no comment what so back then yeah we
were head we already covered pickles today okay new subject green olives oh gosh
black holes I prefer green like honestly black olives are boring with no sharp I meant have you ever had
it with like a look inside okay jar that if you lose nobody cares and from here yeah there we go okay and then what is there is what
makes ready to miss anything cuz it doesn’t fit exactly it’s real close
cuz I’m gone you know just things have moved around seven one page too far they’re all
sticky whoa it’s dead honey no some young some
young teen there we go well up there is the well what’s left of
the Church of quad s that’s where I got the story from somebody used to be a
follower over there was once a dominant faith in the kingdom of drum yatta fewer
than in fewer count themselves as members of the Church of the white
Cuates clerics of the church proved to be unable to stem the tide of a plague
or died ministering to its victims and fewer yet to protect the parishes from
the presentation of bandits and Brigida that was the word of a brigands and
monsters like many other churches the cathedrals in the Grand Duchy this
church lost his last parson as’ long ago because quants the constable is not a
follower of the Cuates and because his followers are of dubious deity
there have been no attempts to restore the place to its former glories now fire things won’t do another oh it’s
the old to build the new Turner I’m pretty sure when we fix hold on to make
this film check something because what’s interesting is that building you talked
about it’s uh it was a church because that’s what we just left but buildings
shaped the same way but in much bad condition I assume what you’re saying it
actually still has furniture but you know there’s vines growing into the
windows and stuff looks like there’s two levels to the place and there’s a
basement somewhere and that we were just looking for books and they didn’t have
anything down we need to think they’re bonded so we got eleven what we were
told there’s a basement somewhere so what do you guys and actually I should have been one trade here too
because it goes from there to force all the way to there and you guys can’t
cheer so you knew already I marked in red the place you’ve hit the graveyard
you didn’t really hit it so I put a red on one side you guys can hit on the way
back or you can actually go to never go back wizard check there the one that
dealt with the roses sword generators wander off you know gets very worried
for your safety not from any bad okay um you’re pretty sure from the reaction and
what stopped with the weather and everything going off it was obviously
the whole package deal as far as the prison and if the prison is cursed there
might be a chance that someone took time to cheat curse the sword too so you’re pretty sure they but also you
know unless it’s night time you guys will know if they find it because it
will go dark yeah the yellow hoodie kill yeah yeah go kill
that H now they uncurse that sword you sitting there around noon gets dark and
you’re like ah guys we go who kill mhm we know where he is yeah and next
morning now we should put you guys in the camp spot so we can count the places
he said he traveled for about a day to get to that church the church not from there you can only
see a mountain for one space away so technically you can’t see these
mountains but I’m being nice to him dear because there’s actually something image
written there something you want to check it out well you guys we should do a church do
you wanna go somewhere else would be accident somebody I’ll get this right okay so
we’re we who let who rolled the last encounter check so your turn you and you yeah with you men
yeah and then he so he was Jeff you would roll three drop six would you roll
six okay and it’s nighttime but one two three you can hit that place by there it’s starting to get dark
um you guys could a set up camp out here or be just push yourself into the church
camp there let’s see there for the night I need to sleep no damn Church we’ve
heard about you okay rain the Bears raining bears I am more excited to sleep
indoors than worried about my life does she wish you just walk over yes somebody
tied me out it would help her feel so much I would feel very maybe I would I
would learn my lesson for that one for her learning it is you have to roll
against her seduction more ways than one only if I wanted to
well no it would be remember who has the power I just have two more charisma well
that’s right it’s all about the bottom Addison
and like an S&M relation is true that’s the one they can stop everything with a
safety word the one whipping can’t call a safety word Fred what what the zippers
hurting my ass hold on my hand is getting award is the AAAS or has anybody
seen Oh last time she came in she was kind of like she went back that way and
she she looked like she was like dejected already by the fun outside she
didn’t even go off the porch last time so I think she’s getting too cold
I like when winter starts eating the neighbors across the street put away a
bunch of their patio stuff yeah okay because that’s like they put things that
were like displays they had like bottles because it would probably fill with
water and then shatter when the rain it’s okay I’m the sounds when it’s gonna
be a bad one well yeah okay first one well I said you were all of these you
hear this I think set in a semi-circle of time on trees this ruined Church
seems to have been abandoned to the elements some decades ago it was built
in the shape of an X each wing approximately 30 feet long 20 feet wide
the construction from fitting white granite blocks of wooden double doors
granite pierced the end of the northern wing he’s already gone yeah pushed no I got
crop-dusted okay god it’s Donny they’re white wash up walk mostly weren’t away
to reveal split and weathered wood beneath arrow slits our space 3 feet
apart along each swing but these seem to have been covered over with leaves
cobwebs and foliage which appears to have been unmoving or to me and unmoving
you met forms sprawled in the ground just to the west of the double doors
dump or go hard to the front doors now let’s see okay so it’s the plus sign big double doors
stairs yep you’re on troll now she’s like whatever sit down yeah throw 9:30
now it’s 9:15 yeah she comes running in three cuz that’s usually when we take a
break but she’s got to wait a little bit here is that skeleton yes I well I was
like asking if that was what it was in the picture and it’s a very good
skeleton okay yeah I’ll go check it out yeah okay I told you throw look put dice
out there she has to have a bigger one cuz she’s pregnant okay Intelligence role for someone else
looking I’m you’re both poking it with sticks yes but if you roll a 2 and a 1
it’s a fumble Jesus stop anytime you can stop if you
want or keep selling or yeah you don’t have to oh that’s a good end to it yeah
jeez 47 47 you are sure that that’s a Hobgoblin seems to have died within just
the last few weeks tasting about it no look at Steve looks
like Daria been picked clean though only a shirt and britches are on looks like
there’s a bunch of blood stain puncture marks about two inches in diameter big-time um so you’re just looking down
there double check his body or just kind of
look I think I think somebody checked it good enough like head on like rubber
gloves is like okay going in like someone who looks like they are
basically had an armor or getting a shield and a weapon earlier but that’s
already gone yeah arms been busted off when they took this sword all right let’s go inside it’s been a
few weeks they said from the smell okay with you yeah let’s go inside
okay okay closed doors you’re open the door Kia six plus seven is 33 okay
smash it breaks open actually the the door works but all this stuff that has
grown over and stuff oh you gotta bust on through that yeah so you had to make
a string pull first level but then half you break it free the door actually
swings open hearing it creak entry hollow this church is lined with square
columns approximately eight feet apart the floor beneath the columns is covered
with a closely spaced white marble tiles and the ceiling is wood heavy beams
supporting the planks see these twenty feet away
between sandy and you see above it there’s probably on the floor from what
you tell outside okay let’s go explore our new our new
temporary home okay both you guys really my torch out get the fun of rolling a
dice for okay or you’re both dead yeah we did it yeah either way we shared
experience that’s what matters okay oh you see up
there like wood benches Oh pew pew pew pew no Laser sounds right
now for one wrong game oh never it’s actually a character from the DEA agents
animated corpse it’s called le cadaver little cot yeah we’re seeing that for
you okay in the center of the room is dominated by a raised circular guys 20
feet in diameter 20 feet tall white marble stashes atop that once must have
nearly reached the ceiling likeness of a female humanoid but it’s been heavily
battered missing one whole arm and half another with chips and chunks missing
all around it appears to have four necks each of which have lost the head once
attached although stone curls still dangling the
statues back one of the broken arms ladies at the foot of the of the dies
the hands still forming a holy blessed sign of the goddess Kadosh palm outward
and thumb and index finger together little fingers extended with middle
finger held to palm he was fill the area to eat
which is where you guys came from behind the Dyess a ragged filthy curtain
hangers lifelessly from the ceiling screening whatever’s over here so
there’s a curtain right here and over here are more of those views keep you
that’s where your lower back let’s go right up the crack this lot you can wash
your hand afterwards overall the so you see there’s some
people like some skeletal bodies like laying over the pews in that like people
died in here by two one slight bitter place I like that statue but this area
is more empty probably cause you got search our bodies down the other two
sides okay big fat one we take two ties put it together what
the guys are too fucking pussy to go in there guys you’re watching everybody I
go ahead can camp outside go running out there go inside put yourself at the
stairs really following me okay anyone else showing up okay no like hey we
didn’t see anything in here let’s ditch him you had that say hey you look at all
the guys go hey hey hey stay right there do exactly that
guys check out these pews real quick just to make sure there’s nothing no we
just like make our way there really quickly don’t look behind the curtain
boom do you guys okay um let’s go with a dye 20 or no we’re doing issues of speed
check two days six plus your speed what’s not smoking what it’s I had to
stop myself from what I was gonna say okay you really sucked that down didn’t
you Rayna hey no I’m not going in okay anyone else okay who else was here yes
let’s eat is outside you off Coralie afford to be haunted
porn keep going do you roll doubles brother hey she doesn’t want to be first
I’m ready for bed oh he rolled at 30 3000k so but first of all you get your
first anyway Chris yes we just had to go behind the curtain you guys both your
side go behind the curtain right yeah we’re getting away there okay Nikki boys
dress either somebody grown or something
vibrated near theirs or both the Grammy Curtain conceals the southern wing of
this church an empty room with wooden staircase leading up and down otherwise there’ll dextrose duct rolls you guys
earlier did not tell me okay you both made it okay so now we’re back in two
initiatives will start with horn and fuck don’t sit on the stairs what do you
guys do you’re right now at the entrance we go with the stairs I can’t see it
anymore but there you are Warren goes into Oran you go into the
church okay what you see are months of pews raised
ice in the center a curtain behind it as you guys get closer to money gasps come
here kitty kitty yeah so yay ghost okay 24 these me well then
tell you what sort of mother used to say used to say 24 studio tell them to stop
it she’s dead tell him to stop it you tell me he was dead when you sing is he
considers to thank you when I said you so sighs okay if he’s
still saying it to you have a ghost right
okay the stairs climbed to a 20 foot by 30 foot chamber a hallway leads out to
the north there’s a large pile of rags and debris in the southeastern corner of
the chamber beside the stairwell it’s a sec citerior what do you want to
do I mean good thing that’s not you make it a sex otário looks over there says I
think it’s a sex tutorial anyways I’m just trying to give her a tow to come in
but making sex only yeah yeah this is our master plan it’s just enough to come
into the church you guys are walking what a search around in the room yeah in
this room so those rules to that six pleasure Tilton’s y’all ready twenty-nine okay oh oh oh you failed you failed you found
a cracked goblet it’s almost equal to nothing you found
that pile of clothes were apparently the religious or America robes for whoever
used to stay here but they apparently dropped them all off here on the way out
and then uh there’s a rusty dagger looks like it has a symbol on the back kind of
like the statue you know kind of like yeah oh you two downstairs what do you
want to know there’s a bunch of Jews here with skeltal bodies on them and
over here – paddy hurry yeah they’re in the basement yeah no there’s a basement
yes oh we’re nowhere in the Arabs or up
right behind that so you go across the dirt downstairs yeah hey how about you oh well you gotta go check if you want
you want to go to one side or the other okay make a luck roll yeah plus your
luck kick up wanting you to go down the hallway just say one doesn’t make their
music as much okay that’s fine
you got on to a spot and you set up camp and these guys could go get themselves
killed without you yes so okay so um Oh issues Reina dry upstairs yeah
okay and you go check that side what you make on your luck roll no okay
roll two dice six hey look my nice thank you then Ken okay he gets just gold or coins roll of dice
6 again 1 1 silver roll three days six anything you
found the donation box 15 it’s on 15 silver pieces where do you have your mic
that’s a bright silver I already had some okay upstairs you too yep in front of you you
see you know there’s upstairs there’s a opening and what you have is okay one
two three doors and this is like a solid wall just like this little hallway here
from upstairs door in New York so you pick a door what’s the closest one to us
ah we’re going to dwell it’s over here okay okay go into that one both you guys
make a luck row too hard Yukio too hard I did pyaar too
hard I gotta free the door resistant I refuse your your advances
okay what you okay she apparently pulled on the door instead they get stuck don’t
worry we didn’t mean to make you look stupid okay small chamber the you enter looks
ruined there’s a pile of broken furniture in the center of the room
flanked by two small mounds of shredded cloth there’s an exit on the opposite
side of the room makes it both you guys make a tell them Sorrell seemed kind of
like get a general idea of what this room may have been otherwise you just
like a room full of stuff 27 okay 27 will tell you this is once looks
like it used to be a reception room or an office okay
next door no you win oh yeah okay Fox and horn watching Fox
is gonna go downstairs yep make a decks roll thus he broke his neck be a noble death he wasn’t drunk
33 Silver Fox what 33 33 you make it downstairs we live to experience another
day merrily the stairs descend into a long 40-foot chamber the cellar there’s
a door to the southeast corner and a passage exiting the West now back to you
guys upstairs number two anything you want to go back
to stairs or you wanna go check the opposite side yeah okay twenty-four okay
you notice um stuff hanging from the roof site works differ from the other
side but you also notice it seems to be a lot of it looks almost like someone
jesus said the building yeah take me you’re not there you don’t want to know
how upstairs hey oh yeah we’re not talking her
talking to James he’s over here now I know but it looks like what you
thought was a body stuck to the inhale laying over the top of the few was
actually hanging from whatever it was stuck from I searched the body for
okay why what 21:21 the first hole okay so roll two dice six right roll doubles thank you
what yeah oh wait what’d you roll nobody wrong everyone see what kind of
would you roll chamber do one okay that’s if you want to reroll but a twos
better than any other thing else you could roll the two means you may have
found an item okay you feel this down you know my have to
drive home kill my back okay um what I need to know
yes you rolled something else you found you like found another possibly treasure
all those things you fed a ring
I’m role as I six it’s a copper setting and oldest one added Isis to okay it’s quartz you found a quartz ring
on a cupboard setting in other words roll on this I don’t see how big of a
gym it had come in this one okay it’s small you’re guessing it’s the
whole thing it’s worth six gold pieces so do you want it okay see our copper
ring with a quartz on it right down if you want it’s worth six gold chefs are
you’ll never find any 105 that’s a cheaper spring you can ever get why does that sound like something you
can sell them a husband he just doesn’t give a shit about his wife anymore I had
to make a point one to get divorced and I just chill you in the middle of that okay copper ring with clutch you had a
bigger problem though your indigestion no a spider dropped down on you
giant it wasn’t just make a luck roll you
you’re the one that was attacked by spider that was all those things hanging
down from the ceiling with spider webs put their giant one – yeah – thanks 22
watch them recently and it’s actually a funny way – first of all you know what’s
coming at you know so you got a rule combat the lorax spider power I watch it I’m just saying it’d be cool
if I think about this and then to like just like eight arms I guess to have to
be or two sets of legs to sit do your tax on my tricky thank you boys five yeah well you heard it someone not a whole lot but
he heard so he didn’t hurt you that’s a good one now we’ll finish the fight
that’s do that keep going roll another round kick that
spiders whatever spiders have afternoon Flores de Vence visited daddy
longlegs is there a habit sharing section because
it is not a smarter brighter day long legs are real creep nazar my name’s the
eyeballs from Jonny Quest yet to buy it
I used to have the movie yeah it’s a TV series I know actually you can probably
find it on let you can find it in a lot of places ourselves I’ve seen it
like I’m like watch cartoon unscripted won’t buy any of that one well you know
there’s Johnny question 76 what six yeah okay now you’ve done ten more points
damage he doesn’t did it started sinking you just did it again
no but he is getting weaker because he’s not make
okay so now I’m only rolling four dice he’s getting weaker everyone didn’t leave me alone here you
wouldn’t had to do this whispers there’s your boyfriend sit outside sharpening
sticks wharfs do weird things like that
sitting on sharpening six Whitley I say quartz I’m not talking like big
diamonds I’ve done course it’s too bad as a tiny Yankee 90 you’re
killed a spider takes 64 eggs once it’s costume jewelry yeah freeze it
except for plastic we were self yeah no um back upstairs
you guys go pass to the other room or you want to turn around yet there’s room
on the opposite side of the room you went into no that wouldn’t require a
silent but deadly moment we’ll play those we don’t run outside
that’s what killed the dot love Cathy situation extremely you know the doubt
left pass incident bunch of Russians were passing on the mountain oh yeah
they all had to like to escape from their tent now we know what caused it
thanks art yeah they’re all like nuclear meltdown bill you were there no okay
we’re not doing that yeah but we were explaining how telepaths in heaven but
we go on with this situation you guys go into the next room luck
rolls 41 okay and she gets the door you know
you’re failing when I ain’t what I’m doing I’m doing you hear squeaking
sounds from the next room there’s some squeaks walking in there all right let’s
go in go in rat yeah you know unless it’s tensed urges it’s ten sturgeons
don’t Sturgis what’s that basically in India in Tulsa trolls you
could say 12 or 10 blood bats Wow this close that door it’s gonna close that
door both you guys make a second oh oh look roll make sure nothing got out 49
did you break it 25 you should break 25 you made a drunk
you like up nope room that’s 12 I’m gonna take good luck my foot I’m
gonna take chocolate for the backs on that door just so the next person might
think it’s important so lieutenant goes yeah look maybe I’ll draw a bat like it’s the Batman logo I didn’t want the
best understand I was talking about him downstairs you can read that very
literate downstairs there’s an exit door to the south northeast corner of this
chamber there’s a great amount of refuse in the center of this room consisting of
torn and shredded cloth various kinds of sticks and even furs and animal skins
and you hear it growling we didn’t feed the dwarves what do you do Rowling yep
oh she well like any already that half of the room huh and you were heading
over to that half of the room before you even got there they’re like here
growling there’s a warning almost now there is an hour in another area but the
other door you’d have to go through that room to get to what are you just go
upstairs to the site I am frightened go and see what’s growling tell him to
throw it with a stick although we could assume what 31 4 2 1
well then you meet you saw the walls there’s five of them this is their home
they don’t feel like letting you battle time points add it up here Safiye yours challenge the walls with your pants off No they’ll be scared of the try now ah well there’s five of us
that’s a lot make a luck rule that’s a lot of teeth yeah you’re gonna see how
many of them decide not to attack you the first round eight okay forty-five
one attacks you the other to watch or for watch they’re into it they’re
feeling watching that guy coach Killian oh yeah ready to see this still up
jumping later well I will though one of them go out first for it you know that’s
the water / first of all physical distract while
the other was no sneaking around trying to find openings that they can last we
can see a kill the first one what you get okay so you kill the wolf 58 points okay
rolling dice six six okay they all coming at you you should
roll away that’s evey mean warning huh
I had no choice in the matter on that light out we go kid she’s upset
kill us all go get her admit that break her baby yeah oh well if you like really
yeah but always okay kitty wants to outside soon Stingo up with us or here I
didn’t call her either dick been doing that what there was yet
yet my daughters are all set to tears huh my doubters he’s both sides of
cherries there were xx Scorpio if Tina’s mom in Scorpio you get along
with me so well 1:56 maybe it helps that I have a sick twisted mind how much army
have armor armor 67 plus take 13 points on your time no kidding um you want to
scream for help maybe I can come running in yeah I’m yelling for help that roll
on keen hearing to see if I hear funny over there Oh 33 he was part fighting us
fighters so he’s busy why did you get 33 can’t you heard so you run over to the
stairs okay the speech chick married guys you guys make into a
intelligence role see if you hear that’s work down in the basement or not the
dwarf the elves work already 23:23 okay that makes it this time just give you that to your southern
border hi started with all this extra space fantasy map ends there but I had
room for the church yeah you heard did you bake your oh yeah you didn’t hear
you heard someone yelling for help in the basement this is after you guys
found the note bat room like I’m pregnant
I’m not going down the stairs again I just went under them I’m not going she’s
gonna wait upstairs let her go alone well I mean I’m not gonna this wait
there I’m gonna explore more okay so you can do this I’m I’m I’m not prepped you
proud to run away from something that’s bigger than me I know it was smaller
than you well I like bats are smaller than like blood bats they outnumbered me
I just don’t fuck with those 165 yeah four of them okay what’d you get what’d
you get better than what and then 68 watch your armor you say it again 60
something 65 plus take 27 points damage dead deer down to zero so hold on you
get through critical rope chain sighs nice no she died 10 probably gonna be
done even in this game yeah unless someone rolls it critical or a fumble
then I pull out the bad guy dice everybody’s how you lost your foot last
time yeah we’re going for the other one 1616 how
much you down negative right on zero right at zero actually it’s double damage it’s a hard
hit so that puts you at you get your zero
with five days rest negative 54 no you got deserved – 27 –
27 – yeah except what’s the actual damage so basically that up to zero
would be that what again what you can’t start it Mike on yeah 25 but you have no
I’m that Tompa um oh you’re conscious of what yeah wait five you said away roll
two dice 6 + 25 because it knocks you below the low blow 25:31 do good enough
to make up for the difference and you have a specialist level because you will
for the same number at the beginning oh you’ve lost that’s right mm-hmm but
you still have the icon you made the roll but you’re bleeding right now you’re here where I put you
negative 27 okay wait yep I’m waiting for somebody to save me your head down
the stairs and you’re hitting here oh I guess I’ll go down the stairs it sounds
like you just got the medic yeah yeah but he’s busy fighting a spider uh-huh
no he is yeah I’m over those steps that’s why I put you no you’re not
you’re here now no yes because everyone’s doing their turf fondling the
statue and then you do you decide to check the next room or you decide to go
down the stairs which one of us well he’s someone upstairs you can’t you
look for a little sugar go downstairs you take you three turns to get there really
okay well currently heading that way and you’re ready after that you make an
intelligence roll together see if you heard the scream while you’re busy
playing your spider friend twenty-eight and re-roll it facial 28 28 yard telling you for so he
was pretty damn loud I’d say baby second level so you needed a 25 because you’re
in a middle of your own plans no try all for bitch you Oh God you’re being chewed
up I mean the you shoot all over basically you’ve not done they’ve not
taken a scratch yet they just jumped you and they just started chewing on your
body parts no they’re having dinner but he may live after me he comes up the ass
um speed check for Reina yes should I do it too well there’s a problem you have
to pass her she so will have all right it can only go as fast as she can yeah
so she makes her so you can try it if she doesn’t oh I guess you can have one
too but again depends on how quick she is she may be already there top take a look sell the one another one or yeah thank
you what well you’re down there and you see
Wolf’s chewing on his body I’m going up 26 I’m my pregnant ass hobbling down the
goddamn stairs 31 okay so you didn’t go tripping down the stairs just I’m just
going to very slowly okay it’s hard to go down the stairs when you’re pregnant
they don’t see you because they’re busy fighting they’re busy chewing on you
save and notice you so you can get one gorona apprised attack oh yeah they will
they’re doing that to him right now you’re what I’m using this do it then well she’s right up the bumhole hey now
now you oh I’m sorry there was your other hand even even if you don’t kill
them with the athletes like sitting there go I swear I saw the wolves
running off with your hand yeah yeah to cut yours off
yeah oh your archery wouldn’t it actually no we could just stick a bow in
this hand and lost that’s all I need no no arm and then just move back to hand
guns huh you guys become the hand gonna tears I mean we’d have the shields like some happens you bow break she’s like oh
great so I can’t you just pick up another one yeah you can still stab
people with smacking people Oh you know everything north of here doing
splitter you know the sad part is they only
detects crossbows in crossbow go away is luck wisdom and you guys don’t have a
lot of magical so I don’t think they would be much
yeah well I’m gonna try and learn it just they were they actually IQ luck and
charisma then with that crossbow it was just okay the docq mm-hmm doc you
can do five shots no the repeat endurance 21 how many did you kill all
those you wanted do up to five shots yeah I’m 21 – or you killed two of them thank you but there’s two still left down the see
them um what you think on your speed check 26 chance are the dwarfs in their
way now now well I’m gonna use the dwarfs yeah no it’s not dead
those two 258 twice so 116 yep under 60
you guys have problems over there around each other’s dining oh my oh my god my
fins okay what time is it people do you call people ten twelve well I get stuff
done here it will go up as you guys have all right I think well we should we
start on time a little bit tense something so bad power to go Hague we
owe you an hour to wait we wait an hour four five six and you’re the first one down there yeah
you’ll need a speed check to get in this round 32 you made it so you didn’t roll your
dice for years two guys on the church all you one at a
time all this shit you end up dying over here
yep way to go sometimes I’m tired but the history books gonna say I don’t know
about you but I’m writing the damn thing right now it comes down to that we nobly
died on the pot fighting engines who wrote it shut up clark and look to get
another page they’re gonna know look at mine but you get 106 and what did bring a kid 120 Jesus they did there are big scary
puppies there’s a dwarf in your way
no I was he was before me no but there’s nothing Oh jump jump over
Oh jumpin thief both you guys need Dex roll the dwarf and Christo yeah so yes
we’re all dice roll for you’re before me we know why the dwarf or why you made it
you let chunk with your shield are you got 21 beep these all right Oh would you
get what you can
89 no idea you were to see if you had the big you don’t have to go around each
other yeah you made a dumpster hundred the way she said that though hypnotized
58 points each um no oh a 58 HS did your bullfighting until she killed three by
her gave her other other ones earlier yeah yes yes and you know hey did you
kill the one one oh one of the five she killed two of you fought one all alone
yeah you fucked that one alone that was fine it’s when the other four jumped you
now next problem next wait take seven more points damage because
every round they no one’s stopped together you still lost the die six
thanks so what are you at you were what
negative what 27:27 and then how much more did I say six six
thirty to twenty seven see you negative 32
what do you points start up 25 so make a sim you roll on your luck 48 then you were negative 3232 roll fear
medic 31 okay Cyril 3-6 ten so you at negative 22 your what’s
your points normally okay so you’re gonna live but you lose one point off
your luck that’s how you end up losing out of run out of luck one day and die yep he still has he’s still unconscious
yeah still has days maybe except for Zipporah she could help you probably
once they get you out of here so who wants to take him out of here oh okay so
you leave with him you are at the basement yep
what do you want to do you want to head back upstairs you want look down here
okay fuck the basement reason sucked all the time
make a look make a luck roll for you though well you’re in the basement yeah
we’ll come back on this daylight it was that’s getting late yeah they didn’t
seem to help any wolves might been outside instead picking on you don’t you
feel better Hey dwarf didn’t get picked on this time
what oh not bad as you were getting ready to head out
you see some most gold here and there on the ground you gonna pick it up you find
37 gold pieces works I love clerks take a big hand big
mouth to do 37 in a row just all at once yeah completely different thing one
after another like that seen an airplane we’re all getting ready to beat the
woman that’s freaking out okay upstairs there’s two doors you guys
haven’t been in yet unless you want go back to do you want to check the room
with the X on the front I I put the X on the front
when I do that cuz you’re crazy like that I mean do you take the next door
available or the further store away furthest door away that the room at the
end of the hall make a roll I the door doesn’t budge eat something with some
strength up from the door kind of track forcing it Oh tres tres roll after a while if Dennis finally breaks
all the hinges totally another door it opens into a room of a church library
and study I thought they said they couldn’t find any books no they did find
books they didn’t go to the basement cause there was no books down there the
Western and Eastern walls are lying with empty bookshelves there are two small
piles of debris in this room and there is a pile of broken wood near the north
wall there are no windows in this room so it’s dark you do still have your
torch for as far as I know yeah okay I’ll make a until just roll I looked at
the books Reading Rainbow 28:27 ok first check because you made
twice over to two levels smaller piles consist of wood and leather book covers
and torn finding his mangled parchments and scraps of Motoring cloth the
northern pile consists of rotted broken remains of a desk and chairs that once
seated Klarich and scholars studying the library in the back of the uppermost shelf on
the western wall there’s like a shelf it’s like a bookshelf fully but it’s all
the books are missing off of it like someone’s like gentlemen the other ones
still have books like someone left them they’re like normal
yeah this one’s for the strip like of all books I’m gonna try and move it make
a 28 you found it the other field um you find out a secret panel secret panel I’m
gonna go see what’s inside that secret panel you push it and Springs to the
side and there’s a mace in there like big old Mike Morningstar YesStyle not a
chain though just like those you know spike ball on the end of a stick yeah
the Morningstar well so most of these potential detaining ball I think it’s
five plus zero unless you’re fighting undead that’s eight plus zero
it’s magical over it’s it’s it’s uh whatever was he yeah okay me okay I found a mace you guys oh
wait you find that she shows up are there any good books both of you
until those shakes it’s like I don’t actually what kind of book just any kind
of books or anything I’m really trying you guys six pusher
225 for our IQ whichever they call it was well intelligence they might eat it
since both 18 of what 25 you find well first of all I guess you
can’t swing whispers check 29 you made it you found what could be it was a
dream all right which means if you want you can check her first little spell
what you can’t Rhossili try to decipher out of it a first-level spell okay you
study for a while and you see what comes out of it but all that you choose the
first little spells or anything what specifically or this is a new one too
I got the new one to forget about that right here Oh what do you do is she’s
looking at the book do you want to go check the other room on the other side
Reina or you want to stick together what do you wanna go check the other room on
the other side of the hall or do you wanna like hey guys no splitting up is
done you so well so no no cuz she has to good at dice rolls
she’s like becoming mortal and earthy yet you’re all three and there goes the
odds no oh we go to the next area make a luck roll okay
was okay basically yeah do you like it hmm it’s just well you can see it’s it’s
a good way to create light in an area without using fire yeah crunch crunch
crunch crunch 33 you know people die from that sometimes yeah yeah what you
can’t door opens huh door opens the door has opened
yes chamber appears to abend an office or dwelling chamber there’s a smashed
table just inside the door with two small piles of rotten shredded cloth
next to it there’s a weathered and dusty but apparently a damaged desk against
east wall above it two heavy shutters which were permanently closed with iron
spikes some years ago what okay make you jealous roll 2424 okay there is a necklace and one of the
drawers a silver necklace set with garnets and a drawer on one on the good
desk you won’t take it make actually make a roguery roll it’ll be
more premium okay I know you don’t have the greatest Bellini first level there’s
a trap oh there’s a needle trap if you pull the
necklace up it like it’s attached to drawer and like stabs you in that hand you take one point damage but the poison
a long time ago would like came off so you’re good
just take one point damage okay and it’s worth 250 gold okay and you did your
book reading yes and you learn something new as the book slowly fell apart as
you’re looking through it that’s how you see they’re doing okay hey you guys have
finished that floor 250 gold okay what are you doing this time doing did
you go downstairs to continue yeah did you do a downstairs to continue checking
for stuff or do you want to go upstairs for the other to work okay there’s no
one element to carry him out so you continue where he was carried out
there’s two doors just say one you’re one more tour to one bet more bets dancers so it’s fine door opens into a
short hallway with three stout wooden doors and north wall each door has a
small window about the sport feet from the floor covered with bars what do you
I see what’s inside you go look at the things these obvious won’t make it tells
us wrong action see how this so did you have a real woman yes he’s he’s seeing with what he can
see 29 okay all of the doors are like corroded
rusted you know stuck shut but through one of the windows you do see something
shiny in the floor in that room and the role was basically to tell did you were
you able to guess what this was this is basically like a holding area for Trend
Grissom’s gets the faith or other victims of lunacies this is where they
lock people up yeah do you want to try finding a way to get into the one with a
shiny stuff on the ground or not yeah okay how you gonna do it my fave a few know not doing magic slow
these heavy dishes getting into the door while the doors stuck
good trick brute strength try strength it okay 39 okay takes a while
lot of banging a lot of noise but you finally get it open and inside on the
ground you find a three gold chunks looking closely at them you realize they
are three golden teeth worth about five gold pieces
ApS Lupino Beach 15 whole grand total for ya for gold teeth take it right down
three gold teeth worth five apiece so what do you guys do upstairs that
you’re telling me I’m gonna go back downstairs and like set up a little camp
area over there not by this area over there yeah okay yeah love s’mores and
stuff you have one more we will actually have two more room down in the basement
it’s gonna head on to the next one suddenly finds the sword Excalibur this
dank chamber seems to have one sit in a kitchen large brick fireplace in this
northeastern corner of the room next to it is a pile of debris of some sort
there’s a door in the northern wall what do you do
– kitchen it give you more intent and certainty of do stuff for you say adds
kitchen a smelly okay go across that remove it into the
next door make it one roll 23 23 ah luck won’t be strong enough to get
you in this one anywhere this door you start to pull it and it look you start
to pull you see it’s kind of grown stuck to the stuff that was in the door like
there used to be where the food was stored it’s creative life so you open it water to 2.6 Pushkar 3232 okay well I’m not changing but you
don’t get sick you don’t you but it stinks do you want to force it close or
do you pull it all the way over you open a nigga straight overall not smoking
critters looking for UT then y’all like now this place takes down some reason 39
peace comes out oh whatever walking by you’re good you sure strong
with your fake babes a week ago I pay it this week so now you’re outside you go
through all that six they encountered there five beer all right so you guys
camp it out oh no well yeah you are stories about him he
almost died he haunts the basement I heard there’s once itself an English
name a silver fox and he died to the woman in the basement he haunts this
place now late at night he is still occasionally Hannah Rhodesia
let’s hear many other right now okay what time we got bent I
think we’re good 20 to 40 because then we got at this point of view army
marching here this will be good I’ll put some red over there so we know we we go
that’s where we leave off but you found southern half of your map area oh but
you know I think that mostly that mountains on this side kind of follow
that side up so it’s all the air somebody not that much all right Oh your phone hey everyone
we’ll see you later weird – like subscribe and vote for your
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