1. Glen Burrows Author

    In some cases veganism is considered child abuse, maybe that's why people are concerned.

     In Belgium, for example, a vegan diet isn’t technically prohibited for children, but an opinion issued by the Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium that veganism for kids is “unethical” will make it easier to prosecute parents who impose the strict diet and whose children have health problems.

  2. THE GLITZD Author

    Personally my reaction to the ad has nothing to do with any pro/anti – carni/veggie stance. My issue is that the parent is submitting to the whim & fancy of a child. The key part of this ad is the emotive line 'I love my meat but I love my daughter more'. Puuuurlease! She isn't old enough to have a well informed legitimate opinion. He should grow a pair & tell the precious little princess straight out – It's good you have an opinion but this family & the world doesn't revolve around you. Mummy & daddy love you very much but we are in charge & while you live in our house at our expense you eat what youre given. If you want to be vegetarian then you're welcome to do so when you can buy it & cook it for yourself. Until then you can either eat what you're given or go hungry & we'll give your grub to one of the millions of other orphaned or abandoned street children starving to death in the world. Children who don't have the luxury of choice.

  3. munchlags 465 Author

    I live on a beef farm in ireland and i have nothing against vegans you choose what you eat i dont care, however telling people or forcing people what to eat is just being bias in my opinion.

  4. William Owen Author

    It's the better actually thatmakes me angry as they are persuading children to change they're diet from meat to vegan as many people dont eat meat ans im fine with that but you cant make people change without people trying the food

  5. PARALLEL 7 Author

    its a great add. Kids can see on social media what is going on in te food industry, they can form thier own opinions and choices. When i was growing up in the 70s there was no association with ham to animals in te food we ate. it was a sausage a burger etc ect ect. it was food, we never questioned where it came from. we didnt have google to research the true meaning and origin of MEAT! and the horrificness of this industry. good for tesco for the ad well done.

  6. James Bush Author

    It’s not demonising meat – it’s lending props to it if anything. On the one hand, you have a tiny little girl with no knowledge of real nutrition or the dangerous deficiencies that only a vegan diet can invoke; on the other, a healthy looking, mature male who realises the importance of a carnivorous diet for a carnivorous species.

  7. Mne Nadoelo Author

    Great advert, the meat producing farmers can grow up and un-knot their knickers, bloody idiots. Watch the Welsh farmer on This Morning deliver facepalm after facepalm.

  8. psionicinversion Author

    i didnt get the whole demonising meat thing at all. in fact its a very forgettable advert. The act of making a huge fuss over it is going to get people thinking about it so they've shot themselves in the foot. its not going to change a thing though in reality

  9. Annie Banana Author

    As I've gotten older, I have become more and more disillusioned about the ways in which government, companies, various stakeholders in society (i.e. farmers unions etc.) will create a narrative (often backed with big money) that serves their bottom line, with complete disregard for the health and well being of the people. The biggest offenders for the longest time being smoking and sugar.

    I think this push back is just the initial hurdle to overcome, until the momentum picks up and people start to wake up and realize that eating animals/their byproducts isn't serving our collective health – a movie like The Game Changers that really speaks to dudes who believe that eating meat is the only way to be a man, can really help to change the narrative. Was so shocked and pleasantly surprised to see a group of football players (NFLers) in the film deliberately choose a plant based diet. Say what?!?!?!… That was a really cool part of the film. I was a vegetarian from super young and by default ended up eating vegan a lot of times because I didn't like dairy. The switch to veganism was easy peasy for me. For my family members though, not so much.

    Side note: my cousin who is 23 years old, picked up smoking! In this day and age, who would think that would be appealing at all?… She's doing it for vanity to keep her weight down or so she says. I guess I am adding this to say that we may not reach everyone with the vegan message but I do think that there is more hope to be found in the younger population.

  10. Fernando Camargo Author

    It means…kids go to the school and come back home with lots of shits ideas. Parents should watch what is being taught at school, schools are terrifying kids with lies of extinctions and other bullshit. My kids will have a homeschooling education!

  11. I am Irish Author

    I don't find the ad offensive, I find it manipulative though. The love loves meat but he loves the child more so ergo if you love your child and they merely mention they don't want to eat animals you should just adopt a meat free life or you love meat more than your child.

  12. ggzh a Argue With Everyone Author

    Same thing here in the German speaking region. A candy producer made an ad for vegan chocolate, a lot of farmers are angry because they say every life is precious and cows are not milk machines.
    The situation is so funny, i love it.

  13. jameshayley1 Author

    TURN IT AROUND – You could have vegetable farmers on a meat advert saying they are demonizing vegetables. But they don't do they – because that would be ridiculous…

  14. Decia Simms Author

    I don't think it does demonize me… Whatsoever, actually. If someone takes it that way, it's completely subjective so I'm sure could vary depending on the person. However, with that being said, I absolutely do not see anything wrong with demonizing me. I believe that meat should be demonized, because the factual information is demonizing.

  15. Donny Buckman Author

    The response is drunken belligerence from people are intoxicated by power and wealth. Don't brush this off. Society gave them the liquor of their drunkenness, and the response is coming from the bloody souls of the meat market.

  16. groMMit1981 Author

    That useless father should educate his daughter, show the lovely pastures, animal husbandry etc etc and explain to her how vegans want that all gone.

  17. Pissfart1000 Author

    Just a matter of time!! Our collective, herd, hive, shared psyche is slowly starting to realise we have an addiction! Getting through the anger stage of denial now, wait for the shame stage etc, then…recovery! Cycle of addiction 101.

  18. papparocket Author

    No, meat pretty much demonizes itself. Adverts like this just raise awareness of the evils of animal agriculture. So if the death farmers don’t like what they see I’m the mirror, maybe don’t blame the mirror

  19. seabass billybobjoe Author

    The factory farming industry is from Satan. It causes human and animal suffering and is ruining the earth. Those poor animals live a life of agony and their consumers are usually fat and sick.

  20. Vegan 2015 Author

    Honestly the ad didn’t demonize meat at all. If anything at all was demonized it was the eating of animals(the flesh of another individual) As it should be.
    Vegans eat meat.. (the meat from plants)

  21. Emily Ilett Author

    It definitely does not 'demonize' meat… actually the father in the advert openly admits that he loves his meat which hints that eating meat is normal. In my opinion it makes the little girl sound like shes 'going through a phase' and the father is just letting her explore meat free options!

    (Completely unbiased here – I don't eat meat myself but have no problem with people who do)

  22. i SkyWalKing Author

    Right Wingers & meat propagandists alike are the most sensitive snowflake hypocrites on the face of the planet. Everything about their cries are pure projection. Constantly rushing to defend meat propaganda and hate filled speech, yet easily get offended by a harmless ad about food or razors.

  23. Jon James Author

    I don't know what all the fuss is good on her if she don't want to eat animals anymore that's her CHOICE good on her I say but I must say I eat animals and I don't see this advert hurting meat production and farmers so what's all the fuss about

  24. Henry Balfour Author

    Did you know that agriculture is the biggest cause of deforestation and in turn climate change, and the government are trying to cover it up. Watch ‘Cowspiricy’ on Netflix and find out the truth.

  25. Sarah Gale Author

    Heartened to see this. Whatever the motives, I’m pleased for the animals. Until all cages are empty long live kindness and peace on plates. 🖖🐖🌱🐄🐑🐶🥬🐔🐹🐓🕊

  26. Michael Newnham Author

    The ad was great, very sweet. Utterly non-controversial. But NFU seem to be scared that we will link eating meat with killing actual animals. They are scared the idea will catch on, hence their zero tolerance approach

  27. P Rose Author

    The only demonizing I know of is the cruel killing of innocent, defenseless animals. Every one (children included) has the right to say no to meat.

  28. Google User Author

    What the fuck this doesn't demonise anything just a little girl deciding on her food preferences. If the meat and dairy industry are terrified of this Ad then they obviously have atrocious practises to hide. By the way I'm not a vegan or vegetarian.

  29. Larry Hutcherson Sr Author

    That ad barely scratched the surface of the vegan movement. If this makes UK farmers furious, they don't have a clue about the aggravation that is still coming their way. Meat consumption is the product of a bygone era, much like how we once relied on the horse and buggy for transportation.

  30. Luke Truman 樂爾文 - Full Time Fluency Author

    I didn't even realise there was a new tesco Vegan range until the kind farmers brought it to my attention, time to buy some vegan sausages

  31. Howard Petterson Author

    Children are children and young people know nothing about the balance of diet. Even at 60 I'm still learning.
    Everything's fine in moderation.
    Cats have a short gut for pure carnivorous diet and cows have 4 stomachs for grass and human is omnivorous so we can have everything
    Same goes for dogs and pigs.
    Small developing brain needs a lot of nutrients
    Here endeth the lesson

  32. Chris Oliver Author

    I said the same thing to my mother when i was 7, she tricked me into eating meat again. It took me another 26 years before I reversed that conditioning. Well done Tesco.

  33. AnnMarie Daly Author

    Tesco's new ad is groundbreaking. Well done to all who made this ad happen. Farmers are always moaning and whinging. I've had to put up with looking at their disgusting advertisements, promoting the dead flesh from murdered animals for years. They want to control what people eat and buy in the supermarkets. Not gonna happen. World is waking up.

  34. Calvin Burr Author

    A child simply saying that she has decided that she no longer wants to eat animals and a parent accommodating her wish is not demonizing meat. On the other hand, the production and consumption of animal products causes so much damage to human health and the global environment, and causes so much suffering for the animals being caged, milked, and slaughtered that it is very difficult to defend and even more difficult to deny the evil it entails. Why does anyone eat an animal? There is no good reason….the only reason people eat meat is because they enjoy it which is the same reason people have affairs, go to brothels, watch pornography, take illegal drugs, and drink alcohol. But, these other behaviors cause far less damage, disease, and suffering as the widespread practice of eating animals.

  35. Kindred Spirit Author

    Ha! The meat industry is angry by being exposed by a little girl on TV who reveals to the public that Meat comes from Animals.. Now the public know's, that is it for the meat industry – the jig is up!

  36. Ganpignanus .Gianni Author

    meat (corpse) eating is demoniac. did the farmers just realize that now? they are just unhappy because their profits will fall. they don't care about animals, the planet or human health. so i don't care about them or their failing businesses. go grow some hemp, vegetables, or fruit on your rural land, stop spraying poisions all over it and polluting the water, and retire your animals they do a good clean up and fertilization of plant growing fields.

  37. Scarlet Summer Author

    It's just more brain washing that is projected onto kids. And adults. It's wrong… We don't need some commercial to tell all of us or our kids to not eat meat! If a kid does not like meat, they simply do not eat it at the dinner table. I've seen this time and again as I raised my kids! I'm sick of the brain washing!! I'd be upset if I was farmers and animal meat producers too! I'd be upset if we were meat eaters and my kid saw that commercial all the time to brain wash her/him… Every one needs to stay out of such private individual choices! The media, the gov, every one, this includes vegans or hard core carnivors!!! As individuals we all should have choice and have "Free Will" for any food we want. This includes baby's, toddlers and all children, young teens and young adults!!! I'm glad you asking…
    Thank you for bringing this to our attention and asking!!! Also I feel any parent who withholds any food group is abusive and wrong!!!! Children should always have a choice no matter the parents choices are!!! I hated fruit and pretty much all veggy's. But you bet all 3 of my kids got fruit and veggy's all week long… I never with held despite my preference or moral thinking. See that shit is my issue!!! No parent has the right to project their issues onto kids, not even a moral one. Your job as a parent is to give your kids the best nutritions so they grow, develope and gain brain power!!! Which means going past your childish limits as a grown up and giving your kids better than you had!!! More than you had!!! Not less!!!! Parents who withhold anything are morons!!! Food is not a moral issue .. it is food, it fuel, it growth, it's brain food. It was when you were a kid. Let it be for your kids. If I'm wrong.. maybe I should have with held fruits and veggy's. Since I don't like them or maybe I don't believe in shipping fruits across the world. It is gas, fuels waste and waist of all kinds after all, that's a moral issue for me. Oh hell no… I will feed my kids like a normal smart (fucking) Grown Up human being!!! See when your a GROWN ADULT; you expand your kids lives, you give them more than you had, you give them more choices than you had…. Just saying!!! Not fucking less!!! Not even in food!!!

  38. Tom Elliott Author

    personally being a big meat eater, I do enjoy some vegetarian sausages and other veggy foods.
    but, I can't stand vegans who always harp on about being vegan.

  39. Louis Ronan Author

    I think the issue here is that the advert sends a message that eating meat is bad and also bad for you which neither is true. Children are being brainwashed to believe plant based diets are healthy despite having virtually no nutritional content and everyone seems completely fine with this for some reason. Meat is literally the best thing humans can eat for their health which is probably why the farmers are pissed because they are noticing the propaganda in these adverts, there is an obvious agenda behind the advert and I think if you can’t figure that out you’re either in denial, super brainwashed or just care more about being vegetarian or vegan more than the health of our youth and your self…… also to say vegetarians and vegans hate meat so much you guys sure spend a lot of time trying to imitate meat 🤷‍♂️ just saying like..

  40. julietgn Author

    Almost 33 years ago, while growing up on a farm, I read an article about the terrible treatment of animals on their way to slaughterhouses and immediately wanted to give up meat (way before it was 'a thing'). I had to fight my mum for it for 3 years before she buckled on my 15th birthday – only on the condition I shop for and cook my own meals. In our small farming community, with schoolfriends and with family, I was considered a fussy eater, mocked, had big macs and bacon waved in my face, and was labelled as selfish, a freak and unnatural. It was hard to keep my diet balanced or stay at a healthy weight because no restaurant or shop provided decent meat-alternatives. I constantly had to explain what a vegetarian was (no, I also cannot eat fish or chicken or paté or those potatoes cooked in duck fat, sorry), and apologised all the time for being a nuisance.

    I've never regretted it for a second, but it wasn't easy swimming against the tide. Therefore, a HUGE thank you to Tesco, providers and makers of cruelty-free products and all others who now acknowledge the tide is changing. You are not demonising, you are normalising so that kids (and adults) can make positive, healthy and cruelty-free choices. I am thrilled this is happening in my lifetime. The reaction from the meat-industry is sad but expected. Not that long ago in the scheme of things, slave-owners and tobacco plantations were outraged when they witnessed a loss in their income. I believe that gun owners/the NRA in America are reacting the same as the tide is changing there too. Fear and anger are usually bedfellows. Nothing changes for the better without a fight.

  41. Mrs.C At the Creek Author

    No it doesn’t demonize meat, maybe they could of said, daddy can we eat something else instead of meat? You know the meat industry is shutting down anyone or thing that doesnt want meat. We stopped eating meat for a million reasons.. not just one, we like the taste, but we cant live with everything else about it. Its just wrong on a whole bunch of issues.

  42. Ian Reese Author

    Nevermind the lack of meat, I'm more disgusted by the fact that this little girl is sat on the kitchen counter twice, whilst food is being prepared on it…talk about unhygienic. Wouldn't be too bad if she had trousers on. YUCK, I would never eat in their house. Bring on the disinfectant FAST.

  43. Subclavia Author

    Funny thing is: here in Germany there is a company which created a spot for vegan chocolate and they just said "cows aren't milk-machines" and the dairy industry is going nuts as well.

    Looks like the unethical industries are in a grave need for safe spaces 😀

  44. Renata Bevilagua Author

    It’s a commercial. Nothing demonising here. I think industries are getting desperate. But it’s ok to have alcohol in commercial right 🤦‍♀️. Nobody minds that. Or all the crappy foods and sweets that are not healthy at all.

  45. Mal big Author

    dead animals are put into baby food, chicken carcasses are mashed up then turned into cute shapes, we do not give our children any say about what they eat. if we as a responsible nation were to properly educate our children about the meat/dairy industry there would be more children deciding they did not want to eat meat.

  46. sarina Stokes Author

    I dont think it demonises meat.. it is eating animals after all. But its a bit rich coming from Tesco who fed us horse meat in meals not so long ago. I guess the message is a good one, that we have personal choices. Plus its better to eat local, seasonal, free range, no matter if its meat or veggies and do our bit to avoid the plastic that everything is wrapped in 🙁

  47. Phoebe El Author

    I dont get why people are outraged? What the girl says is a very real thing! I've hear my nieces and nephews say that sentence and I wasn't mad about it… at some point children ask questions or learn about meat at school and then maybe they'll think "but cows and sheep are so cute" and then they don't want to eat them anymore. It's a valid choice and tesco isn't saying anything against meat eaters… just that there's veggie options available. The farmer's union probably just wanted some PR stunt and this was their perfect opportunity

  48. sarina Stokes Author

    Old ways are better.. thats free range small local farming, animal and arable rotation for better grass, better crops using manure, better soil. Then hedgerows and animals thrive.. no pesticides, just organic methods of farming.. the old ways are the way forward.. mass producing soya, shipping soya, eating veg grown with. no animal manure, just spray fertiliser.. hummus not great option..

  49. Paul Anthony Author

    How it should go… "Daddy i dont want to eat meat anymore" … "ok great, when you have a job and purchase your own food feel free to eat whatever you want but until then you eat whats put in front of you!"

  50. Aaron Moore Author

    Who cares what they think? It isn’t as if the entire world has chosen a vegan lifestyle. It’s a very small percentage of people across the globe who have chosen not to eat meat. Kudos to that supermarket chain for taking a stand.

  51. Shanti Suzanna Dawn Balentine Author

    People are upset that torture animals for food and then have the nerve to complain and demonize those who Choice not too?
    That's is Insane to justify killing eating Tortured animals. Going vegan saved me from heart disease.
    “My body will not be a tomb for other creatures.” -Leonardo Da Vinci. …

    “I love animals. …

    “Nothing hurts a good soul and a kind heart more than to live amongst people who can't understand it.” -Ali Ibn Abi Taalib.

  52. Jamie Morris Author

    If I have kids in the future then they eat what they are given and if they want some kind of special overpriced vegan shit that's got more air miles than a FTSE100 CEO then they better get themselves a job to pay for it.

  53. SCP-096 : The Shy Guy Author

    In the defense of us vegans who "apparently shove our views down peoples throats", what about the parents who force their children to continue with their carnist lifestyle? Telling them that they need to eat disease-inducing animal products because they know its good for them? When really they are ill educated themselves and just "follow the herd" because if they changed, they would be seen as "a vegan freak".

    Vegans aren't freaks by the way… What is freaky is humans eating flesh, breastmilk and the reproductive cycle of birds even though its against our physiological design…


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