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UK Student Thankful for UK’s Agriculture Residential College

Hi, my name is Alex Brannon. I’m a sophomore
here at the University of Kentucky. I’m from Winchester, Virginia and I’m a member of the
Agriculture Living Learning Program. You get 28 people in the same room who all know each
other already. It’s just a great atmosphere. By the second or third day, I had already
met 5 or 6 people that I’m still friends with. It’s great for freshmen because in Living
Learning Programs you get to meet people who have almost the same mindset as you do. You’re
all interested in the same thing. You’re gonna have the same classes so they can help with
homework. You can help figure stuff out together. Being part of the Ag LLP, we got to see a
lot of different aspects of farms, and we get to visit meat labs. We get to visit all
the farm aspects, all the horticulture buildings. It’s just great. It’s just a community feel
to where all your friends are going to be helping you and you’re going to help all of
them. It just helps make everyone more successful in their academics and more successful in
college in general. I’m Alex Brannon and I see blue as a member of the Agriculture Living
Learning Program.

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