Understanding Climate-Smart Agriculture

the planet's climate is changing this is undeniable climate change presents a critical challenge for global food security the men and women who produce our food farmers herders and fishers are hit the hardest by the consequences of climate change farming communities need to build their resilience and ability to adapt to changing climate in a way that they can feed a growing population without further depleting our precious reserves of soil and water this is why we need climate smart agriculture climate smart agriculture is not a new technique it is an approach to identify production systems that can best respond to the impacts of climate change and to adjust these systems to suit local environmental conditions now and in the future this approach can help transform agricultural systems to support sustainable development and food security in a changing climate it's about increasing sustainably production and incomes adapting and building resilience to the impacts of climate change and wherever possible reducing greenhouse gases we can make climate smart agriculture reality these are the ingredients we need expand the evidence base policymakers need to know the current and projected impacts of climate change and just how vulnerable the agricultural communities and ecosystems really are improve policies people working in many different fields agriculture climate change food security and land use need to collaborate work together on supportive policies and plans taking into account the entire landscape support now empower local institutions local institutions are needed to develop capacities and motivate men and women farmers this way they can adapt their practices and plan together the best way to do climate smart agriculture combined financing options in a new way we need to bring together financing sources that target agriculture climate change good security depends on how we treat our planet let's make sure our agriculture is productive and sustainable for generations to come

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