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UNH Horticulture – Lee

Hi, my name is Lee. I’m a student at the University, and I’m in the Environmental Horticulture program. This is my first semester in this program, taking a lot of freshmen and sophomore level classes. I took Intro to Horticulture class and Environmental Horticulture class this semester, as well as Resource Economics, and Orientation class. My favorite class for this semester were the Environmental Horticulture class and Intro to Hort. class. Both of them had a lot of hands on learning. I had a wonderful time in both classes, and learned quite a bit about the science behind plant growing, what plants need, as far as their nutrients and their environments. I think this program is a great program for anyone interested in plants and wanting to have a successful career in something to do with plants, either selling or growing. My focus is Ecological Agriculture in the Environmental Horticulture major. This is focusing on organic and sustainable agriculture, as oppose to conventional growing, and the way I want to grow on my farm, and hoping to use and apply these techniques that I’m learning I’m learning in school to my farm so I can have a successful business.

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