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Unheard of Chinese Street Food You MUST Try | Farmers Market in China 2.5

– So check this out, it’s
Trevor James, I’m once again at a super busy morning
market here in Chengdu bright and early, we’re going deep,
we’re gonna try out a lot of cool stuff today, go for a
walk around the local market here, okay, let’s check it out. (speaking Chinese) Okay. This looks like some sort of (speaking Chinese) Deep fried pork. (speaking Chinese) So these deep fried pork strips
are in sweet potato batter. (speaking Chinese) And eggs. Wow, look at that! It’s covered in spicy chilies now. We’re gonna go for the first test. (speaking Chinese) Wow! But it’s awesome because the
yolk is still a little runny. It like, pops in your mouth. And it actually tastes
just like a normal egg. (speaking Chinese) It’s still warm! It’s warm, look at this, look at this. Okay we’re going in, we’re going in. (speaking Chinese) Okay, okay, awesome. Mmm! Cool. Wow, that is super oily though. I need something else
for breakfast, honestly. But that is awesome, it’s crispy. The texture is just like a
really really soft pumpkin. Awesome. Let’s go check it out, let’s
go see what else there is. This is an awesome market,
part two here and I’ve already got all these snacks,
most of them deep fried. I’m looking for something
else, something a little healthier perhaps. This is a bustling, wow! (speaking Chinese) Okay we’re gonna try it out. (speaking Chinese) It’s stewed beef, wow! Wow. (speaking Chinese) That’s a huge chunk. That’s a huge chunk. (speaking Chinese) Okay. (speaking Chinese) He’s gonna cut it up for me. Mmm! (speaking Chinese) Actually it’s kind of weird. I don’t know if I like that texture. It’s kind of mushy. It actually tastes just like ham. (speaking Chinese) Dip it, look at all that
lajow he just gave me. Oh, yeah. So they’ve got it all
here, really fresh produce, fresh veg, fresh noodles. Oh, (speaking Chinese) Look at that, right in the jar. (speaking Chinese) That is a spicy broad bean paste. Super salty and spicy, awesome. (Speaking Chinese) It’s fermented, and that’s
where the beauty comes from. Awesome, put that in the
wok when you’re cooking. Living the dream. (Speaking Chinese) Awesome! (speaking Chinese) Okay, I got something else
on my mind now actually. Lheng Ben Sai which is just
over there, it’s like a cold Sichuan salad. (speaking Chinese) Oh yeah, look at those rice noodles. (speaking Chinese) Bamboo, awesome. (speaking Chinese) Oh well, it’s gonna be good
though once she gives it to me. (speaking Chinese) I’ve got a fat Sichuan salad
here, look at that plump bag of goodies, oh yeah, it’s cold. It’s wet, it’s got a lot
of tofu skin in there. Awesome, and they have no
chopsticks because this is not meant to be eaten on the
street, so I’m going in with the hands, okay we’re
gonna have a slice of that. We’re gonna have a slice of
that tofu pi with a little jargen which is a Sichuan fish root. Let’s try it out. Mmm! Tastes almost just like fish. Like a mix between fish and cilantro. And it’s covered in a Sichuan spicy oil. (speaking Chinese) Yeah, some of the nicest
people, I’m telling you. Please leave me a comment
down below and share this video with your friends
because this is a true Sichuan market that you
could visit if you came to Sichuan, check out my
other two videos on this market as well. Thanks again, and leave me a comment.


  1. thomas lasseau Author

    You're an inspiration. I've been studying chinese for several years so that I can explore like you do. Really cool to see how your language abilities and awesome attitude get people so many people to smile.

  2. Carlos Lopez Author

    That stew beef looked beautiful. But your judge and I respect your thoughts on it! By the way how do i contribute to your Chanel

  3. Betyy Gebre Author

    if you love spice foods go to Ethiopia i have been there for 1 year and i love the food just go there please you will love it

  4. Marni Holbrook Author

    Awesome videos. Such great food and so cheap compared to western countries.
    Love the different types of foods and the flavours must be amazing.
    Keep up the good work. It's not everyday you meet someone so passionate with what they do.

  5. Christian Walter Author

    I should be angry….cause everytime when u try somehting to eat, i become hungry. wonderfull. and i be so impressed when un speak the language over there. awsome.

  6. Tian Wang Author

    炸猪肉 fried pork strips are not supposed to be eaten by themselves, they are usually cooked in a stew with other vegetables and seafood.

  7. regina kearns Author

    I am really enjoying watching all the videos. I think they are well done and they are packed with you actually being knowledgeable about the food and culture and hey, we love to see food porn. You could find words other than "fragrant" and "aromatic" though, to be honest. The MMMM oh yeah is your signature move.

  8. Harvest order Author

    Good Video Chinese people are so good. They are doing great job. Very Enjoyable video. You can also buy fresh and best fruits and vegetables just visit (Harvestorder)

  9. Hanif Mohamed Author

    Hey trevor. Good job on all the travel and food videos you've been making. It's really cool to know the places and people around when you travel and explore them all. Would like to know when you'd be back to Canada. Excited to meet you..

  10. Dave McDaverson Author

    Well you've inspired me. I'm definitely going to start learning Mandarin soon and I'm definitely visiting China. I could see livin there with all that good food 🙂

  11. Glen Sebzda Author

    Great sho man. I enjoy arching all the time. Sure ish I as there eating some of those meal. I really like the seafood shows. They make me jealous.

  12. Karyne . F Author

    I was gonna say you have done a great job in translating the tricky names and even the way how they cook them into English, wow and you done it instantly as well, sometimes I find it hard to explained to my frds how some of the chinese food is cooked, learn a lot from you !!

  13. Fatih Ünal Author

    Serious question: I heard MSG is seriously unhealthy and can disturb your hunger sense. Aren't you concerned? They seem to add MSG to dish.

  14. The Food Ranger Author

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  15. Kevin Gentry Author

    I love your videos. You being other culinary cultures to lite and it makes me want to go and try them. Your doing a great job 👍. Keep up the good work you are doing!


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