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Unheard of Chinese Street Food You MUST Try | Farmers Market in China 2


  1. Dylan Plemons Author

    I love how not much of the animal goes to waste from the rooter to the tooter. I would love to vacation China and enjoy these delaciouseies

  2. ICEisNICE WarFace Author

    Man why dont u tip them twice the price, they give u good food they are doing it whole life for couple bux and ur making pretty much money from them. I was like wtf hes taking change from them that is worth 0,10$ :O

  3. Richard Waldrop Author

    Some of the food in your videos looks amazing, however, I think it might be difficult for some one who does not speak Chinese to eat as well as you.

  4. Jimmy Joseph Author

    I love your videos. The food, the talk, the environment, the people, the video quality, it's all there. You're really good, and you have multiple channels! Incredible job.

  5. prayfortruejustice Author

    Why are there no visuals for ratings n/10, or comprehensive prices listed on this vid similar to others? The rating and prices are informative.

  6. Leonard Pearlman Author

    Roast rabbit looks like today's winner. Never seen before, even on Youtube! This is a good episode, looks like you found the good neighborhood today! I learned from watching so many of these videos: Made myself a nice bowl of soup, THEN sat down to watch this! Otherwise we end up kind of ravenous, people keep mentioning this. Just get your own snack first, then eat along!

  7. Ronnette Radican Author

    Love to join you in China.. You now have a signature in my house….Your sound when you like the food and you give it a high score and say…….Hmmmmm.

  8. Sophie Tang Author

    Thank you for your work. That documentary is maybe my favorite amongst yours : colorful, authentic, lively in all terms. It's a real adventure and pleasure to share these people's life and your experiences I did not dare unless.

  9. Anna Hollenback Author

    Minute 3:24 he is such a polite, friendly, thoughtful, and loveable visitor. Love your personality Trevor!! You know how to act and carry yourself in a foreign land! 😘😘

  10. apple lee Author


  11. tomdavid3000 Author

    have you been in Xiamen Fujian , China ? It is our home province and would like to be updated on the new foods fused from old and new China. Thank you. Presently I lived here in the Philippines.

  12. bernie adin Author

    Trevor: you receive many compliments on your fluency in Chinese. Why not say “thank you” instead of it’s not that good”. I am sure you are very literate in Chinese. You are a bright young man.

  13. The Food Ranger Author

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