1. rishubh saxena

    What a scripted interview, its verry disgusting to see rajat sharma in this role indirectly promoting for a party…. Smriti irani herself has not shown what she did for amethi that mr sharma has put….. At one time it is one of my favourite show…. But this proved that baap bada na bhaia sabse bada rupaiyaa…. Waiting for your show that ask hard questions and judge the witty person instead of yourself answering in behalf of them…….

  2. farhat jabeen

    Ye kyunki saas v Kabhi bahu thi ka episode nhi hai,ab Kitna dialogue degi madam aap.please ab amethi k Vikas par dhyan dijiye.

  3. farhat jabeen

    Ab amethi fully develope ho jayegi,aur Kitna textile ministry me employment Diya smritiji ne.modiji ne wada Kiya tha har Saal 2 crore Naukri denge,lekin pure 5 Saal me v 2 crore Naukri nhi de paye.

  4. Himanshi Kataria

    Smriti mam is on fire .No doubt.
    But there are many more places like Amethi that need to be paid attention. Amethi is given preference just because the leaders contesting elections from there have huge public images be it Rahul Gandhi or Smriti Mam.

    But other places need to be paid attention too.

  5. shubham jain

    असली जीत तो स्मृति ईरानी जी की है ।
    बाकि लोगों ने तो MP कैंडिडेट हराए हैं इस रणचंडी ने तो प्रधानमंत्री कैंडिडेट हराया है✌✌

  6. Atikul Haque

    Aplog desh k liye kuch kam karoge,,,ya Rahul gandhi rahul gandhi krke 5 saal fir se nokal doge,,,,,sare idiots bethkr tali thok rhe h,,,lolz
    Kuch kam karo desh k liye,,,,Ab Rahul k nam k mala jhapna soro,,,,,,
    Rahul Rahul Rahul Rahul,,,,,,BJP aur janta pagol h chuka h……

  7. Vinni The pooh

    मौलाना जी को उनका ज़वाब मिल गया होगा-अमेठि से हार गये राहुल जी….. 😂


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