1. Jacob Kampp Author

    I did everythig like you but there is no Golem spawning
    May it have something to do with the Redstone?
    I rewatched your video but i couldn't find a mistake
    Btw love your design🤙🔥🔥

  2. Wladimir Cardenas Author

    Love the new design. Is way better than thr last one in the storage. I still prefer the other one, I build 4 of those in the server I play just for the overkill of having Iron and it grew on me.

    Again awesome design

  3. Vilnius Nastavnik Author

    Just got a question, ran the farm for a couple hours, got roughly 10 stacks or iron, so working perfectly..except for one thing. Iron sometimes gets deposited into the top chest and does not transfer to the bottom. I'm talking one out of every 2-3 stacks however. 98% of the iron makes its way to the bottom chest.

  4. ZucchiniFlavoredNarwhal Author

    Hi, I have a "prison" in my base with 5 villagers in it. Can I build this farm nearby, or will the golems spawn in the prison and not the farm?

  5. Emil Khojayev Author

    So I built my farm 4 blocks up but then fixed that by breaking the blocks around it and it started working but like after 10 mins the golems stopped spwnaing

  6. BatArchiTechMan Author

    Hey I just recently made it, but my iron keeps on burning and I get zero bits of iron from it. Whenever the golem dies, I hear a "sssss". I think this is the sound of the Iron being burnt. Any solution?

  7. Kshitiz Pokhrel Author

    When I quit and again join the game, the farm stops working and I have to change the zombie and villagers again to make it work. What should I do to make it always working?

  8. Gallardo Author

    For everyone who build this farm in the momment and has the problem whit the golems spawn. Just put any half block or carpets and work normally again

  9. guille villar villar Author

    It's the second farm that I try and golems aren't spawning, y tried replacing beds. Villagers do work on the day and they sleep on nigth, also they are afraid cause of the zombie. But golems aren't spawning…
    Any suggestion please?


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