Urban Agriculture: Food grown in the city | Made in Germany

it's nearly 30 degrees Celsius or 86 Fahrenheit and there's no shade but that's perfect for these vegetables this is a greenhouse in the middle of Berlin where things like cucumbers and lettuce a grow the companies to founders don't come from a farming background but they are businessman with the aim of selling their vegetables right at the point of harvest production in the city centre allows us to make direct deliveries with short transport routes no cold chains it's very resource efficient it's a chef from a neighboring restaurant stops by today he's looking for fresh herbs and cucumbers for the whole enterprise to be profitable it has to be done on a certain scale the urban farm yields 35 tons of vegetables each year from 1,800 square meters of surface area and starting this 4 they will also be fresh fish the pink perch are still growing in basins behind the greenhouse Niklas leshka hopes to sell 40,000 each year and he plans to use the water from the fish to raise the vegetables excretions go through a biofilter and are turned into nitrate the classic plant fertilizer and that nitrate rich water will be piped into the greenhouse and used by the plants so the wastewater from the fish becomes the fertilizer water for the plants that way we can make an organic fertilizer for the plants Falk Marquita thinks urban farming is the wave of the future he's done research at the scar on her fur Institute in Oberhausen with among other things light here LED lights replace the Sun indoors and use much less energy than standard lamps different colors and different wavelengths result in different growth rates in Swiss chard and Basel Coweta is convinced that urban farming also has a rosy economic future he says the United States and Asia have already made great strides there his Institute develops LED systems for the German subsidiary of a Japanese company these systems are being developed not by market gardens or startups like in Germany or elsewhere in Europe but by major tech companies the company like Toshiba or Panasonic already has experience with LED lighting so of course they're approaching it from that angle they already have the technology they just have to adapt it for new applications back in Berlin the two company founders are also thinking big they've been selling their urban farming system to others and the entire concept has won them several awards and just recently they built a vegetable and fish farm on the roof of a Swiss company but in the future they want more of their own farms in order to earn from them as well our focus right now is on planning and building farms like this for clients we build them as general contractors ready to use but I have an idea for the future that's very important to me I'd like to set up a supermarket chain in the city and we can only do that with our own firms Medina the cucumbers are now ready to be served in the restaurant nearby the head chef is impressed by the quality of the produce and several investors have also developed a taste for the concept the founders raised more than one and a half million euros in capital last year to expand their business now they just have to prove that it will work


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