1. TheBartman55

    Bobby. great video.. help me out as I am new to all this.. what is the purpose of the radial flow filter?  Don't you utilize the solids from the fish as fertilizer for the plants??/ what am I not understanding?? I am a bit confused at this point.. thanks for the help and keep up the great videos… I am learning so much from them… I appreciate your work and what you are doing…

  2. Jerome NKy Preparedness

    I had found your Chanel before, but i just subscribed the other day.
    I am a fairly new prepper. I have only see aquaponics done at this level on one other video before. I think you have done an amazing job with the piping and the layout.
    My wife and I will be buying a house in the next year or so, and would like to do a smaller scale than this. Just due to space.
    Do you have two 100 gallon tanks from tractor supply? One for the Fish and one for the troth?

  3. Bigcedartrader

    Bobby, looks great and well thought out. I have been doing now for about 3 years, and have one suggestion which probably moot now, but fishless cycling is best done with grow beds filled with media. That is where you need the bacteria growth. Just a thought for anyone doing this. Another thing, as to media. I have tried GroStones, Hydroton, and Expanded Shale and various combinations. The Hydroton is by far the best, but very expensive. The Expanded Shale by itself is too fine and will quickly clog up. The GroStones are rough on the hands but good otherwise. I found a good way to lessen the cost of the Hydroton costs. I rebuilt a bed that had shale in it and found a mess. What I did was go to Home Depot and bought several bags of lava rock which is pretty light and very good texture and put in the bottom of the growbeds about 2/3 way up and toped off the beds with Hydroton. The lave rock was cheap and had good bacterial surface area and drains very will, and the Hydroton though expensive is easier on the hands. Bed is working very good now. Just a thought.

  4. Steve Brown

    This is a great video Bobby! I'm looking to start doing fish and there are so many crap vids on aquaponics. I'm subscribing and gonna watch more, Steve

  5. Douglas Hutchinson

    Did you consider putting the venturi at the bottm of the bio filter, instead of where you have it, looks kinda close to the middle

  6. Michelle Hedgcock

    Thanks for taking along on this journey.  I am impressed with the level of labeling you've done on all the parts.  Keep up the great work!

  7. Bryce Edward Brown

    Awesome Vlog! You also have a great channel, if you want to help each other out by subscribing to one another let me know! 🙂

  8. Apartment_Ponic

    This is really coming a long nicely. Love the build. When I have more space I could see myself building something very similar. I hope your fishless cycle goes well. A major factor is water temp. Here in CO. my water temp stayed pretty cool for a long time. Thus, took 7 weeks to cycle. If you keep your water 70+ it should cycle pretty quickly. I also added Micro lift which seemed to help. I heard you mentioned bluegill. I added a dozen to my system and very happy with them. Keep on rockin on man.


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