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Use of crop tool and image resizing, transforming image (Lesson 5)

Hello viewers! I am Rakib. In this lesson, I will show you how you can crop an image, resize it and Transform an image. So let’s get started with cropping. You can click the crop tool, select it also you can press ‘C’ from your keyboard and As soon as you click on the crop tool, You can see a box Defining the age of the cropping, you can redefine it just Dragging it like this. Let’s set it this, Set it there and Change the height to like this. Then you can press Enter from your keyboard. That’s our cropped image. Now you can Save it as file, save as This is the name of the file, and we need to change it because if we put the same name, then it will replace our original image so we will put something here and click Save and now as I said before I will always set the quality value to 8 and Make sure you have check this preview so that you get an estimation of the file size, then you can click, OK and You can see the cropped image. There are some other options of cropping. Let’s select some other options for cropping if we select the Square, then we will get a square image. You can reposition it and You can also set it to original ratio, then you can drag this point that will maintain the ratio of the original image and We can move our image inside of the box and then we can crop it like this and There is one more option, I will show you Which is this one it allows us to put the value of the width, height and the resolution so let’s Consider we want an image that has 400 pixels width 400 pixels height and the resolution is 300. So put this value to 400 pixels. 400 pixels. You can put some other units if you want, but I will put it as pixel and the resolution is 300 because this is the resolution of the original image, and then we can crop it Like this. So if we go to image, image size then you can see we have an image that has width and height both are 400. So Another thing you can do with the crop tool is If you double click this layer make it regular layer and Then you select the crop tool and drag this, Let’s clear these presets. You can clear this by clicking the Clear. Now we can move it as we want Just like this. We are just increasing the canvas So now we have a bigger canvas than earlier. Lets Position this and In this way you can increase the canvas of an image and do some other editing or designing with it and There is another way of this resizing an image. You can go to image image size, then if you put this value to 300 then the height will be automatically set to 300 because it’s maintaining It’s maintaining the original ratio of the image. If you click here, then it will be unchecked and Then if you change this value Then it will not maintain the ratio was maintaining before. So always make sure this one is checked, and then you put your desired value in this box. So if you want an image Having a width of 200 then put that value it will change its height Proportionately and then again Press okay. In that way, you can also resize an image. so Now one more thing, that’s the image transformation, let’s increase the canvas of this image like this And This image is selected in this layer and If we press Ctrl T from our keyboard that shows a box. This is the transformation box. If you want it to be smaller we can just Press and hold the Shift key from our keyboard and Drag this point in that way. It’s reducing the dimension of this image without changing its quality And press Enter when it’s done. You can also increase or decrease this Size by This transform box and also you can rotate and image using this transformation. If you, if you press and hold the Shift key, it will be set at certain Degree angle like this and Let’s go back to the previous. Okay. So There are some other features of this transformation and If we create another copy of this same layer then Press Control ‘T’ from your keyboard and if we go Edit, transform and then flip Horizontal then this image is the flip version of this image. If we press the ‘V’ then Apply the transformation; yes, apply. So now we get a transformed image, from this one. This is horizontally flipped and now select the both image, drag it and If we press Ctrl ‘T’ then we are getting a box for the transformation of these both layers and If you go to Edit, transform and flip vertical that will flip the both images vertically. And Now, you can see, how you can create the variations of your image using this transformation. Sometimes, it’s very essential When you see something in the left and you need exactly the same thing but The mirror view On right side then you can create it just copying the same thing from the left and just Flipping it horizontally to create the right side of the certain things. So, That’s it for this tutorial. Hope to see you guys the next time. Thank you.

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