1. Janice Matous

    Amazing video, and Dr. Taylor has brought honor to our Grandmother, Momma Lola, and our parents, Vernal L. And Ethel H. Taylor. May THE MOST HIGH Bless and keep you, Dr. Taylor for your great vision and hard work.

  2. Portia Holliday

    It is nice that you have brought this farm back into production with the assistance of SARE. I agree that cover crops are the way to go. I planted all my roses in white and med red clover and buckwheat and I never have to water, weed, or feed them. I i did give them some Kelp meal by Espoma at the end of the summer. That is a wonderful crop of Kale and strawberries that you have. I planted Alfalfa in my strawberries, but not all of my alfalfa was successful. Alfalfa can be a perennial cover crop so I will try for more success next year. My being in the NE I would love to add some of that sand to my clay soil:) It is winter and I am eating from another cover crop, turnips. They are delicious in the winter.


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