Using Creativity to Cultivate Joy

– Do you want to be more creative? In this conversation, I’m
speaking to spoken word poet, DJ, and playwright, Gill Sotu, about how we can unleash our
creativity to have more joy. Welcome to Happiness Adventure. I’m Lisa and together, we’ll explore ways to cultivate
real joy in our lives. (lively music) Hi Gill, thanks for being here today. – Thank you for having me. – You know, you’re a playwright,
a DJ, a spoken word artist. – Yes.
– A very creative individual. – Mm-hmm.
– Were you born creative or when did you discover
that you’re creative? – At a really young age,
I knew I was creative, but I didn’t think, man, I’m creative. It was just something that I did. It’s just who I was. But looking back on it, I
would constantly make up songs, and my son does it now. – Does he?
– Yeah, he does. – So similar, that’s cute. – Yeah. – Do you think that everyone’s creative because I’ve heard many
people say, I’m not creative. – Yeah, I believe that
everyone is creative. I think creativity is just, it’s life filtered
through your experience, combined with your skill set. The skill set are the tools that you have for outputting that creativity, you know what I’m saying? Let’s say if you’re a photographer, right. Someone could see a picture
of a half-eaten apple, just for example, and say wow, that’s very interesting to me. It reminds me of all the apples that I ate in the past or whatever. They take a picture of it. So you’re being creative. It’s that simple. But when you combine skill set, now you learn about exposure, you learn about different
lenses and everything, and that stuff can be taught. Those tools can be
taught to really capture that so other people can understand what you’re trying to say. Creativity is inherent. It’s just all about developing the skills and the tools to express it so that other people can see what’s in your mind. – What do you think the
role of creativity is in our lives and having joy and happiness? – Well, when you are creative, you’re tapping into something internal and I believe that all joy is inside and where we fall short is we
try to look for it outside. When you tap into your creativity, you kind of get lost in this space, right? – Yes.
– And you create this bubble around you and you’re just being creative, even if the skill set is not there yet. There’s joy in just the
creating of it, you know? – Yeah, absolutely.
– Yeah. – What would you tell
someone who would like to tap into the joy that
creativity could unleash, but feels like they don’t
know where to start? – Write down 25 things
that just make you happy. Just sit down and think one day, these are things that when I do it, I actually feel good. And when you need to, then
you break out that list, and just, whichever one you
feel like doing, do that. That’s one huge tip. – For someone who would
like to be artistic, or musical, and doesn’t
feel like they are, how would you recommend
that they recognize their creativity and then
build skills around that? – Whatever it is that pulls you, there’s always some kind of artistic endeavor that pulls you, get around those people. If it’s poetry, go to open mic. If it’s plays, go to the
theater, go to the Old Globe. Right after each show, the
actors come out and you can have genuine conversations with them. What I did when I first started creating and I wanted to get even better, I found someone that I
admired and just reached out to them and say, hey,
can I take you to lunch? Hey, can I take you to coffee and I had a list of questions, and I just asked them the questions. And it really helps to
propel you and get you to avoid some of the pitfalls, if you really wanna
make a career out of it or even just get better. – Gill, thank you so much for being here and sharing with us. – Ah, no problem. Thank you for having me. – I’ve speaking to Gill
Sotu about how we can unleash our creativity to find more joy. The links to all of Gill’s resources are in the description box
right below this video. While you’re there in the comments, let me know what is a way that
you could be more creative in your life, starting right now. Thanks for joining me on
this happiness adventure. (lively music)

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