Vegan & Wheat Free Whole Foods Grocery Haul

Hello and welcome back to my channel So today I’m gonna be showing you some groceries that I just bought Mostly at Whole Foods and some other places that I kind of threw in there as well I haven’t done a grocery haul in a while. I think in about two three months ago However, this grocery haul is going to be completely vegan like all my other ones But we’re adding wheat free to this one. Earlier in the week I mentioned on my Instagram that I’m having a little bit of a sensitivity to wheat and although this is something that’s been happening for a few months now I pretty much confirmed it with my acupuncturist and she highly suggested that I probably Get rid of it for a while and see how my body adjusts so that’s exactly what I did. The first thing that I ended Up switching was my flour. I have my flour in this container right here as you can see This is white wheat flour with flour labeled on it and I went to Bulk Barn to get some oat flour Haven’t used it yet Excuse the bag but this is what I’m going to be switching over to and hopefully it works just the same I don’t see why it wouldn’t. Another big one that we really like here and it’s been hurting me so much is having pasta However, Gabriel and I keep buying this quinoa pasta that we get. What is this called again? Yeah, fusilli pasta that we got also at bulk Barn, and it’s so good. Most of the time when you’re transitioning to another type of pasta That isn’t like the regular one, meaning gluten-free or things like that It’s always like a little gooey and it’s really fast to make but it just like the consistency is really weird. I find that the Quinoa pasta is amazing. We love it. So that’s it for my Bulk Barn finds. I found it really easy at Bulk Barn too because they have the label of what is in the bin and then they have the Ingredient and may contain for any allergies that you might have now because I was running tight on time I figured what’s the healthiest place you can go to, places that cater a lot to – gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free things like that And I thought of Whole Foods. Aside from the veggies that we usually get like bananas red onion, potatoes, sweet potatoes We already have but I got some carrots, a cucumber, a red pepper, some Fuji apples Even though I usually like Empire, but these were really really good They had a little bit to test out there and we like them. Some Asparagus that I’m going to be adding to some meal that I already have in mind. We picked up our regular milk from Earth’s Own We get the almond and oatmeal and I like to get the unsweetened one. Didn’t find any though so I got the original.. We also picked up some old fashioned rolled oats from Red Bob Mill or Bob’s Red Mill. I like to make granola bars or cookies with stuff like this Gabriel prefers this for his oatmeal I like steel-cut oats for my oatmeal. Maybe it’s just a texture thing. I don’t and then bread It’s really hard to find a bread that is wheat free, dairy free, egg free But this one is gluten free and it has raisins in it, which I thought would be perfect for breakfast time. I’m someone that likes breakfast really fast because I don’t have time in the morning So this was like a little bit of butter or something on it would be perfect This is from little northern Bakehouse cinnamon raisin gluten-free Also keeping my gluten free is not the same as wheat free That took me a little bit to learn but most of the time when you find something gluten free it can be wheat free I can do a whole different video if you guys want me to explain why I’m going wheat free as well and what my symptoms were and still are and Get more into that if that’s something you guys want to see. Yeah, I’m excited to try this one I’ve also been wanting to have these glass noodles, but I can’t find them anywhere so at Whole Foods we found these kelp noodles and I think the brand is Sea Tangle noodle company. The ingredients for this is super basic water kelp and sodium alginate. It says that you can enjoy them in soups salads wraps and rolls or Stir-fries. Looks like it’s really easy to make and I think I’ll probably be having this in More of a soup thing, and then we also found some spaghetti from Liviva. This is organic soybean non-gmo, organic, gluten-free, vegan, kosher, halal So I’m really liking that there’s so many alternatives to the regular pasta stuff and then to go with the pasta I was really excited that the veggie ground from st Ives or Yves whatever it is also wheat free because I really like this stuff This one is in the flavor Italian. This stuff is really good. We always have some in the fridge We usually buy the 4-pack in one family size one because it lasts a while in your freezer And yeah, like I said, it’s really good it’s a good source of protein and it says on the bag that helps lower cholesterol as well, in case You have issues with that?I don’t know.. Then, there’s also some tempeh. Thankfully this is wheat free It’s actually organic soybeans, water, red bell pepper, Rizzo ..? And I’m just going to stop talking because I’m gonna completely butcher it and you guys after me hard. This is from Henry’s gourmet tempeh. And yeah, okay, which ones have I said I said Oh some peanut butter I can also make peanut butter cookies with this, this is really good with my new flour That’d be perfect. We got the crunchy one this time We kind of switch it up with the smooth and crunchy, but we love this peanut butter If you’re new to this, you’ll notice that there’s oil at the top so you kind of just have to go in and mix it all up because by the time you get to the bottom if you Haven’t stirred it all together the bottoms gonna be super dry. And that’s just like a pet peeve of mine Oh, yeah, this is peanut butter with flaxseed and it’s really good. When I come home for days that I’m super tired Don’t really want to fix anything up to eat. I like these rice crackers that we found Actually, I think we found these Food Basics and they are a gluten free GMO free, oven baked, whole-grain, black sesame rice crackers. They’re really good I’ve tried like rice cakes before not crackers but I was pretty impressed with this definitely gonna be picking up some more because I really Like to eat it with cheese like the Daiya cheddar cheese blocks. I love it But this time we switched it up with the Monterrey Jack.Which I don’t even I’ve had Monterrey Jack Even before I went vegan, it just sounds so rich, you know like creamy. It’s gonna be good Duh! It’s cheese, vegan cheese So that on my crackers alongside with some olives, you know, I used to eat olives when I was a kid like crazy I think I was just a Chilean thing and I think I ate so much of it that I absolutely hated it I couldn’t even look at them. And for Gabriel’s birthday not long ago I don’t know if you guys follow me on Instagram, but I did a crazy tablespread. It was beautiful Anyways, I bought olives for that spread and I couldn’t stop eating them. I’m like right back on it So I got the pitted black olives, in I guess size medium I think this with a mix of grapes, cheese and crackers would be really good and a lot healthier then Things I used to eat before like cake or cookies things that have like so much palm oil Which is also something that I’m trying to cut out, palm oil. It’s an everything it’s so annoying. Gabriel and I used to eat Oreos before and as disgusting as they are because they’re so Artificial and God only knows how they’re made. After seeing so many videos with the whole palm oil thing I just, I can’t do it. I’m trying to really just keep palm oil completely out of my home. Next up We have sesame oil from spectrum which would be really good with some of these noodles, you know some stir-fry I like sesame oil with some soy sauce altogether Really good. First of all, this bottle caught my attention because it’s super cute and I found out that it was from spectrum Which I’ve tried their coconut oil before and a lot of their other products. Along with it being Non-gmo and refined, price actually wasn’t so bad for this as well the other ones were just like I Mean it’s Whole Foods. Before I got this like earlier on in the week and last week. I’ve been eating breakfast with black beans Avocado and corn tortillas. I’m not a big fan of flour tortillas Anyways, I love a good corn tortilla, especially if they’re made fresh at home But if we’re gonna get from this store, we like the Sonora ones. Those are a bomb So that’s pretty much my bread that I’ve been having for the morning or anything that I need to eat with bread But I’m excited for this because I got corn tortillas. These are the chipotle flavoured one. It says it’s 100% natural, gluten free No preservatives and I’m such a tortilla girl like just give me regular potato chips I’ll pour hot sauce all over it or this. This I don’t even need to have with anything else I mean if you’ve got guac, sure I’m not gonna like say no to that but tortilla chips are just so good Like I feel like you can have them with anything You can even throw it in your soup, your salad and they’re just bomb. So that’s from a new company that I’ve never had before Los Cantores, and then for pizza, we got Daiya pizza We haven’t had this in a really long time but I realized that it’s gluten free pizza. This one is full of veggies It’s a fire roasted vegetable pizza. If you haven’t tried this, give it a shot. They’re actually really good I know some people are really weird with the whole Daiya thing because their cheese a long time ago used to suck but they’re Getting a lot better like their block cheese like this, especially the cheddar cheese. So bomb, it’s so bomb And yeah, I think that might be it for our grocery haul this time. I’m trying to buy things for Just this week and then next week. I’ll do groceries again I’m trying not to buy so much in bulk cuz I’ve noticed that a lot of food goes to waste and that makes me just crazy So what I have been doing is planning out my meals for the week knowing exactly what I need to get and then some extras like chips, rice crackers so that I could snack after work or on the weekend and then easy things like this bread where I could Just have in the morning. So yeah, that’s it for my haul. Thank you guys so much for watching I really hope that you guys enjoyed that Don’t forget to give me a like down below, subscribe right over here, and I will see you at the next one. Bye!


  1. TysonTheBoston Author

    Mmmmm love the cheese!! I was about to get the Monterrey jack cheese today, but wasn’t sure if I was gonna like the taste? How was it?

  2. Xin Lee Author

    Just a thought, if you're experiencing bloating…
    Canola oil is highly inflammatory. Daiya is NOT healthy and should not be consumed. Industrial vegetable oils are very detrimental to human health and irritate the gut. Stick to raw fruit oils like olive, avocado or coconut and avoid anyrefined oils.
    Oats can be extremely gut irritating. They are high in phytic acid and if you choose to consume them you should at the very least soak for 24hr and rinse.
    Peanuts are high in lectins and alfatoxins, they are not good for your gut. Quinoa is also high in phytates. If you want to consume these foods you should really look into proper preparations (sprouting/soaking) because otherwise you will just keep destroying your gut further.
    Generally this haul seems like it's just full of gut irritants so if this is what you consider a healthy grocery haul maybe do some more research because it's anything but.
    Anyways I wish you luck on healing your bloating!


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