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  1. Robert Vecida

    Ipraktis sana ang Greenhouse satin,mas lalago at hahaba ang buhay ng mga halaman kahit bubong na plastik lang muna at paakyatin sa balag ang halaman kahit maliit lang na lugar sigurado dagdag kita ng farmers kc ang madalas sumira sa bunga at bulaklak ng halaman satin ay ulan,kung may palstik na bobung at init lang makakapasok bubunga lang ng bubunga ang halaman at mas kikita ang mga farmers natin,balita ko nga magpapaturo ang Pinas sa Israel tungkol sa Greenhouse method,sana matuloy at suportahan natin.

  2. desi derata

    I have been trying to get the attention of political leaders in Bulacan particularly in San Ildefonso to construct mini-dams system from the upper San Ildefonso down to Malipampang and Lapnit. Between Malipamapang and Lapnit, fish culture can be initiated using fish cages. Of course, the system necessitates the construction of water impoundment in Lapnit, widening of the catchment area and strengthening of the banks of the water ways.Upig, Sta.Catalinas, Gabihan, Palapala, Pinaod, Matimbubong, Malipampang, Calasag, Calawitan and Pulong tamo shall be benefitted by sensible water impoundment (dam) system. There is no point of just letting water run-offs during rainy season to flow down Candaba Swamp and the Pampanga River.

  3. Joseph Ubaldo

    With constant supply of water, Pulong Tamo and Telapatio can grow white ducks for restaurant supply. With water, commercial grass raising will so be viable. Just imagine, goats, cattle and carabao husbandy.

    Mayor Galvez and Gov Alvarado should explore what the national government can provide. A multipurpose dam in Malipampang and several mini-dams in the upper San Ildefonso can boost vegetable farming exponentially. wind-power pumps along the banks of the water impoundment should lessen the operating expenses of the farmers. Perhaps several tractors from JICA or CIDA should also be considered. Seeds from DA for the start-up vegetable growers. There are lots of agri experts graduating from BNAS, let us properly employ them.

    I have posted my plea for the erection of a multi-purpose dam in the president's Facebook page several months ago. The Iletos are friends of the Aqunos, tracing back to the days of Sen Ninoy and Mayor Ante.

    Irrigation canals in Pulong Tamo should be sectionalized into choke station segments. Do not let the water just flow to Candaba Swamp and Pampanga River. Water is a valuable resource, let's make use of it.

  4. Joseph Ubaldo

    Vegetable raising requires free supply of water.

    I have been blogging for the erection of dam in the area between Malipampang and Matimbobong, what the locals call Mag-asawang Sapa. Several mini-dams in the upper, highland part of the town, should also be built. Run-offs from the mountain would be impounded and the water just gradually feed the main dam. The dam could provide not only for rice irrigation and off-season vegetable raising but also fish cage culture that can be done in  lower Lapnit, Calawitan and Pulong Tamo.

    Meanwhile, Pala-pala, Gabihan, Upig, Bubulo, Sta Catalina (B/), etc can have their traditional vegetable planting.

    The dam can provide portion of the electric supply. Along the water path could be windmills that will pump the water to the fields. Calasag farmers may plant honeydew and varieties of melons and other cash crops too.  

    With constant water, it is not far-fetched to have that fresh water clams, sulib (that I saw in Pinak or Candaba Swamp) bountiful too. Families in Telapatio and Pulong Tamo can have their family-size or bigger tilapia or catish fish cells (made with hollow-blocks) with gourds, squash, chili, red and green pepper, eggplant, etc as side crops.
    Probably, the mango orchard, papaya, avocado and passion fruits will benefit too. Sampaguita would be easier to maintain as a cash crop. And ilang-ilang plants can be replicated to like jackfruit and cacao.

    That irrigation canal snaking through the community should be harnessed to the fullest. 


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