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Vegetable Gardening : How to Grow Spinach

Hi I’m Jarrett of Stone Soup Farm in Belchertown
and this is how to grow spinach. Spinach is a cold loving crop and it is best to plant
in the Spring or the Fall when it will likely experience freezing or near freezing temperatures.
To plant spinach first prepare a well groomed seed bed like this that has plenty of soil
fluff and is damp. The easiest way to plant spinach is to have a common garden seeder
like this where you can put the spinach seed in the hopper and you just go ahead on a well
prepared surface and the seeder will automatically dump seeds at the right spacing right in a
row like this and you could do several rows at about one foot spacing, make sure to water that in and keep it weed
free throughout the season and the spinach should come up and be ready to harvest in
about six weeks. If you do it in the Fall spinach is one of the only common garden vegetables
that is Winter hardy in Northern areas and if you do it in the Fall you can get a good
harvest off of it and if you keep it nice and weed free you can over Winter it so that
next Spring it will be one of the first things to come up out of the ground, you won’t have
to replant it, it will be really good, especially good the next Spring so I highly recommend
trying that too. I’m Jarrett of Stone Soup Farm and that’s how you grow spinach.


  1. 1easyflow Author

    Thanks for sharing!
    Greetings Jarrett,
    Thank you for all of your wonderful informative videos. I am new to gardening.
    I just recently built 4 raised beds. I am so excited about growing good organic vegetables .I live in South West Florida & My question is when would you plant spinach & other leafy greens down here?
    Love & Light

  2. The Red Buffoon Author

    Ive had good resluts with spinach and found that it is a good thing to grow if you have a bit too much shade, I particularly like 'baby leaf spinach' which is a smaller variety because I can grow it in between other larger plants. I also found that it loves drainage.

  3. Becoming0ne Author

    I just tried growing spinach from seed. It sprouted quickly but didn't grow beyond the first two leaves. I'm in a subtropical area and it is summer, do you think it didn't take because it is too hot right now? @ 28 Celsius / 85 Fahrenheit.

  4. Kittyrevelution Author

    @Becoming0ne lol I suspect think about it u tube is such a great learning tool how would idiots like us learn when we dont have people to teach us I love this channel. It gave me a refresher on yellow squash and hopefully will put the rest of my gardening skills back on par. Looking forward to the growing season however in Tennessee we had a really mild frost this last year so it dont look good cause of the bugs.Well anyway good luck hope things work out for you man.

  5. CjWalsh928 Author

    explains why my spinach isnt growing much, guess it's too hot. I'll replanting them this fall and try what you said about it coming back up in the spring. Sounds intereting…I would have thought spinach only produces for one season..?


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