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Vicky McClure looks effortlessly chic in emerald jumper and flares – News Live

She is the acclaimed actress best known for her role as DI Kate Fleming in Line of Duty And Vicky McClure looked effortlessly chic as she attended the Alex Rider panel at London Comic Con 2019 on Saturday The star, 36, looked incredible in a comfy emerald jumper from Luisa Cerano paired with denim flares as she took to the stage with co-star Otto Farrant, who plays the teen spy The beauty added a stylish twist with monochrome snakeskin print boots.Her platinum flecked pixie crop was styled in a soft wave while a radiant palette of make-up lit up her gorgeous features Share this article Share The series, based on  Anthony Horowitz’s popular series, will begin with a version of the second Alex Rider novel, Point Blanc Rider is an average teenager, who discovers his uncle/guardian has been training him up for a life in the secret service   Alex Pettyfer previously played Rider in the 2006 film Stormreaker, based on the first book in the series    Vicky plays Mrs Jones, who attempts to protect him while he works for MI6 organisation, The Department   The sighting comes  after Vicky revealed that she threw up in co-star Adrian Dunbar’s flat during filming for the last series of Line Of Duty The actress said that while on location in Belfast to make season five of the hit police drama, she didn’t feel too great and had to make a quick getaway When she ran into Adrian, who plays Ted Hastings in the show, in the lift he told her ‘you look green’ and called their bosses to let them know she wasn’t coming in   Vicky, who plays Kate Fleming in Anti-Corruption Unit 12 on TV, revealed the story while speaking at a Red Smart Women Week event in London on Thursday   She told the audience: ‘Last series I was so ill and Adrian, who lives next door, saw me in the lift and he said “you look green”  ‘I ran into his flat and threw up. He rang and said she can’t come to set!’Vicky also revealed that she has fun with the Line Of Duty cast and they often played jokes on each other while filming She said: ‘On screen, we mess about. We have those notebooks which we open in the scene and we like to draw in them – I’ll let you imagine what So, we can show each other in scenes.’   Vicky also said she doesn’t spend more than three weeks away from her producer and actor fiancé Jonny Owen while filming  The Line of Duty star films the BBC drama away from home in Belfast, and has said she finds filming ‘tough’ because it’s hard to be away from Jonny  Vicky said: ‘I have to balance it. I don’t do more than three weeks because I start losing my head ‘  However Vicky said she is lucky that Jonny, who starred in UK version of Shameless and appeared with her in This Is England ’90, understands her hectic schedule    She added: ‘Jonny is in the industry so he understands. You have to be dead not to go into work ‘ Back in April Vicky spoke candidly about her love life while on Elizabeth Day’s How To Fail podcast, as she admitted she ‘just knew’ her fiancé was the one when they first met The star revealed: ‘When we first spoke it was on the phone. I came off the phone and I just knew I absolutely know.’   Vicky went on: ‘We literally lived together from a week of meeting We have basically stayed together from that time until now. We’ve never lived apart Seven years in March. I am not sure about fate but I couldn’t see my life without him ‘I’ve never loved anyone more than I’ve loved Jonny. It sounds cheesy but I love him more and more every day Things get better and better. Seven years with someone – I feel really lucky. I’ve had relationships where I didn’t have that ‘ The couple worked together on This Is England ’90, and Vicky said that the series is still relevant today She said: ‘People still contact me on social media and come up to me in the street, it’s a timeless piece    ‘It’s called This is England, not this was. Abuse, race and all the issues in it are still here they haven’t changed And now Lol’s style is bang on trend.’Despite the long hours and work away from home, Vicky said she is determined to keep working in the ‘fickle industry’  She said: ‘I don’t know when this will end, my career. I wait until the contract lands in my hand then it’s real  ‘I’ve had so much rejection and been so close. They say they love you, they really want you and I think, that means they don’t It can be a fickle business.’  

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