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Victario’s Influence Build, Price & Farming – PoE Lacquered Garb

Victario’s Influence Build, Price and Farming Guide. Victario’s Influence is a unique Lacquered
Garb. It can have up to 6 sockets. Evasion and Energy Shield. The required Level is 52. Generosity is a support gem. It increases the effect of linked non-curse
auras on allies, but prevents them from affecting the player. Socketed Gems have 30% reduced Mana Reservation. Up to 150% increased Evasion and Energy Shield. It increases by up to 40% Area of Effect of
Aura Skills. Farming Victario’s Influence by Slain Monsters. These divination cards have a chance but not
guaranteed. Apply Orb of Chance to a normal item of Lacquered
Garb, you have the chance to get a unique item of Victario’s Influence. The price of Victario’s Influence is 2 Chaos
Orbs. A 6 linked Victario’s Influence price is 7
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