1. MosesPlays Author

    How the hell this sorry excuse for a human being became president? Americans are fools!
    All the signs were there! this guy can't pass a sentence without lying,an actual despicable disgraceful man.

  2. PowdaToastFace Killah Author

    Imagine Trump being your father. No wonder Tiffany wants nothing to do with him

    Baron must hate him. He wouldn’t even take him to the World Series 😂

  3. duduoshunn Author

    People say;
    People tell me;
    People say sir;

    All this a voice only in his head and only him can hear. This guy is nut nut cock job. He talks like dried kaka.

  4. M2B mluvAndgrace Author

    The space President Obama takes up in comrade corrupt leaders head is massive! He just can’t stop lying about him and wanting President Obama’s popularity domestic and abroad. He’s soooooo jealous and petty😂😂😂😂

  5. Aurel Rider Author

    Trump is so childish!!
    He wants to be allways right!!
    But he is allmost allways WRONG!!!
    It is funny but it seems that Trump is a FUCKING IDIOT!!!
    He is lying all the time!!
    UNITE Americans against Trump!!

  6. Ali Rezaabady Author

    What amazes me is that a Cable New like CNN has noting to do but to hold its nose near President Trump’s behind to report what he had for dinner, previous night and to drive the narrative home they call a specialist. You people are bunch of pathetic jokes. The whole word is laughing at us.

  7. the bub Author

    You can tell by his face he is making S—t up as he goes along, he is a mental case. He will leave the WH wearing a straight jacket escorted by men in white coats.

  8. G noreña Author

    How someone been president of USA can get away with so many lies? That is insane only a lying king can do that. That is why he is always hiding everything, everything from been seen. He is just fake

  9. J L Happy Author

    Go figure….


  10. Censored Account Author

    Based on strikingly irrational beliefs and emotions, modern liberals relentlessly undermine the most important principles on which our freedoms were founded. Like spoiled, angry children, they rebel against the normal responsibilities of adulthood and demand that a parental government meet their needs from cradle to grave.

    A social scientist who understands human nature will not dismiss the vital roles of free choice, voluntary cooperation and moral integrity — as liberals do. A political leader who understands human nature will not ignore individual differences in talent, drive, personal appeal and work ethic, and then try to impose economic and social equality on the population — as liberals do. And a legislator who understands human nature will not create an environment of rules which over-regulates and over-taxes the nation's citizens, corrupts their character and reduces them to wards of the state — as liberals do.

    The roots of liberalism — and its associated madness — can be clearly identified by understanding how children develop from infancy to adulthood and how distorted development produces the irrational beliefs of the liberal mind. When the modern liberal mind whines about imaginary victims, rages against imaginary villains and seeks above all else to run the lives of persons competent to run their own lives, the neurosis of the liberal mind becomes painfully obvious.

    Basically liberalism is a willful failure to mature beyond adolescence that can have catastrophic consequences for society. With luck, the official diagnosis of this disease by a mental health professional will facilitate the search for a cure.

    The cure:

    A good famine or plague would solve the problem. Liberals can only survive because our society is prosperous enough to permit them to survive. If liberals had to work for a living, they wouldn't have time to protest. If our society was reduced to the basic necessities, we wouldn't have the money to employ gender studies professors or transgender awareness facilitators.

    Liberals aren't equipped to survive any kind of harsh environments. One of the few benefits of a total societal collapse would be the rapid extermination of liberals.

  11. K A Author

    🎼 Our bologna has a first name,
    it’s D-O-N-A-L-D.

    🎼 Our bologna has a second name,
    it’s T-R-U-M-P.

    🎼Oh I hate to hear him everyday,
    🎼and if you ask me why I’ll say,
    🎼Cause Donald Trump has a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A!

  12. hillary tarus Author

    Why people hate trump supporters; because after watching a baby cry in a plane for 2years, after some time you stop blaming the baby for being a baby , and you turn your criticism to the parents who brought a toddler to a 4 year flight !!! Especially when they intend to bring it to the return journey as well . Why? Because emails , deep state and fake news media …..

  13. Penelopy van der Byl Author

    No confidence in Goverments. Its crazy amazing that presidents can have si much power and be this crazy and there is very little that can be done to get them out of power

  14. Roman Devivo Author

    The profile of a sociopath (antisocial personality disorder)

    • Compulsive lying
    • Lack of empathy  
    • Extreme narcissism 
    • Grandiose self-image
    • Lack of conscience 
    • Manipulative 
    • Sexually deviant 
    • Sensitive to criticism 
    • Paranoid 
    • Despotic/Authoritarian 
    • Low tolerance for boredom 
    • Impulsive behavior
    • Shallow emotions  

    America got manipulated into electing one of its worst.

    APD is a listed mental disorder for which there is currently no cure. A political leader with such a mental disorder in combination with a critical mass of the population that does no longer possess the critical thinking necessary to tell the difference between fact and fiction, is a dangerous and potentially explosive mix.

    Throughout the course of history, individuals with similar patterns of mental disorder who were able to take on leading positions in business, finance, government, and religion have detrimentally affected the lives of millions if not, billions. As our societies grow larger and technology exponentially increases the impact one single mentally unstable individual can have on the world’s population, this is a risk we, the people, can no longer afford.

    It is time to call out people with such a disorder and expose them for what they are —Mentally and emotionally impaired individuals. Whenever we put these individuals in pivotal positions of power, we allow them to shape our world in ways that serve them and not us. Yet, a simple non-intrusive MRI can objectively detect signs of APD. In order to protect ourselves and our planet, we must impose a psychological evaluation for anyone running for the highest office. The same must be done for all other positions in our society that potentially give individuals the power to negatively alter the fate of large portions of the world’s population.

    Only individuals with high levels of empathy and an inflexible commitment to the truth should be allowed to serve the interests of the people. Anything less is at our expense.


    The Sociopath Next Door
    book by Martha Stout Ph.D.

    Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us
    Book by Robert D. Hare

    Snakes in Suits
    Book by Robert D. Hare

  15. DnA Teo Author

    Only a minority continues to support him,in other countries he would have been voted out long ago by a vote of no confidence.His own character is destroying him.not the Democrats.

  16. natrelacoustix Author

    You know the big dumb orange fool may actually get some credit, if, he just kept his mouth shut. All he had to do was a simple news conference announcing the success of the special forces mission. Just leave it at that. Don't embellish. Just fact's. I guarantee the media would've given him praise, but Trump can't do it. It's not in him, to not embellish the story, to give himself more credit than he deserves. Now he'll whine and bitch on Twitter that nobody ever gives him credit for doing anything. Sad little man.

  17. Butch Lane Author

    Before us lie two paths – honesty and dishonesty.
    The shortsighted embark on the dishonest path; the wise on the honest.
    For the wise know the truth; in helping others we help ourselves, and in hurting others we hurt ourselves.
    Character overshadows money, and trust rises above fame. Honesty is still the best policy.
    A lie may take care of the present, but it has no future.

  18. P Bo Author

    For those that do not understand how conspiracy theories begin..
    Take a somewhat truth and the sprinkle falsehoods around it to make up a story and being emotion into it and try to convince everyone that this is the new truth..
    Explain how conspiracy theories emerge, grow and take hold in the constructs of mental models and beliefs.. stop defending, denying and explaining the inaccuracies.. the inaccuracies built upon a false foundation and catered to the insecure beliefs of the listener is how they ate cemented.. and this con artist, along with all chin artist, prey upon that..
    And unfortunately does so with the guidance of those who pray..
    Making no distinction between prey and pray.. in sound.. only in behavior and playing upon the meaning.. please. Wake up..

  19. Ted Cameron Author

    Erm , no tears and apparently no strong and tuff women in there either. I am wondering which of those men he thought he would like to rape today, you know since some of them apparently looked like women…

  20. Fabi Grossi Author

    Being a parent I never understood how it's even possible that his parents said such terrible things about trump. Now I see how it can come to this. Although his parents are definitely a huge part and cause of the problem. But it seems trump has always been the way he is now. Who would want a child like him?

  21. Gary Schooley Author

    Remember: Trump did not write his book himself. That lying clown couldn't write a book if his evil soul depended on it (except a coloring book maybe).

  22. Robert Wilson Author

    Trump is telling you how he felt when daddy Frank told me you have to go to war in Vietnam. But I can't daddy Frank please find an excuse cry cry cry cry.

  23. TheDCGuitar13 Author

    The only thing trump predicted was the bit about having a new enemy every two weeks.. what he didn’t predict is that it would be him declaring them….

  24. Margaret H Author

    Do you think those people were being sarcastic? Maybe they are lying to you because they want to be as good at it as you. Obsessed with Barack Obama because he was the greatest President ever and Trump is so jealous of him.

  25. Mike Oxhuuj Author

    Numpty you are so full of sh**! If someone were telling me of such a a person at a dinner party I would stop him from drinking anymore wine and order him a cab home.

    I am so glad you're going yo jail. Just for being a liar and a bulls****r should keep you in jail for at least ten years and when they read out your other offences. When you come out of jail Halle Bop would be burnt up and all but forgotten and the world eill be spinning in s clockwise rotation. What a Fu* Wit you really are

  26. Ab Panda Author

    Trump said "you know what this is ? Do you know what this is?! You're going back to work that's what.". Funny because they lost work because of all his bs economical "plan", a failed trade war and stupid tarrifs.

  27. mary nyaga Author

    Trump has taken lies and psycophancy to a new low level. It goes to show that Trump is a risk to himself and others. Sick and vile. The lowest of scums, a decent society deserves as a president. He needs to be stopped before he damages America to a point of no return.

  28. Marquetta Baxley Author

    Trump has this obsession about Obama everything Obama has accomplished he wants to undo or try to have one up on him. Trump will never, ever be able to be as classy, elegant and smart as Obama. Fox would never tell their audience any of these lies he had and still tell his followers need to wake up and listen, look and learn that he is a compulisive liar. It is a shame how he tells bold face lies and can still look at himself in the mirror.

  29. Bob Pen Author

    Come on America Trump is a pathological liar what can you believe LOL America is a living lying hell. From lying to black people about being the first Aboriginal Indians. The most high is revealing black history in a way white people cannot hold it back. The truth will always set you free LOL.

  30. Aleksanteri_XIII Author

    Tiny mind forgot its year 2019 again ,and lied about so stupid and easy to check things even a child wouldn't.
    As we,people ALL around the world keep laughing our asses off to your Orange emperor with no clothes..! ! !

  31. Michael Hoff Author

    Trump you have met North Korea leader, what have you got from him? We feld in love is that what Americans want from N. Korea? Leave Obama alone you are a racist.

  32. C Jay Author

    Trump is speaking to his base . He knows how stupid they are so he just spreads his personal fake news. It's going to take alot to reprogram those cave dwellers when trump is gone.

  33. Church Planting Catalyst Author

    Wow! Never thought CNN would give credit to Trump for his writing about Osama and then showing how happy the farmers were for Trump coming through for them.

  34. D Ray Author

    None of this shit matters. He will not be impeached out of office an its possible he will win its more racist white people an dumb ass minorities i this country he might win again

  35. mkw Author

    Trump reflects this country and it's people who elected such and inept and morally corrupt person to office. People so intolerant, ignorant and self serving that believe the only answer to gun violence is to arm every man, women and child. A country so divided that stirs hate for anyone that's different in origin, religion or sexual preference. Great job 'merica. The damage is done. The consequences will haunt this country for generations.

  36. Jeannie Winters Author

    Notice how his eyes are shifting around……sign of a lie being thought up in the moment. Gotta make Obama look bad while puffing myself up!!!


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