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Virginia Home Grown: Plant RVA Natives

>>Hello, my name
is Virginia Witmer, and I’m the Outreach Coordinator for the Virginia Coastal
Zone Management Program, which is a network of state
agencies and coastal localities that is led by the Department
of Environmental Quality. And I’m here today at Maymont doing one of my favorite things, which is sitting
under a majestic tree. Oaks live hundreds of years, white oaks can live
up to 600 years. So imagine the stories
that they can tell. As a matter of fact, the
oak species was declared the national tree back in 2004. The white oak and other oaks
are especially important for their habitat benefits. There are 534 moths and
butterflies that use this tree, and their caterpillars are
important food source to birds. Birds feed their
young caterpillars because they’re very
soft and fleshy. It takes thousands
of caterpillars to raise a nest of chicks. That’s just one of the
stories that I’ve heard that just captures
my imagination. The trees that
surround me right now are native trees, they’re
native to Virginia. And what I’d like to
highlight is the availability of a new guide to
Virginia native plants, Native Plants of
Virginia’s Capital Region. This is being brought
to you free of charge by the Plant RVA
Natives campaign. You can download this guide and find out where
you can pick up a hard copy on I think trees really invoke a sense of serenity and peace. My love affair with trees
started when I was young and I roamed the woods
in upstate New York, and I’d sit for hours
under a tree reading and just using my imagination. Thank you for
visiting with me under this beautiful native oak today, and please do come
and visit Maymont and you’ll be welcomed by all
these wonderful native trees.

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