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Visit Singapore’s Stunning Grove of Man-Made Trees

– [Narrator] Located in a waterfront park known as the Gardens by the
Bay is Supertree Grove. This mechanical forest
is a utopia for nature in a very urban location. (bouncy, lively electronic music) Supertree Grove was
commissioned by the Singapore government with the intention of raising the quality of life for its residents by enhancing greenery
and flora in the City. This manmade mechanical forest
consists of 18 Supertrees. The trees range between
80 to 160 feet high and are connected by a
walkway, which allows visitors to cross between them and view the City from the treetops. With their thick trunks
and network of thin, neuron-like branches, each tree
acts as a vertical garden. Over 160,000 varieties of orchids, ferns,
and other climbing plants have been planted in the trees. The trees also generate solar power. 11 of the trees are fitted
with solar photovoltaic systems that convert sunlight into energy. This provides lighting
that allows the trees to come alive at night,
making this an all day, all season horticultural heaven. (chiming)


  1. Bushido Author

    I'm glad you guys did this video. Ive been to Singapore and at the time, had no idea this place existed. When I got back from there and found out abt it, i was gobsmacked. This place is my dream and i hope to visit it one day..
    Ps. And i live right up north in the neighbouring country

  2. Gamma Ray Author

    Combining architecture + horticulture produces some fantastic results. This is how our cities should look like, a symbiosis between human infrastructure and plants โœจ

  3. Kenneth Reyes Author

    I have been there. Itโ€™s an amazing experience! I never been to that cool looking tower with the pool though ๐Ÿ™ wanted to be had to leave ;((


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