#VoteEllie2019 – Supporting Future Farming in North Herefordshire

Farming’s a huge part of our lives here
in Herefordshire and we’ve all got a stake in it whether we work directly on
the land ourselves or just enjoy its beauty when we’re out and about walking
the dog. Greens understand just how valuable farming is not just for our
economy but for our communities and our culture too and I’ll stand up for
farming in Herefordshire. I want to make sure that young people have got the
support they need to get that first step on the farming ladder
I won’t help tenant farmers have greater security and I want to help make sure
that government money goes to help farmers work hand in hand with nature.
That means less overuse of pesticides industrial livestock production and
monocropping and more investment in organic farming
and mixed farming . Farming working hand-in-hand with nature that’ll be a
great boost for the countryside for rural jobs and it’ll help protect
wildlife too so please vote green on December the 12th for support for a
future for farming in Herefordshire Promoted by Ellie Chowns (Green Party) of 11a Canon Frome Court, HR8 2TD.

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