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War Hero: Secret Lives of Pig Farmers

[Offscreen] So Mr. Marm, I guess one of your claims to fame is that you’re a Medal of Honor winner Recipient. [Offscreen] Recipient! [Music] This is my cat named Lady Gaga. She’s uh, she’s like more like a dog. She’s right there with
us. I grew up in a small town in western Pennsylvania. I joined the army five days
after I graduated from college. Called out 50 names and said your orders are now being changed. I was supposed to go to Fort Jackson and work with basic
trainees. We deployed in August of ’65 for Vietnam. I was in the first major battle
of the Vietnam War and our unit was the seventh Cavalry. There for a while we
thought we’re going to another Little Bighorn surrounded and outnumbered but
it was on the first day of the battle one of the units of another company was
trapped on the side of a mountain called Chu Pong, Chu Pong Mountain. So we made two attempts to get to that platoon that first day. As we were going forward there,
we were stopped by the intense fire. I told my men don’t don’t fire me up hold
your fire and not shoot me up and that’s when I ran forward across about 30
meters of open terrain and got to the position and then I threw a grenade over
the top. I turned to my men – come on let’s go we got to get up to the platoon. When someone further in the back shot me and it shattered my jaw.
Later on that day I was evacuated by the helicopters were coming in bringing us
ammunition This is the original citation President
Johnson’s signature is somewhat faded because that was 51 years ago. The actual ceremony on the river entrance of the Pentagon was a very cold December day. I was shaking in my boots because I was around so many VIPs, generals and
congressmen and Senators I’ve never been around that many before. The medal of
honor is a- is an awesome award that I feel like were it for all the brave men
and women that I served with throughout my career, particularly in that battle.
I’m the caretaker of this medal. I stayed in the military because I love being with soldiers but I hated that- I hated being in war. After 30 years and ten months in
the Army we decided to retire to my wife’s hometown. When I retired you know
I wanted to stay busy. Her family had been into farming for hundreds of years. I never drove a tractor. I never, never worked in a pig farm. They needed
some help out on the pig farm and and that’s what I did. I learned some new
skills. I learned how to drive- drive the tractors. Serving our country is very
very important that everybody I feel should serve in some way some capacity.
Working in the pig industry I do feel that there is a sense of service because
you’re helping America with the food that we’re producing. It’s very very
important. Learning to farm made me appreciate that the hard work that
farmers do. The farming community is just like the military. They- it’s something
that America needs. [Music]

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