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Watch Robots Grow Food Without Farmers

if we’re going to need to double the
food production in the next 30 years to feed the growing population
we felt there needs to be a radical change by dividing the plants lifecycle into
three main sections we’re able to optimize the density in the farm and
each stage of the plant’s life it requires different spacing and inputs
like light and fertilizer it’s not just that the robots can move plants
around and very efficiently it’s also that they can they can help you avoid
ever having a plant go bad We’re able to do the equivalent of 30 acres outdoor
farming in just a single acre of our robotic farm so one of the great things about the
robots is that they don’t really get tired and they don’t really care what
hours they work and so as long as they’ve got juice in the batteries they
can keep going right now fresh produce really isn’t all that fresh it’s
traveling on average 2,000 miles from farm to grocery store


  1. Alek Alekwise Author

    Great! Robots will grow vegetables and fruits and people will not be needed. In this case, for whom the robots will grow these plants? Robots do not need them… And what for will they need humans?

  2. FuckGooglePlus Author

    Якась бездуховщина. А як красти гроші на завищених цінах і низькій якості, такого на Росії не потерплять.

  3. Matthew Kearney Author

    Now combine that with virtical farming somehow. Then you could do 90 normal acres of farming in just 1 acre with 3 floors.
    Could yall imagine a skyscraper robot farm of the future?

  4. Jimmy Bon Author

    This is great for humanity! No more importation of exploited labor to work in substandard working conditions! I do hope it'll go fully autonomous soon! :).

  5. Mike B Author

    They don't really get tired and they don't really care what hours they work: The machines are not human so stop the anthropomorphic double-speek. Really

  6. Henryk Zając Author

    I wonder how many salads or other vegetables has to be sold to pay at least one of those robotic arms. My guess is it will take like… 500 years?

  7. Caetano Veyssières Author

    This is very exciting but also showing a possible future where animal farming can be operated in a complete black box with no human interaction, putting the last layer of blinders on the consumer's eyes on how animals are bred.

  8. Luke Boshier Author

    feeding the growing population should not be an excuse to poison them, unless thats the greater plan. This is not food it is a commodity and the well being of the end user is not factored into the production there of.

  9. Alex O Author

    This is a great idea… to put farmers out of business. Here's the way this works, either you make universal income, or they put everyone out of business except robots and we all get over run by machines.

  10. piyush dhore Author

    Yeah, inside a fully funded controlled environment area this looks great, but when you put it in urban areas with no active pest control, such units would attract rodents, pure air would be expensive,land cost etc, the price would keep adding up. These won't work in urban areas cause farm produce would always be much cheaper, maybe they should make factories in rural areas where these robots would work.

  11. One Little Indian Author

    there is a relationship between living things, the more you distance yourself from your food, plant or animal the worse the relationship will be…
    Your culture is backwards and twisted, your killing yourselves and everything around you..

  12. fuckfannyfiddlefart Author

    Trump will love this, who needs immigrants picking crops?!

    Honestly we are going to have the rich and millions starving in the near future.

  13. Anthony Coyle Author

    The thing is that this is out dated, dumb design at its best . These systems uses high power to make and run and the waste when the technology gets better in 3 year the waste of lights and plant not the growing type,. Anyone who invest in this is using drugs. Low level food a head of cabbage grown in .5m3 or low level leaf matter grown in same time consider the costs all of them and then outcome
    The next big thing in good product is not this crap its soil grown, sunlight and robots system in your own garden. low cost,very low energy and better for you.

  14. pobembe1958 Author

    I didn't see anything to fill a hungry man's belly here, much less a family. I imagine million dollar robots doing the job of a $150 per day labourer Is this even scalable economically?

    Where are the Oranges, Apples, Pears, Mangos and other fruits and nuts? I'll believe this when I see it in real life.

  15. David Wright Author

    Wow now stack all that sky high in the ocean wish good edible ocean plants, then just sell to the whole world, because dirt may not be shared by the world but the ocean is.

  16. franswiggidy Author

    No mention of what that head of lettuce cost? I mean robots, electricity, and engineers are far more expensive that migrant labor, the sun, and farmers. Maybe if…

  17. Not Used Author

    Don't trust someone pitching with a soft voice to take over your feelings over real numbers. The idea is great in the perfect world where cost has no bearing. Furthermore, there's plenty of farmland left to keep farming. This guy is pitching fantasyland.

  18. Jack Ass Author

    This is both my wildest dream and greatest nightmare. It can be the tool for a spectacular new era or the greatest promoter of human dysgenics the world has ever known. We're entering what will be one of the most uncertain times humanity has ever faced. If we cannot learn to be more critical and discerning of our fellow man, and apathy becomes a final virtue, this technology will negate the last of humanities natural pressures and open up the flood gates for people that belong to an ever growing gene pool of those that offer nothing but consumption and procreation to the world. The trajectory we're on is unmistakably dangerous.

  19. Sombra Gaming Author

    It's funny they build these robots right, real people lose there jobs then they want to sell it to people who lost their jobs. So how are those people gonna pay for it. You know these guys are not gonna give the food out for free.

  20. crazieeez Author

    Another Boston Dynamic where they demonstrate a robot capable of replacing human labors. Yet it comes to mass production and price, the model falls apart. If a robot produces lettuce at $100.00 a pound (including robot research and development) vs a human producing lettuce at $0.50 a pound, I think the choice is obvious for consumer. Unless robot can drive down the cost equivalent to human labor, then the economic equation will change. Until then, there's over a decade before the transition will happen.

  21. AzakaBlue Author

    This is the future.

    If automation is capable of doing the work it's time to rethink are roles. Asking ourselves if old Concepts such as human labor and Monetary Exchange relevant in our growing automated world.

    It's not communist like some people would believe or socialism it's simple technological advancement our ability to solve problems to produce in abundance.

    To be able to provide for all people without cost eliminating negative behavioral patterns such as crime war scarcity greed corruption Etc all of which are derived from Monetary Exchange and the pursuit of monetary means.

    If we can eliminate the need for monetary exchange, have technology be the new medium we can finally solve problems as a planet as a species working together to benefit everyone as whole.

    Not some evil idea from an organization trying to rule everything but simple human progress.

    Imagine a world where the human role is be creative to think of new ideas to make the world better to make yourself better to make everybody around you better to finally live your life in a meaningful way that's meaningful to you.

    It's not utopian because Utopia means perfect they're always be challenges that we need to face problems that need to be solved but with this kind of system with Automation and autonomous technology those Solutions are locked closer and if we finally remove the stresses and the burdens that Monetary Exchange creates we could become something we never thought possible it's not an [ism] it's something new that has never been tried.

  22. Roman Romanovich Author

    Я не понял, а в чем инновации? Гидропонике не один десяток лет, тачка которая возит корыта с раствором это инновационно или робот который перекладывает растения?

  23. wishvesh chaturvedi Author

    Imagine no one working and people just keep getting food in the future. Self sustainable robots. Lmao. The Matrix but we awake… Or are we???

  24. Russell Delbridge Author

    Lets see if we can completely and totally disconnect from our food…..while pumping them with chemical fertilizers in steril environments with no UV inputs at all……yum yum I love minimalist food…..its taste like cardboard and victory. Damn fools


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